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Rankings for dandy
Times Played
High Score Age
Mahjong connect 3 30,330 5 out of 15 2857 1134d 9h 55m 30s
!Dots! 27,325 17 out of 62 3797 1334d 53m 2s
007 Agent Attack N/A N/A 853 692d 12h 38m 36s
1 More Balloon v32 N/A N/A 2356 1329d 16h 11m 6s
1 Of 24 Norm N/A N/A 3837 1126d 7h 9m 41s
1 Of 24 Speed N/A N/A 2814 1131d 7h 52m 13s
1 Of 24 Survival N/A N/A 2737 1130d 23h 30m 45s
1 Starship N/A N/A 3106 3162d 14h 3m 5s
1 Will Survive 1,606 25 out of 33 3227 27d 8h 7m 1s
10 Gnomes 10 Seashore N/A N/A 4166 2623d 22h 23m 49s
10 Gnomes 11 Remains N/A N/A 2910 2619d 12h 34m 7s
10 Gnomes 12 The Tank N/A N/A 2546 2623d 21h 59m 5s
10 Gnomes 12 The Tank N/A N/A 1815 1208d 12h 24m 58s
10 Gnomes 6 The Hall N/A N/A 1140 711d 20h 24m 18s
10 Gnomes 7 The Solitude N/A N/A 540 1361d 20h 3m 1s
10 Gnomes 8 Water Forge N/A N/A 483 1361d 18h 48m 11s
10 Gnomes 9 Chemistry N/A N/A 350 2461d 22h 19m 4s
10 Gnomes Episode12 N/A N/A 536 2623d 21h 56m 52s
10 Gnomes in Bologna N/A N/A 493 2837d 13h 56m 15s
10 Mahjong N/A N/A 1505 1596d 6h 9m 37s
10 Mahjong 10 Min N/A N/A 1285 1592d 6h 16m 17s
10 Seconds Difference 2,097 5 out of 18 422 1164d 5h 15m 35s
10 Talismans N/A N/A 1386 2888d 5h 25m 22s
10-Count: Recounted v32 N/A N/A 513 442d 8h 27m 34s
100 Differences 11,719 13 out of 21 543 1667d 14h 57m 13s
100 Men N/A N/A 797 1226d 12h 20m 34s
100 MeterDash N/A N/A 584 157d 20m 44s
100m Race N/A N/A 1628 2332d 19h 55m 17s
100m Running N/A N/A 1509 3155d 19h 30m 27s
108th Birthday N/A N/A 2015 2366d 18h 44m 46s
10Gnomes Episode 01 N/A N/A 287 2623d 21h 52m 58s
10Gnomes Episode 02 N/A N/A 295 2623d 21h 50m 23s
10Gnomes Episode 03 N/A N/A 319 2616d 8h 57m 29s
10Gnomes Episode 04 N/A N/A 313 2435d 1h 21m 3s
10Gnomes Episode 05 N/A N/A 300 1208d 14h 55m 14s
10Gnomes Episode 06 N/A N/A 363 711d 20h 17m 17s
10Gnomes Episode 07 N/A N/A 282 2879d 11h 51m 15s
10Gnomes Episode 08 N/A N/A 241 1361d 18h 41m 24s
10Gnomes Episode 09 N/A N/A 249 2623d 10h 38m 37s
10Gnomes Episode 10 N/A N/A 270 2623d 11h 27m 9s
10Gnomes Episode 11 N/A N/A 375 2880d 15h 5m 34s
11 Seconds 107 13 out of 13 756 297d 5h 10m 49s
110 M Hurdles (A) N/A N/A 398 599d 15h 12m 23s
110 Meters Hurdles N/A N/A 369 2485d 5h 23m 22s
110m Hurdles N/A N/A 753 3443d 8h 14m 58s
12 Many N/A N/A 430 1997d 18h 7m 46s
12 Swap N/A N/A 266 661d 13h 46m 16s
12 Swap - Moves 3,050 23 out of 24 1959 2636d 23h 55m 45s
12 Swap - Time 79,105 3 out of 30 1013 94d 6h 8m 31s
12 Way Poker N/A N/A 1433 3783d 2h 49m 25s
13 N/A N/A 791 2609d 2h 52m 1s
13 Days in Hell N/A N/A 4718 2779d 21h 1m 0s
13 Phobia N/A N/A 649 1024d 8h 16m 48s
13 Phobia N/A N/A 584 1129d 11h 20m 59s
144 Tiles Mahjong 67,880 2 out of 33 1053 972d 20h 14m 22s
1471 Renaissance N/A N/A 485 1342d 15h 43m 54s
1992 N/A N/A 539 1363d 18h 18m 57s
1992 N/A N/A 943 1983d 16h 1m 14s
2 Corners2 N/A N/A 131 452d 9h 53m 51s
2 Fish Kissing Mahjong 67,440 6 out of 33 918 972d 20h 24m 23s
2 Guns Mahjong 64,940 4 out of 28 1950 973d 1h 8m 28s
2 Many Bugs N/A N/A 922 945d 4h 54m 30s
2 Ways Around Mahjong 66,100 4 out of 26 851 282d 2h 23m 15s
2 Wheeler Stunt N/A N/A 381 960d 15h 10m 46s
20 Sekunden Golf Challenge N/A N/A 908 2726d 5h 8m 23s
2009 Flash Olympics N/A N/A 449 2943d 8h 17m 11s
2009 Flash Olympics A to Z N/A N/A 369 1164d 5h 6m 31s
2009 Flash Olympics Bear N/A N/A 414 268d 21h 41m 14s
2009 Flash Olympics Bug N/A N/A 382 2686d 16h 26m 1s
2009 Flash Olympics Chicken N/A N/A 351 2685d 22h 41m 3s
2009 Flash Olympics Missile N/A N/A 273 2608d 21h 39m 50s
2009 Flash Olympics Racer N/A N/A 261 1164d 5h 1m 45s
2009 Flash Olympics Spin Torp. 948 5 out of 8 231 1076d 12h 31m 55s
2009 Flash Olympics World N/A N/A 338 577d 22h 39m 27s
2015 Rugby World Cup N/A N/A 74 N/A
2048 Flash N/A N/A 2047 1655d 17h 49m 11s
2048 MHC Edition N/A N/A 574 708d 1h 23m 36s
24 Days in the Mall N/A N/A 561 2782d 21h 34m 0s
24 Hours Rally N/A N/A 567 720d 4h 48m 9s
24 Hours Rally N/A N/A 1009 4722d 11h 25m 4s
247 Bombs N/A N/A 368 1429d 10h 58m 34s
25 Boxes 166,364 5 out of 8 198 551d 5h 43m 9s
270 White House TD N/A N/A 437 N/A
299 The Last Spartan N/A N/A 186 N/A
299 The Lost Spartan N/A N/A 593 1873d 13h 57m 40s
2Connect 2 Match IT! N/A N/A 343 1321d 14h 37m 28s
2Connect 2 Match IT! Hard N/A N/A 445 1769d 12h 17m 32s
2Connect 2 Match IT! Normal 70,058 3 out of 10 325 1174d 6h 9m 26s
2Connect 2 Match IT! Relaxed N/A N/A 279 1785d 13h 54m 58s
2Corners: Connect 188,330 2 out of 7 67 416d 2h 33m 31s
2D Shootout N/A N/A 316 1459d 3h 31m 36s
3 Card Moe N/A N/A 293 1836d 21h 45m 15s
3 Card Poker N/A N/A 1115 4575d 23h 16m 15s
3 Finder - Kugeln N/A N/A 302 2122d 18h 27m 31s
3 foot ninja N/A N/A 2453 1892d 13h 51m 31s
3 Foot Ninja N/A N/A 112 564d 11h 35m 35s
3 Foot Ninja 2 N/A N/A 89 695d 2h 12m 15s
3 Foot Ninja Hard N/A N/A 47 N/A
3 Foot Ninja Hard N/A N/A 605 2013d 13h 14m 14s
3 Foot Ninja Medium N/A N/A 572 1893d 17h 59m 41s
3 Foot Ninja2 Easy v32 N/A N/A 421 2566d 1h 39m 54s
3 Foot Ninja2 Hard v32 N/A N/A 340 2580d 1h 53m 43s
3 Foot Ninja2 Med v32 N/A N/A 317 2128d 8h 49m 59s
3 Foot Ninja2 v32 N/A N/A 310 2567d 6h 40m 28s
3 Keys Solitaire 94,770 4 out of 15 2116 118d 13h 19m 34s
3 Little Pigs Defense N/A N/A 75 N/A
3 Minutes On The Beach N/A N/A 54 346d 7h 13m 34s
3 on 1 N/A N/A 725 3779d 3h 49m 46s
3 Point Shootout 99 6 out of 28 982 3496d 15s
3 Point Shootout N/A N/A 291 1688d 11h 40m 13s
3 Point Shootout 1,340 4 out of 7 121 1243d 17h 11m 46s
3 Point Shootout 2 1,810 1 out of 3 147 1191d 3h 9m 31s
3 point shootout V32 N/A N/A 94 676d 12h 51m 55s
3 Reel Jackpot Slots N/A N/A 722 119d 8h 36m 21s
3 Wheel Slot Machine N/A N/A 631 839d 12h 50m 43s
30 Sekunden Golf Challenge N/A N/A 477 1096d 1h 49m 29s
300 - Find The Numbers N/A N/A 40 456d 8h 12m 47s
300 Miles To Pigland 1,725 3 out of 3 92 1206d 6h 54m 51s
30k Starfighter N/A N/A 303 53d 17h 19m 46s
30k Starfighter N/A N/A 1852 3476d 9h 33m 34s
30Seconds N/A N/A 817 2642d 22h 19m 55s
32768 Invaders N/A N/A 894 168d 3h 49m 12s
360 Degree Breakout N/A N/A 820 3735d 5h 32m 58s
360 Dergree Snake N/A N/A 3546 4295d 2h 52m 12s
360 Supreme Avoid N/A N/A 408 1098d 8h 38m 49s
360 Supreme Catcher N/A N/A 446 1164d 2h 42m 27s
360 Supreme Player N/A N/A 464 3452d 6h 32m 13s
3D Bankshooter N/A N/A 225 92d 6h 24s
3D Car Driver N/A N/A 1119 1641d 20h 2m 54s
3D Car Driver N/A N/A 866 1642d 14h 25m 30s
3D Championship Golf N/A N/A 1876 3207d 18h 9m 44s
3D Field Goal - All Pro N/A N/A 971 3212d 6h 16m 48s
3D Field Goal - Pro N/A N/A 483 3487d 1h 23m 54s
3D Field Goal - Rookie N/A N/A 652 3487d 1h 32m 24s
3D Frogger N/A N/A 416 1024d 8h 6m 15s
3D Highway N/A N/A 435 211d 8h 19m 50s
3D Logic N/A N/A 753 3947d 12h 21m 56s
3D Logic 2 N/A N/A 622 3212d 9h 41m 5s
3D Logic 2 Total Time N/A N/A 400 N/A
3D Mahjong 32,935 4 out of 10 317 1036d 11h 10m 56s
3D Pacman white house edition N/A N/A 193 802d 4h 26m 47s
3D Pool N/A N/A 1490 968d 4m 24s
3D Powerkart Grand Prix N/A N/A 538 641d 1h 19m 58s
3D Pyramid Mahjong 54,840 2 out of 42 5378 1120d 16h 35m 30s
3D Racer 1,395 3 out of 10 515 1079d 1h 13m 31s
3D Racing - Track 1 N/A N/A 674 1156d 9h 32m 33s
3D Racing - Track 2 N/A N/A 772 1195d 1h 15m 34s
3D Racing - Track 3 N/A N/A 547 749d 21h 45m 0s
3D Rally Racing N/A N/A 1021 3525d 11h 7m 30s
3D Snow Kart Rally N/A N/A 427 2089d 1h 13m 56s
3D Super Snowboarder N/A N/A 226 1095d 5h 25m 28s
3D SuperBall N/A N/A 568 3748d 1h 15m 18s
3D Superball N/A N/A 301 1286d 23h 40m 59s
3D Tanks N/A N/A 488 2283d 2h 3m 25s
3D Tunnel N/A N/A 442 1434d 2h 25m 19s
3D-Stereogram Tetris N/A N/A 616 3928d 17h 8m 49s
3DBall Drop N/A N/A 457 1089d 8h 4m 14s
3Point Shootout N/A N/A 597 2301d 13h 5m 57s
4 By 4 Mahjong 66,860 2 out of 21 676 973d 2h 11m 7s
4 Elements N/A N/A 506 2852d 7h 21m 18s
4 Elements™ N/A N/A 260 2916d 2h 47m 17s
4 in Reihe N/A N/A 503 2427d 8h 12m 38s
4 Level Pinball N/A N/A 93 N/A
4 Rings Mahjong 66,860 3 out of 24 1089 452d 16h 25m 17s
4 th Of July N/A N/A 133 298d 6h 34m 55s
4 Wheel Madness 2 27,039 3 out of 7 761 669d 5h 45m 57s
4 Wheel Madness 2.5 N/A N/A 455 669d 5h 39m 49s
4 Wheel Madness 3 N/A N/A 171 N/A
4096 N/A N/A 487 1690d 11h 31m 23s
5 Card Draw 265 1 out of 2 36 318d 12h 40m 46s
5 Card Slingo N/A N/A 1446 3897d 13h 3m 26s
5 Christmas Ornaments In A Line N/A N/A 162 1080d 17h 9m 28s
5 Differences - Flame Wizard N/A N/A 121 301d 2h 36m 32s
5 Differences - Halloween N/A N/A 95 231d 3h 42s
5 Differences - Hot Sun N/A N/A 174 283d 14h 17m 43s
5 Differences - Little Farm 5,741 4 out of 5 176 221d 6h 6m 16s
5 Differences - Living Tree N/A N/A 160 400d 4h 25m 2s
5 Differences - Lost Souls N/A N/A 77 277d 16h 50m 2s
5 Differences - Magic Night N/A N/A 133 406d 2h 14m 8s
5 Differences - Mermaids N/A N/A 63 407d 2h 33m 22s
5 Differences - Monsterland N/A N/A 37 354d 5h 55m 0s
5 Differences - River of Time N/A N/A 47 431d 23h 45m 51s
5 Differences - Sandy Beach 7,265 5 out of 5 163 231d 12h 43m 38s
5 Easter Eggs In A Line 2,381 3 out of 6 145 1315d 17h 52m 11s
5 Hearts In A Line N/A N/A 77 1201d 23h 41m 44s
5 Ice Cream Cones In A Line N/A N/A 126 1306d 15h 58m 11s
5 In A Row N/A N/A 841 4614d 3h 32m 28s
5 In A Row N/A N/A 374 1423d 10h 49m 23s
5 Ladybugs In A Line N/A N/A 205 1488d 18h 40m 12s
5 Miles 2 Go N/A N/A 3071 3681d 4h 47m 23s
5 Minigame N/A N/A 41 318d 6h 4m 24s
5 Minute Shoot em Up N/A N/A 407 1887d 4h 45m 10s
5 Pyramides Mahjong 37,180 4 out of 35 3597 579d 3h 45m 42s
5 Reel Ninja Slots N/A N/A 67 802d 23h 20m 24s
5 Reel Slots N/A N/A 880 3154d 1h 31m 14s
5 Rows Mahjong 68,180 3 out of 23 724 972d 20h 38m 47s
5 Stars In A Line N/A N/A 70 723d 16h 34m 44s
5 To 4 Mahjong 66,620 3 out of 22 951 852d 7h 46s
5 Tower Defence 68 6 out of 10 335 416d 18h 11m 41s
501 Darts N/A N/A 2735 3924d 23h 14m 25s
501 Darts Bullseye N/A N/A 190 253d 10h 45m 8s
6 Differences N/A N/A 297 2662d 10h 20m 2s
60 Second Artist N/A N/A 144 711d 14h 52m 24s
60 seconds dash N/A N/A 247 1196d 21h 47m 45s
625 Sandwich Stacker N/A N/A 1472 1966d 18h 36m 19s
6Bit Pixel Force N/A N/A 653 2697d 4h 45m 16s
6Bit Pixel Force N/A N/A 102 1526d 11h 49m 58s
7 Elements N/A N/A 375 2856d 8h 49m 40s
7 Seas Estates N/A N/A 899 3254d 7h 46m 37s
7 Wonders of the World N/A N/A 242 922d 8h 23m 47s
7 Wonders of the World N/A N/A 437 1312d 21h 1m 26s
70s Boobs N/A N/A 47 572d 1h 25m 15s
7th Inning Smash 48,500 4 out of 16 522 2712d 3h 15m 38s
7up Pinball 24,022,340 4 out of 29 946 3845d 7h 11m 42s
8 Ball Champion N/A N/A 1602 2762d 18h 15m 49s
8 Ball Champion N/A N/A 556 1563d 9h 2m 51s
9 Ball Pool 1,110 28 out of 155 27694 688d 4h 3m 1s
9 Ball Quick Fire Pool N/A N/A 181 505d 1h 18m 11s
9 Dragons 2,360 2 out of 6 145 1244d 3h 45m 6s
9-Ball N/A N/A 3219 3633d 13h 40m 23s
A Dark Realm N/A N/A 235 2910d 5h 22m 2s
A Day at HighSchool N/A N/A 630 705d 9h 20m 50s
A Day Of Slacking N/A N/A 1659 3249d 2h 51m 1s
A Day Of Slacking N/A N/A 576 3162d 9h 57m 35s
A Dralien Day N/A N/A 361 1364d 8h 28m 23s
A Fair Day 13,804 1 out of 7 75 486d 9h 33m 46s
A Fun Day. Spot the Difference 5,483 6 out of 6 283 60d 9h 44m 20s
A Halloween Horror N/A N/A 605 3721d 2h 36m 51s
A Mages Day N/A N/A 251 2591d 9h 28m 21s
A Mages Day Hard Mode N/A N/A 254 2591d 9h 9m 39s
A Mages Day Normal Mode 142,884 5 out of 8 201 2591d 9h 43m 48s
A Magical City N/A N/A 115 758d 19h 34m 46s
A Naval Battle N/A N/A 152 1943d 7m 0s
A Small Favor N/A N/A 380 2241d 14h 56m 22s
A Stitch in Time - Future N/A N/A 607 3579d 4h 6m 51s
A Stitch in Time - Future V32 N/A N/A 477 3712d 3h 12m 25s
A Stitch in Time - Past N/A N/A 948 3114d 6h 49m 58s
A Stitch in Time - Present N/A N/A 706 3115d 1h 22m 12s
A Sugg Christmas N/A N/A 432 3394d 6h 39m 9s
A Threat From The Sea N/A N/A 1236 1974d 2h 24m 47s
A Very Webby Christmas N/A N/A 73 768d 3h 56m 59s
A walk in the park N/A N/A 727 3280d 14h 52m 32s
A Windy Day N/A N/A 109 898d 6h 53m 35s
A-Blast N/A N/A 825 4725d 18h 30m 41s
A.L.I.A.S. 3 N/A N/A 433 395d 12h 17m 51s
A.L.I.A.S. 3 Hard N/A N/A 354 395d 12h 34m 48s
A.L.I.A.S. 3 Normal N/A N/A 398 395d 14h 30m 57s
A.L.I.A.S. 3 St Harder N/A N/A 337 396d 13h 8m 14s
Aagy Bones 479 4 out of 4 134 692d 9h 8m 27s
Aagy Bones N/A N/A 149 692d 12h 9m 56s
Abadia N/A N/A 788 1167d 7h 44m 21s
Abadia N/A N/A 488 3653d 9h 27m 48s
Abandoned 2 N/A N/A 231 2598d 7h 10m 37s
Abandoned 2 Escape v32 N/A N/A 117 1874d 20h 56m 28s
Abandoned 3 N/A N/A 150 2596d 15h 52m 57s
Abandoned 3 Escape v32 N/A N/A 241 1823d 10h 34m 59s
Abandoned 4 N/A N/A 200 2901d 8h 9m 28s
Abandoned Asylum N/A N/A 202 2606d 2h 52m 43s
Abandoned City N/A N/A 223 1662d 11h 5m 13s
Abandoned Studio N/A N/A 135 2046d 15h 20m 25s
Abandoned Studio Escape v2 N/A N/A 139 1854d 13h 7m 52s
Abandoned Studio Escape v32 N/A N/A 84 844d 7h 27m 39s
Abba The Fox N/A N/A 735 718d 22h 35m 13s
Abba`s On A Mission N/A N/A 567 708d 7h 13m 8s
ABC Cubes N/A N/A 397 2945d 14h 47m 10s
ABC Cubes N/A N/A 561 591d 5h 25m 46s
ABC Mahjong 67,520 3 out of 21 466 279d 8h 37m 5s
ABC wordgame N/A N/A 2561 4339d 5h 3m 49s
Abduction XP N/A N/A 96 1761d 11h 28m 4s
Abe Clone Wars N/A N/A 130 1488d 8h 34m 4s
Abominaball Snow Maze N/A N/A 124 1191d 22h 35m 12s
Abradine Asylum v32 N/A N/A 90 1628d 4h 35m 21s
Absinthe La Fèe Verte N/A N/A 478 3169d 22h 24m 20s
Absolut Search N/A N/A 280 2913d 22h 54m 19s
Absolute Zero N/A N/A 323 2367d 19h 4m 42s
Abstract Mahjong 35,240 4 out of 26 5245 1105d 14h 18m 15s
Abuba the Alien N/A N/A 337 3002d 19h 30m 9s
Abuba The Alien N/A N/A 105 1740d 14h 8m 43s
Abuba the Alien v2 N/A N/A 261 1858d 10h 13m 15s
Abuba the Alien v32 N/A N/A 77 N/A
Abyss 29,106 2 out of 17 668 147d 14h 47m 7s
Abyss Splash Cannon N/A N/A 64 1782d 9h 57m 43s
Abyss Splash Cannon N/A N/A 243 864d 15h 25m 57s
Accordion Hero N/A N/A 606 3688d 3h 6m 53s
Ace Driver N/A N/A 389 2856d 13h 4m 2s
Ace Solitaire 80,440 2 out of 19 1197 434d 5h 46m 1s
Aces High N/A N/A 826 4786d 1h 27m 53s
Achilles N/A N/A 2080 3691d 6h 10m 19s
Achilles - Survival N/A N/A 1171 3710d 7m 23s
Acid Factory N/A N/A 461 1165d 2h 56m 22s
Acno's Energizer N/A N/A 1910 N/A
Acnos Energizer N/A N/A 3315 1988d 18h 56m 39s
Acorn Defense - Easy 9,760 9 out of 11 588 1707d 13h 18m 30s
Acorn Defense - Hard 10,262 3 out of 12 454 1714d 9h 34m 0s
Acorn Defense - Medium 24,352 4 out of 13 534 1708d 16h 6m 49s
Acorn Toss N/A N/A 743 2430d 12h 25m 37s
Acre Wood Matching 700 14 out of 25 477 2888d 4h 26m 4s
Acrobatic Rider N/A N/A 715 1360d 22h 24m 7s
Action Fish N/A N/A 1092 1172d 23h 48m 48s
Active Golf N/A N/A 443 2912d 4h 57m 56s
Adagio Easy N/A N/A 594 3970d 9h 27m 19s
Adagio Hard N/A N/A 482 3431d 59m 53s
Adagio Medium N/A N/A 452 3431d 1h 10m 11s
Adam and Eve N/A N/A 1105 539d 12h 21m 39s
Add Em Up N/A 17 out of 18 305 1989d 22h 3m 59s
Add It Up N/A N/A 1067 2943d 5h 42m 21s
Add Like Mad N/A N/A 604 418d 9h 29m 9s
Addiction Solitaire 450 3 out of 8 225 732d 3h 19m 13s
Addiction Solitaire - Classic N/A N/A 16551 3202d 53m 43s
Addictive Tripeak 26,430 6 out of 28 1081 449d 23h 20m 53s
Addition Lines N/A N/A 252 2802d 2h 23m 53s
Addition Puzzle N/A N/A 238 2189d 22h 56m 14s
Addition Timed 13,540 6 out of 7 191 2323d 13h 59m 29s
Adidas Climacool N/A N/A 775 2389d 3h 50m 14s
Admin Slots N/A N/A 367 467d 14h 39m 34s
Adventure Ho N/A N/A 719 2225d 21h 45m 24s
Adventure Time Dream Heaven N/A N/A 100 1784d 15h 43m 23s
Adventure Time Finn Up N/A N/A 87 1770d 13h 28m 52s
Aerial Mahjong 324,240 5 out of 25 542 3711d 5h 38m 26s
Aerial Seige N/A N/A 659 1891d 19h 33m 56s
Aero Chaos N/A N/A 582 3207d 5h 49m 6s
Aero Chaos - Easy N/A N/A 15 116d 10h 35m 26s
Aero Chaos - Hard N/A N/A 36 577d 11h 15m 52s
Aero Chaos - Normal N/A N/A 13 58d 3h 43m 16s
Aero Chaos - Push Over N/A N/A 51 315d 5h 5m 30s
Aeronauts N/A N/A 654 3938d 14h 41m 12s
Aftermath N/A N/A 713 1888d 6h 53m 38s
Against War N/A N/A 963 3670d 3h 49m 40s
Against War N/A N/A 591 3857d 8h 15m 13s
Age of Defense Teaser 77,868 10 out of 20 444 3089d 4h 53m 52s
Age Of japan II N/A N/A 128 1217d 12h 33s
Age Of War N/A N/A 169 438d 7h 21m 24s
Age of War N/A N/A 2206 3194d 2h 16s
Age Of War Normal N/A N/A 41 59d 12h 44m 41s
Agent Al Evator 24,505 3 out of 23 552 2306d 16h 55m 11s
Agent B10 N/A N/A 187 3066d 55m 50s
Agent Combat N/A N/A 147 639d 8h 40m 48s
Agent Cool N/A N/A 107 205d 7h 13m 22s
Agent Footy N/A N/A 678 3207d 9h 16m 58s
Aggressive Sokoban N/A N/A 155 1578d 9h 47m 21s
Agh Zombies - Death N/A N/A 436 2002d 15h 48m 13s
Agh Zombies - Killer N/A N/A 383 1985d 14h 57m 21s
Agh Zombies - Zombie N/A N/A 313 1989d 13h 29m 16s
Agnes 2 595 20 out of 31 9421 1555d 9h 32m 44s
Agrumes Majhong 10,518 1 out of 25 2495 496d 8h 50m 19s
Ahiru Survival N/A N/A 788 3049d 2h 53m 22s
Aim and Fire N/A N/A 1547 3375d 22h 17m 32s
Aim and Fire N/A N/A 733 81d 9h 33m 58s
Air Balls 314 26 out of 77 1569 2338d 5h 20m 36s
Air Disc N/A N/A 1251 2012d 18h 36m 17s
Air Dogfight N/A N/A 69 1242d 18h 57m 41s
Air Drop N/A N/A 487 2836d 13h 48m 41s
Air Fighting N/A N/A 538 N/A
Air Hockey N/A N/A 181 1447d 23h 29m 42s
Air Hockey 3D N/A N/A 210 1839d 17h 22m 25s
Air Hockey World Cup N/A N/A 198 1587d 1h 14m 5s
Air Runner N/A N/A 66 681d 9h 19m 30s
Air Sk8ing N/A N/A 432 941d 11h 15m 7s
Air Traffic Control N/A N/A 585 1995d 17h 51m 39s
Air Traffice Chief N/A N/A 1370 1441d 4h 15m 4s
Air Typer 54,590 5 out of 57 777 2999d 6h 11m 47s
Air Voltar N/A N/A 483 3129d 2h 52m 27s
Air Voltar No Replay N/A N/A 904 1858d 10h 49m 20s
Air War N/A N/A 921 1045d 5h 16m 36s
Air Wolf N/A N/A 722 4601d 11h 59m 14s
Air-Hockey v32 N/A N/A 91 816d 4h 59m 44s
Airborne Virus N/A N/A 939 2282d 22h 56m 25s
Aircraft Parking N/A N/A 187 1473d 15h 6m 26s
Aircraft Parking 2 N/A N/A 82 834d 34m 43s
Airlock Mahjong 66,780 3 out of 18 286 279d 8h 32m 43s
AirPlane Service v32 N/A N/A 137 678d 2h 20m 51s
Airport 38 27 out of 27 1708 2680d 23h 48m 8s
Airport Mania Web N/A N/A 48 N/A
AirToss N/A N/A 238 1083d 23h 16m 56s
Airwave 435 12 out of 19 356 3219d 15h 18m 22s
Akita Kanto Festival N/A N/A 591 1098d 8h 35m 54s
Al Capone Mahjong Full version N/A N/A 154 1538d 12h 27m 31s
Aladdin and the Wonder Lamp N/A N/A 155 1612d 8h 11m 49s
Aladdin Solitaire 8,013 5 out of 11 223 1161d 15h 5m 31s
Alaskan Adversary N/A N/A 770 N/A
Albert The Dog N/A N/A 185 2280d 2h 10m 28s
Alchemist Scroll N/A N/A 122 846d 4h 3m 33s
Alchemy N/A N/A 1125 4767d 21h 59m 30s
Alchemy N/A N/A 532 3872d 8h 2m 58s
Alchemy 1 4,337 7 out of 17 222 2219d 8h 30m 48s
Alchemy II N/A N/A 347 2233d 18h 51m 11s
Alchemy II N/A N/A 760 4340d 11h 32m 8s
Alchemy Tiles 7,337 17 out of 28 1375 968d 3h 36m 51s
Alchol Test N/A N/A 2178 1083d 23h 9m 20s
Alex Trax N/A N/A 155 969d 12h 13m 26s
Alexsis Silver Strip Blackjack 2,000 5 out of 8 295 1097d 1h 47m 23s
Algorack N/A N/A 134 396d 12h 52m 59s
Ali Baba N/A N/A 627 1353d 10h 42m 24s
Ali Baba N/A N/A 353 1886d 19h 19m 51s
Alice N/A N/A 171 1024d 7h 43m 1s
Alice 5,800 7 out of 13 305 3055d 9h 3m 18s
Alice In Wonderland N/A N/A 210 2673d 4h 18m 32s
Alice is Dead N/A N/A 179 N/A
Alien N/A N/A 639 3499d 12h 40m 32s
Alien Abductor N/A N/A 443 1418d 13h 19m 55s
Alien Alliance2 Timed v32 48,640 2 out of 8 256 1207d 9h 2m 18s
Alien Alliance2 Untimed v32 N/A N/A 83 354d 4h 55m 39s
Alien Attack N/A N/A 682 3206d 2h 37m 3s
Alien Attack N/A N/A 614 3506d 7h 31m 39s
Alien Attack N/A N/A 500 1891d 17h 6m 40s
Alien Baby Rescue N/A N/A 66 423d 7h 30m 23s
Alien Being Mahjong 67,480 1 out of 21 697 560d 12h 56m 56s
Alien Booya N/A N/A 692 4383d 15h 5m 9s
Alien Discipline N/A N/A 439 948d 7h 36m 42s
Alien Go Home N/A N/A 53 423d 6h 1m 8s
Alien Guard N/A N/A 207 1972d 17h 40m 53s
Alien Guard 2 N/A N/A 208 1649d 19h 34m 37s
Alien Hominid N/A N/A 718 3358d 2h 22m 10s
Alien Invasion N/A N/A 621 635d 4h 3m 50s
Alien Invasion N/A N/A 178 754d 9h 23m 50s
Alien Monument Mahjong 67,240 1 out of 20 492 561d 9h 36m 33s
Alien Parachutes N/A N/A 99 1723d 18h 37m 27s
Alien Paratroopers N/A N/A 98 799d 3h 50m 37s
Alien Rescue N/A N/A 83 1652d 14h 42m 29s
Alien Run N/A N/A 510 2376d 23h 45m 35s
Alien Shots 2 N/A N/A 156 1106d 4m 12s
Alien Terminator N/A N/A 780 1969d 13h 55m 14s
Alien Vs Robots N/A N/A 143 1367d 9h 19m 36s
Alienattack N/A N/A 85 639d 2h 6m 28s
Alienhunter N/A N/A 750 2777d 1h 6m 7s
Aliens Match N/A N/A 84 148d 6h 55m 49s
Aliens Vs Monsters N/A N/A 190 1348d 18h 3m 49s
Alison Crouse N/A N/A 1143 3059d 18h 11m 58s
All Ball 8,040 9 out of 33 810 4626d 3h 17m 9s
All Ball N/A N/A 89 947d 11h 30m 35s
All I Need Is Fruit 6,790 3 out of 5 97 22d 10h 21m 1s
All in One Mahjong 2 N/A N/A 161 1167d 1h 42m 43s
All in One Mahjong Deluxe N/A N/A 109 529d 6h 21m 25s
All Star Skate Park N/A N/A 63 634d 2h 21m 28s
All The Way North N/A N/A 65 599d 11h 18m 26s
Alliant N/A N/A 464 708d 15h 54m 5s
Alliant - Easy N/A N/A 291 N/A
Alliant - Hard N/A N/A 194 1680d 11h 48m 2s
Alliant - Normal N/A N/A 255 N/A
Alliant Easy N/A N/A 203 2433d 2h 22m 48s
Alliant Hard N/A N/A 182 1885d 15h 19m 33s
Alliant Norm N/A N/A 172 2433d 6h 29m 22s
Alloy Arena N/A N/A 478 2009d 13h 50m 1s
Alpha Assualt N/A N/A 1451 561d 3h 51m 28s
Alpha Attack 56,018 1 out of 10 390 1348d 9h 21m 23s
Alpha Attack N/A N/A 467 3825d 1h 32m 39s
Alpha Bounty - Normal N/A N/A 32 303d 4h 54m 47s
Alpha Force N/A N/A 90 771d 1h 24m 56s
Alphabet Jungle N/A N/A 68 453d 17h 39m 58s
Alpine Escape N/A N/A 630 162d 3h 22m 54s
Alter Eggo N/A N/A 116 682d 11h 31m 28s
Alter Eggo N/A N/A 400 692d 8h 43m 33s
Altex N/A N/A 996 2292d 8h 37m 2s
Altex III N/A N/A 812 4320d 8h 11m 49s
Alton Towers Winter 1,090 3 out of 15 260 2405d 2h 38m 25s
Alvin and the Chipmunks STD 2,020 4 out of 8 117 848d 5h 19m 1s
Alvin Downhill Skiing N/A N/A 120 1649d 17h 18m 15s
Amateur Surgeon - Christmas Edition N/A N/A 214 1102d 13h 39m 53s
Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition N/A N/A 282 2794d 23h 33m 0s
Amazing Garden Stampede 27,210 4 out of 8 297 1186d 21h 48m 48s
Amazing Patate Drive N/A N/A 775 1448d 8h 8m 17s
Amazing Sheriff N/A N/A 56 N/A
Amazing Sheriff N/A N/A 553 1433d 2h 14m 55s
Amazing Sheriff 35,770 6 out of 8 202 226d 12h 46m 33s
Amazon Quest N/A N/A 1442 3112d 12h 52m 3s
Amazon Survival N/A N/A 198 1563d 15h 44m 35s
Amberdale N/A N/A 134 2393d 7h 34m 40s
Ambulance Rush N/A N/A 279 768d 21h 57m 45s
Ambulance Rush N/A N/A 523 768d 20h 49m 5s
Ambulance Truck Driver 2 N/A N/A 79 N/A
America Loves Boobs N/A N/A 37 418d 5h 49m 39s
American Boob Aventure N/A N/A 25 456d 18h 53m 41s
American Idol: Sky Blocks 19,800 3 out of 34 813 2657d 8h 41m 12s
American Poker 2 N/A N/A 64 N/A
American Slot Machine N/A N/A 178 250d 17h 13m 13s
Ameriman N/A N/A 91 773d 1h 42m 49s
Amigo Pancho N/A N/A 106 1302d 11h 18m 22s
Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party N/A N/A 120 1346d 12h 31m 50s
Amoeba N/A N/A 1036 794d 23h 9m 54s
Among the Clouds 5,000 3 out of 10 215 1164d 4h 32m 11s
Amour Mahjong 76,660 2 out of 8 461 978d 1h 26m 52s
Amphibious Challenge N/A N/A 208 2608d 3h 33m 49s
Amphibious Challenge No Replay N/A N/A 192 2608d 3h 31m 59s
Amusement Park N/A N/A 382 1352d 8h 53m 54s
Amy Astronaut N/A N/A 318 3033d 5h 54m 41s
Amzula - Demo N/A N/A 463 1680d 14h 27m 32s
Anabelle Hidden Stars N/A N/A 26 32d 11h 31m 49s
Anacondas N/A N/A 390 3289d 22h 52m 41s
Anbot N/A N/A 49 702d 20h 28m 7s
Anchor Ball N/A N/A 792 712d 7h 4m 38s
Anchor Ball N/A N/A 558 712d 7h 34s
Anchovy Assault N/A N/A 51 737d 21h 57m 28s
Anchovy Assault Contest N/A N/A 158 1867d 12h 7m 46s
Anchovy Assault! Free PLay N/A N/A 125 939d 12h 9m 44s
Ancient Alchemist N/A N/A 212 639d 4h 22m 7s
Ancient Alchemist N/A N/A 106 1908d 10h 9m 44s
Ancient china Solitaire N/A N/A 164 554d 6h 50m 59s
Ancient Cities Solitaire 13,221 1 out of 9 180 1284d 2h 30m 17s
Ancient Columns 31,000 2 out of 27 21343 2005d 17h 53m 13s
Ancient Crab Mahjong 48,980 3 out of 23 3760 2632d 5h 17m 22s
Ancient Egypt Mahjong N/A N/A 101 1130d 22h 21m 53s
Ancient jewels 2 133,220 1 out of 4 106 478d 8h 41m 50s
Ancient Maya Treasures 98,375 3 out of 6 142 1051d 10h 36m 8s
Ancient Mysteries N/A N/A 125 483d 11h 32m 7s
Ancient Persia Mahjong N/A N/A 116 1532d 1h 24m 51s
Ancient Persia Solitaire 6,051 2 out of 6 408 162d 7h 29m 27s
Ancient Persia Solitaire 13,332 7 out of 25 479 331d 17h 52m 38s
Ancient Persia Solitaire 8,031 3 out of 7 162 321d 11h 37m 15s
Ancient Powers 7,950 4 out of 22 815 2778d 3h 59m 36s
Ancient Treasures 59,151 4 out of 5 78 1345d 14h 8m 1s
Android 2 N/A N/A 143 2530d 21h 31m 40s
Android Soccer N/A N/A 222 460d 4h 31m 8s
Angel and Devil N/A N/A 1035 1087d 22h 13m 5s
Angel Bobble N/A N/A 555 1576d 8h 2m 31s
Angel Boobs 1,000 3 out of 3 31 445d 11h 5m 42s
Angel Bothorius N/A N/A 157 955d 12h 28m 29s
Angel Falls N/A N/A 422 1098d 8h 11m 58s
Angel In Labyrinth N/A N/A 55 438d 1h 28m 19s
Angel Pacman 2,790 6 out of 11 320 2134d 18h 18m 19s
Angel Pang N/A N/A 1171 796d 10h 36m 15s
Angel Power Racing N/A N/A 720 735d 6h 14m 58s
Angel Power Racing N/A N/A 516 874d 4h 14m 53s
Angel Power Racing 17,170 4 out of 16 343 737d 5h 57m 45s
Angel Run N/A N/A 548 1309d 5h 55m 38s
Angelico 2 N/A N/A 233 2707d 56m 20s
Angels Of Light N/A N/A 24 67d 57m 34s
Angle Bottle N/A N/A 503 1892d 17h 47m 53s
Angle Bottle Puzzle N/A N/A 396 1873d 19h 53m 34s
Angle Bottle Vs CPU N/A N/A 347 3008d 11h 23m 5s
Angry Animals N/A N/A 106 N/A
Angry Animals N/A N/A 80 290d 2h 6m 37s
Angry Birds N/A N/A 166 459d 21h 44m 54s
Angry Birds N/A N/A 1626 459d 5h 45m 28s
Angry Birds Battle Easy N/A N/A 100 676d 14h 8m 58s
Angry Birds Battle Normal N/A N/A 109 1212d 10h 42m 13s
Angry Birds Bubble N/A N/A 159 1145d 2h 45m 11s
Angry Birds Connect N/A N/A 172 1837d 14h 3m 6s
Angry Birds Connect N/A N/A 193 1153d 19h 10m 5s
Angry Birds Dangerous Railroad N/A N/A 242 790d 17h 10m 36s
Angry Birds Golden Eggs N/A N/A 102 1312d 12h 49m 5s
Angry Birds Halloween HD N/A N/A 136 943d 5h 5m 41s
Angry Birds HD N/A N/A 92 293d 16h 15m 8s
Angry Birds HD N/A N/A 224 290d 4h 4m 27s
Angry Birds Hungry N/A N/A 70 305d 8h 59m 9s
Angry Birds Jumping N/A N/A 75 1167d 1h 37m 16s
Angry Birds Jumping N/A N/A 91 798d 23h 49m 38s
Angry Birds Jumping N/A N/A 283 87d 3h 50m 8s
Angry Birds Jumping v32 N/A N/A 42 696d 15h 31m 28s
Angry Birds Mahjong N/A N/A 181 1167d 1h 26m 1s
Angry Birds Matching Swap N/A N/A 134 1116d 5h 41m 59s
Angry Birds Matching Swap Moves 18,070 2 out of 6 116 1660d 16h 48m 42s
Angry Birds Piggies Escape N/A N/A 88 459d 21h 35m 30s
Angry Birds Racing N/A N/A 191 1762d 8h 30m 47s
Angry Birds Rio N/A N/A 157 958d 14h 35m 15s
Angry Birds Save The Eggs N/A N/A 159 1468d 6h 5m 0s
Angry Birds Shooters N/A N/A 107 376d 16h 14m 25s
Angry Birds Shooters N/A N/A 129 1450d 8h 18m 45s
Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2 N/A N/A 90 148d 8h 44m 44s
Angry Birds Snooker N/A N/A 123 1452d 15h 17m 43s
Angry Birds Space Battle N/A N/A 149 1835d 3m 1s
Angry Birds Space Matching N/A N/A 168 1538d 3h 11m 47s
Angry Birds Space Matching N/A N/A 130 1650d 17h 4m 15s
angry birds twins N/A N/A 104 1167d 22h 23m 35s
Angry Birds Wormhole N/A N/A 187 1778d 10h 28m 55s
Angry Birds Wormhole v32 N/A N/A 126 530d 1h 2m 24s
Angry Birds Xmas v32 N/A N/A 244 2067d 19h 21m 9s
Angry Chubby v32 N/A N/A 130 1746d 2h 57m 38s
Angry Faces Pearl N/A N/A 355 2644d 7m 41s
Angry Gran Toss N/A N/A 81 684d 1h 23m 21s
Angry Old Wizard N/A N/A 666 3213d 4h 29m 6s
Aniball Soccer N/A N/A 461 461d 4h 3m 59s
Aniki Ping Pong N/A N/A 599 4226d 12h 21m 43s
Animal Athletics N/A N/A 157 2949d 7h 13m 52s
Animal Balloons N/A N/A 68 1368d 19h 13m 59s
Animal Connect N/A N/A 123 1256d 8h 9m 27s
Animal Connect 2 8,680 6 out of 26 1005 94d 12h 52m 14s
Animal Hunter N/A N/A 902 2008d 15h 13m 55s
Animal Keeper 546 1 out of 59 1131 2374d 22h 37m 51s
Animal Kingdom 5,181 7 out of 10 242 2634d 7h 12m 48s
Animal Mahjong 50,980 3 out of 16 794 2203d 9h 14m 9s
Animal Mahjong Solitaire N/A N/A 813 2287d 3h 14m 7s
Animal Park ENG N/A N/A 65 N/A
Animal Skipping N/A N/A 161 946d 5h 8m 25s
Animal Stackers N/A N/A 33 269d 3h 38m 9s
Animal Suduku N/A N/A 562 1519d 9h 37m 32s
Animals In Danger N/A N/A 37 351d 12h 1m 47s
Animals In Danger N/A N/A 127 338d 11h 54m 46s
Animals3 Mahjong 90,220 4 out of 23 410 2709d 8h 7m 24s
AnkoMako 14,267 3 out of 21 560 973d 4h 15m 38s
Another Box of Hotcorn N/A N/A 89 720d 11h 44m 38s
Another Box of Hotcorn N/A N/A 353 3120d 2h 7m 37s
Another Box of Hotcorn Hard N/A N/A 351 2869d 12h 49m 58s
Another Box of Hotcorn Normal N/A N/A 360 2911d 20h 54m 42s
Another Non African Safari 7,300 1 out of 29 635 2322d 2h 38m 1s
Another non-African Safari 4,475 1 out of 19 473 2723d 50m 2s
Ant Annihilation N/A N/A 494 3144d 15h 48m 19s
Ant Man Hidden Numbers N/A N/A 104 144d 1h 54m 50s
Ant Move N/A N/A 441 3280d 12h 41m 52s
Antarctic Expedition Mahjong N/A N/A 53 480d 11h 40m 50s
Antarctic Guide 3,440 4 out of 17 444 1130d 30m 18s
AntBuster v1.2b V32 N/A N/A 3647 3449d 25m 37s
AntBuster v1.2k v32 N/A N/A 305 446d 13m 34s
Anti Aircraft Gun N/A N/A 665 2226d 19h 12m 6s
Anti Aircraft Gun N/A N/A 463 2191d 2h 41m 55s
Anti Terrorism Squad N/A N/A 215 1196d 21h 17m 55s
Anti Terrorism Squad N/A N/A 75 1196d 21h 32m 35s
Anti-Idle: The Game N/A N/A 5266 1872d 12h 37m 22s
AntiMatch 3 N/A N/A 310 2762d 29m 5s
Antique Treasures N/A N/A 133 1360d 14h 14m 19s
Antique Treasures N/A N/A 44 387d 13h 51m 40s
Antix 47,032 2 out of 7 54 293d 9h 44m 59s
Antoine Turkey Shooting N/A N/A 459 2257d 7h 26m 15s
Ants N/A N/A 444 3515d 4h 48m 15s
Ants Quest - Hidden Ants N/A N/A 49 145d 9h 1m 33s
Apartment 13 N/A N/A 92 1122d 17h 50m 26s
Apocalyptic Tower N/A N/A 149 1045d 17h 18m 16s
Aporkalypse Now N/A N/A 160 639d 1h 43m 44s
Apple Battle N/A N/A 454 2130d 19h 6m 43s
Apple Girl N/A N/A 357 1160d 37m 35s
Apple Season 64 54 out of 75 809 85d 4h 9m 46s
Aqua Bubbles N/A N/A 515 2730d 22h 17m 18s
Aqua Energizer (Demo) N/A N/A 23 62d 7h 4m 14s
Aqua Massaqua 200 6 out of 16 653 4641d 2h 49m 42s
Aqua Pearls 81,220 7 out of 27 885 4088d 58m 20s
Aqua Running N/A N/A 219 3186d 1h 32m 47s
Aqua Slug N/A N/A 509 4522d 7h 51m 26s
Aqua World 3,350 6 out of 15 329 1105d 19h 38m 39s
AquaField N/A N/A 430 3368d 22h 32m 28s
Aquanox N/A N/A 508 4445d 5h 36m 15s
Aquarium Differences N/A N/A 196 2115d 3s
Aquarium Sprengischen N/A N/A 717 4614d 8h 18m 48s
Aquarium Sprengischen N/A N/A 513 3872d 17h 3m 50s
Aquariumlife N/A N/A 202 3166d 2h 31m 35s
Aquatic Memory N/A N/A 239 965d 4h 14m 4s
Aquatica N/A N/A 468 2945d 15h 7m 59s
Aquno N/A N/A 513 764d 10m 16s
Arabella Gems 3 N/A N/A 183 2907d 13h 2m 12s
Arabian Jewels 9,130 7 out of 11 128 1697d 8h 22m 6s
Arachnid Wars N/A N/A 145 667d 17h 40m 42s
Aragon Dragon N/A N/A 627 279d 12h 33m 43s
Araneo v32 N/A N/A 130 1081d 15h 54m 28s
Arbeitsamt N/A N/A 337 2184d 20h 44m 2s
Arcachain N/A N/A 105 639d 1h 36s
Arcade Animals 103 18 out of 39 413 1098d 11h 19m 57s
Arcade Baseball N/A N/A 95 1567d 19h 1m 52s
Arcade Football N/A N/A 619 3433d 7h 21m 33s
Arcade Race Extreme N/A N/A 112 1386d 20h 29m 39s
Arcade Volley 74,625 2 out of 17 475 1079d 44m 49s
Arcaneoid N/A N/A 349 1442d 17h 4m 32s
Arcanoid N/A N/A 580 3591d 11h 26m 6s
Archery 166 4 out of 10 761 293d 11h 3m 18s
Archery 2000 N/A N/A 1906 4452d 9h 45m 11s
Archery 2000 N/A N/A 1046 3404d 9h 30m 2s
Archery Challenge N/A N/A 650 125d 9h 39m 10s
Archery Master N/A N/A 242 1680d 17h 40m 43s
Arctic Acent 26,665 3 out of 8 191 1295d 22h 8m 4s
Arctic Blue 140 10 out of 16 274 627d 8h 42m 37s
Arctic Quest N/A N/A 472 3742d 8h 17m 39s
Arctic Quest N/A N/A 1414 3896d 8h 54m 51s
Arcuz N/A N/A 458 2741d 12h 40m 34s
Arcuz 2 Dungeons N/A N/A 590 706d 19h 47m 27s
Arcwing N/A N/A 95 70d 2h 34m 50s
Area 41 N/A N/A 648 2809d 11h 2m 44s
Argent Burst N/A N/A 197 1776d 15h 37m 18s
Arithmeticz - Hard N/A N/A 203 2605d 10h 14m 7s
Ark Invaders N/A N/A 416 1727d 15h 51m 32s
Ark Invaders N/A N/A 61 270d 12h 27m 22s
Arkadium Backgammon 103 9 out of 39 3599 3831d 3h 30m 14s
Arkadium's Backgammon N/A N/A 614 N/A
Arkanoid N/A N/A 441 2559d 7h 27m 54s
Arkanoid Flash N/A N/A 658 4885d 20h 14m 2s
Armed Invasion 825 7 out of 7 148 1215d 14h 19m 11s
Armed with Wings - Story N/A N/A 1215 3137d 6h 2m 52s
Armed with Wings - Survival N/A N/A 406 3137d 2h 12m 18s
Armor Defence N/A N/A 613 1865d 6h 10m 58s
Armor RPG EXP N/A N/A 461 2733d 23h 38m 4s
Armor RPG G-EXP N/A N/A 262 2734d 9h 48m 45s
Armor RPG Gold N/A N/A 256 2734d 22h 53m 33s
Armor Slots N/A N/A 826 2658d 20m 56s
Armored Ashura Casual N/A N/A 352 3220d 19h 41m 16s
Armored Ashura Expert N/A N/A 413 1775d 15h 12m 18s
Armored Ashura Ultimate N/A N/A 123 1784d 13h 19m 13s
Armored Creep Defense Easy A 48,713 10 out of 17 1117 1585d 15h 3m 48s
Armored Creep Defense Easy B 241,409 8 out of 11 452 1357d 16h 7m 21s
Armored Creep Defense Easy C 258,642 4 out of 11 429 1361d 17h 24m 51s
Armored Creep Defense Medium A 365,210 4 out of 9 403 1361d 16h 1m 47s
Armored Creep Defense Medium B 589,240 5 out of 9 258 1361d 15h 16m 52s
Armored Creep Defense Medium C 84,788 7 out of 7 328 1361d 16h 26m 16s
Armored Creep Defense Unlimited A 142,224 8 out of 8 365 1361d 19h 30m 25s
Armored Creep Defense Unlimited B 594,416 8 out of 14 687 1361d 18h 21m 59s
Armored Creep Defense Unlimited C 185,864 7 out of 9 340 1361d 20h 19m 26s
Armoured Assault N/A N/A 330 3528d 7h 46m 30s
Army Copter 400 8 out of 8 107 1333d 9h 41m 26s
Army Driver N/A N/A 108 683d 22h 42m 10s
Army Of Darkness N/A N/A 82 718d 10m 48s
Army Pursuit v32 N/A N/A 166 638d 13h 48m 6s
Arnes de Mano N/A N/A 111 922d 18h 30m 1s
Arnes de Mano N/A N/A 434 3583d 6h 33m 26s
Arnys Battle Aztecs N/A N/A 61 634d 5h 54m 43s
Arnys Battle Carribeans N/A N/A 39 272d 8h 46m 32s
Arrow Knight N/A N/A 167 2571d 12h 55m 23s
Art Edition 1,700 5 out of 7 207 2004d 13h 44m 8s
Art Heist N/A N/A 565 1889d 17h 15m 30s
Art Kitten STD v32 N/A N/A 94 1714d 12h 51m 40s
Art Thief N/A N/A 662 332d 9h 21m 44s
Arthur Christmas Find The Numbers N/A N/A 130 612d 3h 27m 6s
Arthurs Castle N/A N/A 47 514d 10h 49m 58s
Arthurs Castle N/A N/A 218 466d 15h 22m 48s
Arties Dreams N/A N/A 76 1846d 3h 39m 2s
Artillery N/A N/A 442 1639d 10h 13s
Artillery Tower N/A N/A 228 3177d 4h 19m 13s
Asgard Attack N/A N/A 80 1248d 14h 31m 51s
Asgard Attack N/A N/A 128 909d 11h 31m 6s
Asha Golf N/A N/A 1821 1163d 23h 5m 25s
Ashtons Family Resort N/A N/A 296 2752d 17h 8m 44s
Ashtons Family Resort N/A N/A 11 3d 7h 57m 13s
Ashtons: Family Resort N/A N/A 252 1370d 5h 15m 7s
Asia Fruits N/A N/A 49 94d 2h 19m 21s
Asian Girls Difference N/A N/A 213 969d 5h 11m 38s
Assassination Simulator N/A N/A 684 1994d 19h 32m 55s
Assault Echelon: Warehouse N/A N/A 116 1476d 11h 15m 2s
Assault Helicopter N/A N/A 194 3146d 2h 41m 19s
Assault Tank N/A N/A 71 1716d 11h 50m 59s
Assault Tank N/A N/A 186 N/A
Assimilate Level 3 N/A N/A 308 2008d 14h 35m 41s
Assramistan Assault N/A N/A 224 2846d 20h 21m 52s
Asterix Hidden Spots N/A N/A 115 471d 6h 19m 2s
Asteroid Avalanche N/A N/A 41 353d 2h 57m 54s
Asteroids N/A N/A 925 4997d 3h 2m 17s
Astro Cave N/A N/A 630 941d 11h 7m 18s
Astrobot N/A N/A 89 1830d 11h 44m 6s
Astroid Belt N/A N/A 375 1191d 22h 21m 31s
Astroids Dodge N/A N/A 420 282d 8h 41m 37s
At Home - Spot the Difference N/A N/A 310 N/A
Athlete Cat N/A N/A 138 2902d 11h 26m 24s
Athos Vs Beasts N/A N/A 72 1844d 13h 29m 52s
Atlantis Quest N/A N/A 595 2022d 2h 59m 58s
Atlantis Squarepantis Bus Run N/A N/A 211 578d 47m 29s
Atomic Play N/A N/A 464 945d 2h 27m 12s
Atomic Puzzle N/A N/A 197 447d 9h 19m 45s
Atomic Puzzle Christmas N/A N/A 122 947d 8h 53m 17s
Atomica N/A N/A 1064 3364d 1h 58m 53s
Atomica Lev. 1 N/A N/A 701 1984d 17h 40m 5s
Atomica Lev. 2 N/A N/A 167 1984d 8h 48m 58s
Atomica Lev. 3 N/A N/A 240 2390d 4m 0s
Attack Big Bro Celebs N/A N/A 198 1378d 8h 3m 16s
Attack By Night N/A N/A 395 917d 5h 14m 19s
Attack Dragons In China N/A N/A 168 1449d 9h 7m 26s
Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies N/A N/A 64 106d 3h 39m 14s
Attack of the Monsters 2 N/A N/A 131 2026d 17h 41m 30s
Attack Word N/A N/A 301 2528d 17h 29m 29s
Attackers Three Sixty N/A N/A 131 578d 5h 11m 43s
ATV Canyon N/A N/A 326 685d 11h 56m 26s
ATV Extreme N/A N/A 257 2310d 22h 54m 57s
ATV Tag Race N/A N/A 315 719d 1h 50m 32s
ATV Winter Challenge N/A N/A 1252 639d 2h 12m 56s
Aussiexmas N/A N/A 417 988d 15h 54m 8s
Auto Bahn v32 N/A N/A 120 1196d 21h 10m 38s
Auto Smash 3D N/A N/A 95 1835d 13h 55m 6s
Autobahn 2,168 71 out of 254 33343 1134d 23h 33m 26s
Autobahn N/A N/A 769 1134d 23h 35m 32s
Autobot Stronghold N/A N/A 791 96d 11h 56m 34s
AutoMobil N/A N/A 660 469d 6h 24m 58s
AutoMobil 1 min N/A N/A 203 469d 7h 55m 18s
AutoMobil 10min N/A N/A 186 468d 5h 29m 49s
AutoMobil 5min N/A N/A 169 468d 5h 10m 7s
Autumn Play 1,549 8 out of 14 373 2387d 17h 54m 42s
Avalanche 326 15 out of 47 1859 3276d 7h 56m 10s
Avalanche 349 9 out of 20 778 3270d 10h 4m 51s
Avalanche Adventure Mode N/A N/A 290 2216d 18h 29m 19s
Avalanche Hentai Style N/A N/A 34 N/A
Avalanche Run 2,720 26 out of 31 776 570d 2h 3m 39s
Avalanche Suvival Mode 36,970 4 out of 8 336 2142d 2h 40m 40s
Avalon Escape N/A N/A 632 3037d 10h 4m 3s
Avant Grid N/A N/A 121 1389d 8h 24m 35s
Avatar Airbender Adventure v32 N/A N/A 304 275d 15h 35m 38s
Avatar Arena N/A N/A 743 4107d 12h 30m 2s
Avengers - Sort My Tiles N/A N/A 108 67d 20h 39m 46s
Aventura Magica N/A N/A 34 119d 10h 52m 16s
Aviator Imp 7,113 2 out of 3 45 507d 10h 25m 38s
Aviator Imp N/A N/A 855 4300d 5h 31m 16s
Avid Bowler N/A N/A 192 2907d 9h 45m 19s
Avoid N/A N/A 312 878d 40m 28s
Avoid Dots N/A N/A 375 1195d 8m 52s
Avoider N/A N/A 66 399d 6h 36m 13s
Avoider v0.1 N/A N/A 291 3149d 15h 31m 13s
Avoision N/A N/A 444 4588d 12h 8m 57s
Awake Frankenstein N/A N/A 132 1610d 13h 21m 53s
Awards Boobs 2007 N/A N/A 20 60d 3h 1m 20s
Awesome Blossom 8,951 4 out of 7 184 853d 8h 22m 56s
Awesome Blossom No Replay 10,028 2 out of 10 225 1351d 6h 4m 1s
Awesome Builder N/A N/A 154 1344d 18h 34m 9s
Awesome Shooter - Medium N/A N/A 64 568d 8h 30m 12s
Awesome Tanks 2 Easy N/A N/A 123 595d 10h 10m 10s
Awkward Conjurer N/A N/A 110 1106d 4h 44m 3s
Awoken N/A N/A 185 2597d 23h 34m 15s
AxEnd N/A N/A 34 N/A
Axes Of Terror N/A N/A 241 902d 2h 34m 56s
Azada N/A N/A 515 3675d 6h 11m 36s
Azgard Defence N/A N/A 67 N/A
Aznar N/A N/A 20 N/A
Aztec Gold N/A N/A 70 1045d 16h 48m 56s
Aztec Mahjong 2,610 10 out of 14 317 2811d 4h 57m 47s
Aztec Mahjong 1,588 13 out of 20 426 2654d 6h 42m 20s
Aztec Mind 2 N/A N/A 243 302d 7h 28m 43s
Aztec Solitaire 4,056 3 out of 5 154 261d 11h 17m 46s
Aztec Stones N/A N/A 446 164d 4h 53m 3s
Azul Baronis N/A N/A 449 1769d 14h 35m 33s
b29 Assault N/A N/A 156 2130d 42m 36s
BaatMan N/A N/A 219 1555d 6h 41m 40s
Baby Bird N/A N/A 1100 3168d 13m 4s
Baby Care N/A N/A 212 1448d 3h 35m 44s
Baby Care Rush N/A N/A 378 1452d 5h 14m 13s
Baby Hospital N/A N/A 512 3877d 4h 49m 13s
Baby Kicker N/A N/A 815 2361d 15h 8m 58s
Baby Kiss N/A N/A 425 2983d 6h 38m 48s
Baby On The Run N/A N/A 253 2678d 2h 40m 26s
Baby Restaurant N/A N/A 553 1893d 15h 30m 23s
Baby Room - Hidden Object N/A N/A 317 213d 18h 40m 6s
Baby Safari 2009 N/A N/A 173 2305d 20h 57m 46s
Baby Smurf Dubbels N/A N/A 184 1153d 12h 41s
Babycal Throw N/A N/A 17 10d 8h 6m 6s
Babysitting Maze N/A N/A 592 834d 5h 58m 0s
Baccarat N/A N/A 656 1647d 13h 31m 34s
Baccarat New Version N/A N/A 558 3054d 2h 56m 15s
Back To Alien Party N/A N/A 248 557d 12h 37m 49s
Backers Backwahn N/A N/A 115 473d 23h 45m 28s
Backfire N/A N/A 449 751d 5h 32m 33s
Backgammon N/A N/A 532 N/A
Backyard Buzzing N/A N/A 323 1732d 12h 38m 29s
Backyard Madness N/A N/A 418 1892d 15h 30m 34s
BackYard Shoot Out 51,203 2 out of 10 256 2557d 14h 13m 56s
Bacteria Swap Puzzle 280,050 1 out of 4 141 498d 10h 17m 26s
Bad Adebayor N/A N/A 609 583d 10h 45m 15s
Bad Apples 157,900 5 out of 20 751 1701d 11h 48m 30s
Bad Boys N/A N/A 192 1528d 12h 39m 34s
Bad Boys 2 N/A N/A 202 1534d 16h 18m 51s
Bad Breath N/A N/A 78 1114d 19h 58m 14s
Bad Moon Rising N/A N/A 264 3550d 7h 39m 38s
Bad Moon Rising N/A N/A 138 1890d 17h 26m 45s
Bad Piggies Air Strike v32 N/A N/A 72 378d 1h 57m 33s
Bad Piggies HD 2015 N/A N/A 86 572d 11h 48m 26s
Bad Uglies N/A N/A 219 N/A
Bada Boing Hoops 3,650 18 out of 19 515 2821d 12h 55m 44s
Bada Boing Smash N/A N/A 454 2410d 3h 45m 44s
Bada Time Attack 1,475 7 out of 15 364 3042d 10h 35m 3s
Badass McKnight N/A N/A 174 1669d 14h 31m 52s
BadBomb N/A N/A 100 249d 2h 38m 40s
Badboy N/A N/A 1280 4646d 6h 1m 36s
Badger Racing N/A N/A 346 2156d 17h 50m 30s
Badger Season N/A N/A 105 2240d 2h 28m 58s
Bag a Bug Easy N/A N/A 469 3433d 18h 46m 29s
Bag a Bug Hard N/A N/A 309 2221d 18h 13m 36s
Bag a Bug Medium N/A N/A 440 1169d 4h 15m 38s
Baghdad Bowling N/A N/A 525 1144d 2h 28m 21s
Bake A Cake N/A N/A 983 4739d 3h 4s
Bakers Defense N/A N/A 200 1652d 9h 48m 5s
Bakugan Snow sled N/A N/A 126 1706d 4h 15m 8s
Bakugan Snowboarding N/A N/A 67 1654d 19h 18m 47s
Balance N/A N/A 576 2525d 19h 54m 20s
Balance v2 N/A N/A 111 N/A
Balancer N/A N/A 200 966d 14h 59m 56s
Balancing Gold N/A N/A 308 286d 11h 46m 26s
Balancing Mathai v32 N/A N/A 77 926d 20h 15m 32s
Ball N/A N/A 49 176d 7h 53m 38s
Ball N/A N/A 295 410d 19h 42m 28s
Ball N/A N/A 629 1098d 7h 46m 12s
Ball 1,300 5 out of 10 442 418d 8h 58m 43s
Ball And Boxes 6,000 10 out of 14 336 1889d 10h 24m 25s
Ball Ball 58,240 2 out of 13 285 2917d 3h 58m 36s
Ball Breaker 3,950 8 out of 30 883 4433d 17h 34m 16s
Ball Chimes 27,120 1 out of 6 103 913d 14h 13m 53s
Ball Eat N/A N/A 370 410d 19h 18m 39s
Ball Game N/A N/A 619 3486d 43m 26s
Ball in a Labyrinth N/A N/A 157 1028d 9h 56m 49s
Ball Lines 39,300 2 out of 12 485 3187d 9h 39m 14s
Ball Of Madness N/A N/A 741 1195d 1m 5s
Ball Revamped 4: Ampitude N/A N/A 364 4669d 19h 7m 13s
Ball Revamped 5 Synergy N/A N/A 448 3527d 8h 8m 50s
Ball Revamped Andromeda N/A N/A 364 3367d 23h 50m 50s
Ball Revamped Gemini N/A N/A 201 N/A
Ball Revamped: Metaphysik N/A N/A 253 903d 5h 30m 10s
Ball Rolling 3 N/A N/A 104 1567d 13h 52m 49s
Ball Shooter 1 20,540 9 out of 28 1645 3047d 32m 14s
Ball Shooter 2 7,840 6 out of 21 1016 3121d 17h 44m 46s
Ball Toucher N/A N/A 215 223d 13h 15m 1s
Balldodge N/A N/A 508 3159d 5h 9m 56s
Ballery N/A N/A 52 N/A
Ballie Buster 1,477,100 2 out of 18 343 2390d 4h 22m 31s
Ballies N/A N/A 93 N/A
Ballies N/A N/A 94 N/A
Ballies 481,850 2 out of 4 111 251d 11h 7m 55s
Ballies Shoot N/A N/A 237 1655d 7h 41m 53s
BallieUp N/A N/A 170 806d 2h 26m 12s
Ballistic Balloon Baboon Bounce N/A N/A 319 1024d 3h 10m 50s
Ballon N/A N/A 578 1088d 12h 8m 31s
Ballon Shoot N/A N/A 60 604d 7h 48m 40s
Balloon Assault N/A N/A 344 3843d 5h 47m 10s
Balloon Bomber 322,000 8 out of 39 477 1366d 13h 53m 33s
Balloon Cat N/A N/A 112 529d 13h 10m 48s
Balloon Drop N/A N/A 1023 4838d 9h 39m 4s
Balloon Fly N/A N/A 44 737d 21h 17m 10s
Balloon Hunter N/A N/A 926 2020d 18h 13m 55s
Balloon Hunter N/A N/A 209 1896d 13h 5m 33s
Balloon Invasion N/A N/A 308 2674d 3h 27m 3s
Balloon Invasion - Elite N/A N/A 38 2d 19h 12m 50s
Balloon Invasion - Regular N/A N/A 51 455d 3m 24s
Balloon Kid v32 N/A N/A 96 1101d 6h 22m 19s
Balloon Maze N/A N/A 626 1191d 22h 46m 31s
Balloon Maze N/A N/A 723 269d 10h 52m 53s
Balloon Maze N/A N/A 332 1191d 22h 49m 50s
Balloon Pop 1,207 6 out of 9 118 1121d 11h 19m 39s
Balloon Pop N/A N/A 382 3274d 9h 46m 14s
Balloon Shaman 1,047 2 out of 9 309 2726d 22h 11m 13s
Balloon Shoot 3,900 4 out of 9 251 2382d 8h 8m 56s
Balloon Shooter N/A N/A 475 3873d 8h 10m 5s
Balloon Tastic N/A N/A 132 1581d 7h 58m 12s
Balloon Twist N/A N/A 110 1377d 22h 3m 2s
Balloon Twist - Against The Clock N/A N/A 64 1770d 17h 31m 13s
Balloon Twist - Obstruction N/A N/A 128 1730d 11h 40m 42s
Balloon Twist - Standard N/A N/A 112 529d 12h 50m 5s
BalloonHunt N/A N/A 230 944d 1m 42s
Balloons 7,400 20 out of 29 793 3257d 1h 9m 57s
Balloons Match Deluxe N/A N/A 34 N/A
Balloontastic Kids Mode N/A N/A 84 1837d 12h 10m 41s
Balloony 1,745 11 out of 21 497 3790d 5h 17m 3s
Balls N/A N/A 441 903d 5h 45m 18s
Balls 2 N/A N/A 332 3096d 4h 30m 19s
Balls And Guns N/A N/A 664 1081d 8h 17m 13s
Balls Chemical Experiment N/A N/A 81 1112d 16h 46m 16s
Ballsy Bird Flap 17 2 out of 5 96 1219d 1h 58m 1s
Ballthrow N/A N/A 707 1025d 8h 55m 15s
BALLZ! 28,616 12 out of 44 718 3186d 15h 40m 25s
Balthors Funhouse N/A N/A 497 871d 23h 58m 25s
Banana Bop 5,700 11 out of 12 228 759d 12h 25m 51s
Banana Coaster 600 14 out of 16 223 2748d 8h 52m 18s
Banana Dash 605,199 12 out of 12 318 1839d 12h 27m 7s
Banana Dash 3 N/A N/A 199 2645d 22h 56m 53s
Banana Splits - Mail Sort N/A N/A 399 2453d 7h 12m 28s
Banana Splits - Pie Toss N/A N/A 321 2478d 23h 38m 51s
Bananageddon N/A N/A 247 3147d 19h 52m 46s
Bandit Gunslingers N/A N/A 466 3271d 4h 12m 36s
Bandit Ludo N/A N/A 1370 3742d 12h 56m 42s
Bang Adventure N/A N/A 77 944d 5h 52m 33s
Bang Boom Splat N/A N/A 192 1623d 11h 26s
Bango N/A N/A 270 2246d 1h 1m 9s
Bank of Jasper N/A N/A 89 1146d 17h 18m 56s
Bank of Jasper N/A N/A 74 513d 13h 8m 20s
Bank Shooter 10,024 27 out of 67 614 79d 4h 3m 38s
Bank Time N/A N/A 551 1683d 10h 7m 0s
Bankers Deal N/A N/A 438 3151d 16h 33m 7s
Bankrupt Monster 30,544 2 out of 22 1945 710d 9h 56m 22s
Banquet Bolt N/A N/A 30 396d 3h 54m 3s
Bar Challenge N/A N/A 113 1919d 19h 2m 44s
Bar Sliding N/A N/A 173 494d 19h 23m 18s
Barack Obreak N/A N/A 61 423d 9h 17m 13s
Barbecue Stake N/A N/A 481 2678d 12h 36m 9s
Barbie Bubble N/A N/A 64 252d 2h 10m 17s
Barbie is Hungry N/A N/A 84 134d 5h 31m 46s
Barbie is Hungry N/A N/A 244 1347d 4h 50m 57s
Barbie is Hungry N/A N/A 96 1347d 4h 9m 5s
BarBQ Beef N/A N/A 42 451d 4h 12m 13s
Barcode Bedlam N/A N/A 174 3167d 11h 22m 6s
Bare The Birds Coop N/A N/A 121 449d 3h 24m 28s
Baren Bruder N/A N/A 52 569d 5h 12m 28s
Barney N/A N/A 34 64d 9h 27m 37s
Barnville Massacre N/A N/A 186 37d 8h 11m 57s
Barons Door N/A N/A 39 561d 5h 15m 37s
Barrel Jumper N/A N/A 532 3359d 21h 7m 38s
Bart Naked Skate N/A N/A 980 2861d 19h 23m 29s
Barty N/A N/A 94 304d 3h 17m 14s
Base Defence 2 Monster N/A N/A 458 3367d 21h 5m 4s
Base Defender N/A N/A 24 86d 13h 26m 29s
Base Defender N/A N/A 338 705d 9h 6m 19s
Base Defender N/A N/A 339 941d 23h 28m 19s
Base Jumping (V2) 7,278 3 out of 10 269 2454d 20h 8m 52s
Baseball N/A N/A 1091 3188d 2h 15m 3s
Baseball 625 4 out of 6 508 261d 6h 2m 12s
Baseball - Hitem High 12,609 1 out of 25 1040 2547d 3h 11m 11s
Baseball Big Hitter 79 6 out of 9 92 774d 6h 41m 26s
Baseball Champ N/A N/A 86 1175d 1h 42m 44s
Baseball Jam N/A N/A 772 1349d 20h 11m 27s
Baseball Mayhem N/A N/A 105 342d 7h 49m 12s
Baseball Smash N/A N/A 124 204d 2h 3m 32s
Baseball Typing 2,220 5 out of 7 305 3034d 2h 37m 28s
Bash The Haggis 857 10 out of 31 4375 3265d 19h 22m 23s
Basket And Ball N/A N/A 32 431d 23h 37m 23s
Basket Balls Level Pack N/A N/A 65 1847d 11h 57m 27s
BasketBall N/A N/A 164 499d 9h 16m 34s
BasketBall 32 1 out of 17 483 2573d 1h 43m 20s
Basketball N/A N/A 575 3307d 10h 19s
Basketball Blitz N/A N/A 120 844d 8h 29m 47s
Basketball Shooter N/A N/A 77 265d 10h 55m 32s
Basketball Shooter N/A N/A 97 451d 13h 59m 51s
Basketballer Girl N/A N/A 167 282d 2h 41m 41s
Bass Fishing Pro N/A N/A 119 1372d 16h 12m 33s
Bassball: Hit Em High 12,870 1 out of 13 499 2539d 10h 55m 8s
Bat and Mouse N/A N/A 46 362d 5h 34m 26s
Bat Outta Hell N/A N/A 618 3663d 3h 47m 23s
Bat That Rat - Money N/A N/A 1515 270d 12h 43m 58s
Batman - Hidden Alphabets N/A N/A 68 582d 7h 44m 44s
Batman Biker 2 N/A N/A 83 791d 18h 57m 41s
Batman Gotham City Rush N/A N/A 196 3004d 5h 24m 30s
Batman Knight Rider v2 N/A N/A 34 3d 6h 24m 24s
Batman Memory Balls N/A N/A 194 2014d 8h 10m 38s
Batman Mystery Of The Batwoman N/A N/A 283 3153d 2h 35m 54s
Batman Revolutions N/A N/A 255 2984d 14h 19m 48s
Batman Sniper N/A N/A 107 N/A
Batman The Lego Hidden Numbers N/A N/A 125 625d 22h 40m 21s
Batmans Power Strike N/A N/A 338 2479d 5h 36m 36s
Battalion Commander 2 N/A N/A 101 1644d 8h 30m 48s
Batter Up Beginner 555 7 out of 25 722 4112d 4h 21m 41s
Batter Up Professional 1,245 7 out of 10 462 432d 16h 26m 14s
Batting Practise N/A N/A 1253 1337d 9h 31m 39s
Battle Ball N/A N/A 82 569d 6h 47m 19s
Battle Ball N/A N/A 199 1079d 3m 39s
Battle Bugs Attack 132,405 4 out of 6 99 591d 3h 56m 32s
Battle Bugs Attack N/A N/A 68 976d 12h 53m 58s
Battle Cave N/A N/A 105 1546d 9h 13m 28s
Battle Credits N/A N/A 190 1989d 18h 47m 20s
Battle Field N/A N/A 903 4296d 10h 57m 55s
Battle Fields N/A N/A 83 266d 9h 19m 35s
Battle Garden - Highscore N/A N/A 191 3176d 9h 22m 40s
Battle Gear 2 Easy N/A N/A 196 2208d 11h 8m 40s
Battle Gear 2 Extreme N/A N/A 170 1921d 17h 17m 27s
Battle Gear 2 Hard N/A N/A 238 1920d 16h 53m 33s
Battle Gear 2 Norm N/A N/A 124 1920d 17h 4m 39s
Battle Gear2 Easy v2 N/A N/A 167 959d 20h 23m 35s
Battle Gear2 Extreme v2 N/A N/A 57 N/A
Battle Gear2 Hard v2 N/A N/A 23 11d 3h 28m 29s
Battle Gear2 Norm v2 N/A N/A 402 1823d 13h 21m 3s
Battle Level N/A N/A 183 1847d 5h 43m 48s
Battle Mania N/A N/A 128 698d 47m 3s
Battle of Lemolad - Campain N/A N/A 354 1754d 1h 22m 51s
Battle of Lemolad - Death N/A N/A 351 2741d 21h 5m 44s
Battle Of The Immortals N/A N/A 98 109d 5h 23m 30s
Battle Of The Rock Gods N/A N/A 451 3755d 4h 39m 43s
Battle Of The Rock Gods N/A N/A 502 3755d 4h 43m 10s
Battle Orbs - Level N/A N/A 208 2501d 19h 54m 36s
Battle Orbs - Score N/A N/A 192 2309d 1h 1m 48s
Battle Over Berlin N/A N/A 72 N/A
Battle Royale N/A N/A 392 3439d 23h 44m 56s
Battle Royale N/A N/A 284 1620d 16h 12m 0s
Battle Snake N/A N/A 367 4114d 3h 40m 49s
Battle Tank N/A N/A 406 1326d 20h 29m 48s
Battleball N/A N/A 960 4587d 6h 21m 18s
Battlefield N/A N/A 237 1473d 10h 14m 48s
BattleField 2 N/A N/A 99 1488d 4h 25m 21s
BattleField 2 N/A N/A 156 618d 1h 37m 21s
Battlefield Airwolf N/A N/A 142 1216d 5h 42m 0s
BattleField Shooter v32 N/A N/A 166 1997d 18h 53m 28s
Battleship N/A N/A 633 3250d 38m 57s
Battleship N/A N/A 375 171d 6h 13m 50s
BattleShip 1 N/A N/A 497 970d 9h 45m 2s
Battleship Multiplayer N/A N/A 148 N/A
Battleships General Quarters N/A N/A 542 2471d 12h 3m 50s
Bay Spot The Difference N/A N/A 39 N/A
Bazaar Mahjong 65,860 3 out of 18 440 3078d 11h 33m 27s
Bazonga Quake N/A N/A 168 2003d 22h 48m 33s
Bazonga Quake N/A N/A 110 1404d 14h 54m 26s
BB Cork Shooter 29 8 out of 11 355 2724d 5h 24m 59s
BB Hidden Objects - Garden N/A N/A 414 2643d 22h 29m 48s
BB Jigsaw - 3D Back To The Future N/A N/A 257 2402d 9h 32m 37s
BB Jigsaw - 3D Car N/A N/A 104 1201d 13m 50s
BB Jigsaw - 3D Forth Rail Bridge N/A N/A 74 758d 22h 13m 4s
BB Jigsaw - 3D Ship N/A N/A 205 2561d 17h 59m 51s
BB Jigsaw - 3D StarWars N/A N/A 167 2425d 7h 41m 32s
BB Jigsaw - 3D White Tiger N/A N/A 216 1683d 13h 43m 18s
BB Jigsaw - Dr Who N/A N/A 285 1621d 5h 59m 21s
BB Jigsaw - Happy Halloween N/A N/A 199 1680d 9h 51m 49s
BB Jigsaw - Octopus Attack N/A N/A 243 2425d 7h 25m 40s
BB Jigsaw - The Amazing Spider-Man N/A N/A 57 N/A
BB Jigsaw - Wolf Man N/A N/A 186 2425d 7h 32m 57s
BB Mahjong - Castle Gate 660 7 out of 14 282 3161d 23h 43m 29s
BB Mahjong - Forest 710 11 out of 11 175 2862d 12h 59m 17s
BB Mahjong - Palace 670 9 out of 15 365 3127d 8h 1m 25s
BB Mahjong - The Dock 720 3 out of 10 276 2548d 2h 2m 23s
BB Mahjong - Tomb Stones 490 11 out of 13 263 3163d 10h 18m 15s
BB Spot The Alphabet 1 N/A N/A 253 1846d 2h 24m 54s
BB Spot The Alphabet 2 N/A N/A 383 611d 7h 59m 50s
BB Spot The Alphabet 3 N/A N/A 164 2329d 13h 56m 28s
BB Spot The Alphabet 4 N/A N/A 179 2824d 13h 54m 31s
BB Spot The Alphabet 5 N/A N/A 177 2690d 13h 55m 10s
BB Spot The Numbers - Grunge N/A N/A 258 2624d 13h 9m 47s
BB Spot The Numbers - Movies 5 N/A N/A 240 N/A
BB Spot The Numbers - The Movies N/A N/A 306 2849d 8h 46m 22s
BB Spot The Numbers 2 - Fashion N/A N/A 188 2836d 15h 19m 4s
BB Spot The Numbers 3 - More Movies N/A N/A 172 2361d 14h 58m 4s
BB Spot The Numbers 4 - More Movies N/A N/A 196 2857d 10h 6m 38s
BB Spot The Numbers 6 - More Movies N/A N/A 149 2310d 11h 56m 18s
BB Spot The Numbers 7 - More Movies N/A N/A 166 2789d 17h 52m 24s
BB Spot The Numbers 8 - More Movies N/A N/A 192 2743d 12h 7m 56s
BB Spot The Numbers 9 - More Movies N/A N/A 161 611d 8h 18m 33s
Beach Ball Control N/A N/A 419 282d 11h 2m 26s
Beach Ballin N/A N/A 297 686d 11h 38m 39s
Beach Bar Babe N/A N/A 225 2942d 5h 55m 25s
Beach Bike 1,071,825 3 out of 3 502 1036d 9h 17m 25s
Beach Blaze N/A N/A 474 3842d 5h 33m 0s
Beach Catfight N/A N/A 307 1361d 2h 25m 20s
Beach Differences N/A N/A 258 2974d 9h 55m 30s
Beach Flirting N/A N/A 360 1990d 11h 11m 32s
Beach Soccer N/A N/A 47 N/A
Beached Buddies N/A N/A 679 221d 23h 1m 9s
Bead Break Easy 9,539 1 out of 14 239 433d 7h 40m 29s
Bead Break Hard 7,987 2 out of 20 312 2657d 10h 44m 4s
Bead Break Medium 7,463 3 out of 15 264 2657d 8h 57m 56s
Beadles N/A N/A 282 3123d 6h 14m 37s
Beads Puzzle N/A N/A 536 2612d 10h 25m 36s
Beanie Pacman N/A N/A 163 N/A
Beanstalk Bunny N/A N/A 193 1880d 56m 29s
Bear Gunner N/A N/A 214 2334d 1h 54m 34s
Bear In Super Action Adventure 3 N/A N/A 243 242d 8h 17m 1s
Beard O Kills N/A N/A 152 3178d 11h 4m 49s
Beast Castle N/A N/A 212 3156d 8h 49m 28s
Beat The Bugs! N/A N/A 530 3144d 19h 40m 32s
Beat the Burglar v2 N/A N/A 469 2085d 5h 21m 56s
Beat the Gopher N/A N/A 452 3420d 19h 37m 15s
Beater Tryouts N/A N/A 406 2648d 14h 16m 31s
Beauty And The Beast - Hidden Numbers N/A N/A 34 414d 8h 26m 34s
Beauty Crazy Spot N/A N/A 172 510d 5h 41m 0s
Beauty Resort N/A N/A 136 339d 23h 53m 18s
Beauty Resort 2 N/A N/A 622 1492d 9h 5m 21s
Beauty Resort 3 N/A N/A 102 141d 4h 44m 32s
BeautyShop N/A N/A 409 2978d 20h 26m 43s
Beaver Blast N/A N/A 443 405d 10h 2m 18s
Beaver Dive N/A N/A 72 380d 15h 22m 18s
Beblograd N/A N/A 454 97d 4h 10m 51s
Beck Man 19,340 8 out of 13 297 898d 23h 27m 23s
Beckham 125.674 8 out of 8 207 402d 2h 28m 3s
Beckham Can Still Play 120 2 out of 8 294 2123d 19h 44m 10s
Bed and Breakfast N/A N/A 348 3121d 3h 35m 17s
Bed and Breakfast 2 N/A N/A 373 3049d 2h 24m 27s
Bed and Breakfast 2 v32 N/A N/A 184 2020d 9h 20m 20s
Bed and Breakfast 3 N/A N/A 44 383d 21h 50m 45s
Bed Room-Hidden Objects N/A N/A 341 69d 7h 25m 8s
Bedazzled N/A N/A 38 65d 3h 1m 24s
Bee Boxing N/A N/A 36 535d 5h 41m 51s
Bee Buzz! N/A N/A 179 2398d 20h 21m 22s
Bee Day N/A N/A 277 2533d 12h 2m 39s
Bee Game 2 283 1 out of 7 298 2753d 38s
Bee Happy N/A N/A 287 2879d 13h 4m 48s
Bee Jeez N/A N/A 39 141d 3h 27m 55s
Bee Run N/A N/A 74 1173d 18h 45m 41s
Beef Bash N/A N/A 531 1473d 3h 11m 22s
BeeJeez N/A N/A 276 3258d 2h 49m 7s
Beer Dash N/A N/A 603 3170d 35m 58s
Beer Festival N/A N/A 329 1746d 15h 48m 17s
Beer Golf N/A N/A 127 1444d 2h 38m 38s
Beer League Pingball 617,984 2 out of 16 655 3937d 2h 32m 52s
Beer Pong 860 10 out of 11 135 3132d 4h 30m 24s
Beer Tapper N/A N/A 297 1672d 7h 12m 6s
Beer Tapper N/A N/A 931 3170d 3h 9m 0s
Beermat N/A N/A 776 3222d 8h 55m 34s
Bees Saal Baad N/A N/A 64 1515d 7h 48m 46s
Beetle Ju 3 N/A N/A 141 1448d 13h 17m 57s
Beetle Ju 3 N/A N/A 44 749d 22h 46m 12s
Before & After 35,460 34 out of 50 1252 2737d 10h 53m 20s
Before & After N/A N/A 744 2737d 7h 44m 50s
Behind the Enemy N/A N/A 139 1943d 3h 28m 43s
Beijing 2008 N/A N/A 722 2872d 7h 58m 54s
Beijing 2008 Archery N/A N/A 585 3066d 7h 51m 27s
Beijing 2008 Champion N/A N/A 265 3496d 5h 40m 30s
Beijing 2008 Champion N/A N/A 272 3579d 9h 28m 38s
Beijing 2008 Diving N/A N/A 471 2916d 7h 2m 23s
Beijing 2008 Diving N/A N/A 459 2916d 7h 6m 59s
Beijing 2008 Weightlifting N/A N/A 625 3496d 5h 33m 50s
Beijing 2008 WeightLifting N/A N/A 615 3579d 9h 21m 6s
Beijing Mahjong N/A N/A 89 1196d 20h 16m 32s
Being One Bloodbath N/A N/A 316 N/A
Bejeweled 7,995 2 out of 117 18748 1110d 5h 18m 45s
Bejeweled 7,313 2 out of 33 2055 1488d 2h 26m 50s
Bejeweled 2 500,750 3 out of 26 1113 223d 17h 39m 6s
Bejeweled 2 355,750 6 out of 23 546 223d 18h 14m 3s
Bejeweled 2 Action 334,500 6 out of 30 643 223d 18h 47m 20s
Bejeweled 2 Classic 108,806 3 out of 19 479 786d 19h 15m 24s
Bejeweled 3 344,200 5 out of 14 376 1370d 3h 30s
Bejeweled Angry Birds N/A N/A 129 1767d 4h 45m 46s
Bejeweled Blitz 90,000 5 out of 24 1200 2829d 21h 53m 29s
Bejeweled Blitz No Replay 73,700 11 out of 27 2237 2829d 16h 27m 21s
Bejeweled Blitz: 1min 87,800 5 out of 9 194 413d 1h 44m 31s
Bejeweled Blitz: 2min 343,800 3 out of 7 103 4d 21h 27m 41s
Bejeweled Blitz: 3min 944,900 1 out of 9 1462 29d 11h 4s
Bejeweled Blitz: 4min 735,550 3 out of 8 118 5h 55m 21s
Bejeweled Holiday Simple 20,395 5 out of 25 419 2633d 13h 38m 29s
Bejeweled Holiday Timed 30,670 5 out of 25 436 1258d 10h 51m 37s
Bejeweled� 2 Action 332,100 4 out of 21 390 223d 6h 46m 35s
Bejeweled� 2 Classic 117,259 2 out of 16 424 1348d 4h 32m 37s
Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story N/A N/A 385 2223d 9h 8m 16s
Belize Beauty 270,580 1 out of 14 322 1229d 36m 4s
Belize Beauty 199,030 1 out of 13 286 2763d 8h 9m 58s
Bell Boys N/A N/A 461 4714d 3h 9m 6s
Bell Boys N/A N/A 126 731d 6h 57m 25s
Bellboy HotelManager N/A N/A 872 3287d 7h 46m 29s
Belter N/A N/A 612 4719d 20h 11m 16s
Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch 4,920 1 out of 10 353 464d 10h 39m 45s
Ben 10 Alien Twins N/A N/A 145 1320d 17h 36m 25s
Ben 10 Alien x The Death space N/A N/A 653 2149d 1h 38m 31s
Ben 10 Aliens Defense N/A N/A 78 1685d 19h 1m 48s
ben 10 archery N/A N/A 83 1216d 17h 8m 5s
Ben 10 Bubble N/A N/A 47 111d 5h 23m 12s
Ben 10 Cave Adventure N/A N/A 134 2124d 20h 16m 14s
Ben 10 Critical Impact N/A N/A 2998 1081d 23h 59m 20s
Ben 10 Deamon Hunters N/A N/A 160 2728d 9h 52m 3s
Ben 10 Diamond Mine N/A N/A 70 707d 7h 27m 20s
Ben 10 Downhill Skiing N/A N/A 91 1680d 6h 1m 42s
Ben 10 Easy Jigsaw N/A N/A 262 546d 16h 56m 41s
Ben 10 Free Runner N/A N/A 192 2893d 8h 43m 5s
Ben 10 Hard Jigsaw N/A N/A 267 529d 9h 57m 54s
Ben 10 Hero Hoops N/A N/A 186 2011d 23h 42m 14s
Ben 10 Krakken Attack N/A N/A 582 3381d 3h 45m 41s
Ben 10 Medium Jigsaw N/A N/A 250 547d 19h 23m 56s
Ben 10 Memory (Easy) N/A N/A 457 1347d 23h 44m 52s
Ben 10 Memory (Hard) N/A N/A 184 1347d 21h 29m 51s
Ben 10 Memory (Medium) N/A N/A 181 1223d 6h 14m 32s
Ben 10 Memory Balls N/A N/A 382 2015d 21h 30m 37s
Ben 10 OmniMatch 6,475 1 out of 11 179 463d 10h 15m 32s
Ben 10 Ski N/A N/A 124 1784d 15h 28m 18s
Ben 10 Sniper N/A N/A 95 618d 5h 29m 57s
Ben 10 Snow Sled N/A N/A 65 1292d 7h 22m 8s
Ben 10 Space War N/A N/A 373 195d 16h 40m 34s
Ben 10 Super Attack N/A N/A 19 18d 2h 37m 28s
Ben 10 Super Bike N/A N/A 398 1880d 16h 31m 14s
Ben 10 Super Jumper N/A N/A 169 870d 4h 47m 55s
Ben 10 Super Puzzle 2,445 10 out of 15 1114 665d 6h 51m 41s
Ben 10 Super Skate N/A N/A 351 407d 3h 23m 59s
Ben 10 The Alien DNA Combiner N/A N/A 183 2865d 13h 19m 24s
Ben 10 Ultimate Big chill N/A N/A 175 2258d 6h 32m 47s
Ben 10 Ultimate Big chill 2 N/A N/A 175 2846d 10h 59m 0s
Ben 10 Ultimate Moto 2 N/A N/A 394 2315d 15h 52m 34s
Ben Girlfriend on ATV N/A N/A 132 732d 13h 44m 9s
Ben10 Alien force protector of the unive N/A N/A 260 685d 8h 57m 4s
Ben10 Downhill Skiing v32 N/A N/A 65 1018d 4h 50s
Ben10 Halloween Night v2 N/A N/A 109 1625d 7h 4m 21s
Ben10 Halloween Night v32 N/A N/A 83 1863d 15h 36m 53s
Ben10 Ice Skates N/A N/A 67 697d 5h 50m 1s
Ben10 Mafia Hunter N/A N/A 87 1174d 13h 6m 32s
Ben10 Saves the City v2 N/A N/A 166 2111d 13h 8m 32s
Ben10 Saves the City v32 N/A N/A 115 1918d 7h 56m 51s
Ben10 the DNA Conbiner v32 N/A N/A 82 1775d 16h 7m 37s
Ben10 Ultimate Humungousaur Super Giant N/A N/A 294 1938d 17h 23m 32s
Ben10 Urban Jeep N/A N/A 189 165d 5h 10m 44s
Benjamin Blümchen N/A N/A 601 3770d 21h 24m 27s
BetHiLo Streak N/A N/A 220 2107d 20h 48m 44s
BetHiLow Streak Un-Censored N/A N/A 628 4300d 12h 8m 34s
Betsy Bash N/A N/A 302 2870d 10h 2m 42s
Better Letter N/A N/A 59 645d 6h 27m 14s
Beyblade Skier N/A N/A 66 221d 17h 33m 49s
BeZombied -©- N/A N/A 68 N/A
Bian Connect 12,630 4 out of 23 725 1213d 21h 4m 36s
Bible Bot Medium N/A N/A 92 219d 11h 32m 21s
Bieber Milk Run N/A N/A 120 1163d 9h 24m 23s
Biff en Baff N/A N/A 425 949d 8h 40m 27s
Biff n Baff N/A N/A 114 1164d 8h 34m 45s
Big Bang Bubbles N/A N/A 100 666d 7h 51m 50s
Big Bang Bubbles N/A N/A 78 176d 6h 53m 52s
Big Battle Tanks N/A N/A 249 2223d 21h 42m 9s
Big Beach Sports - Frisbee Fun N/A N/A 181 2745d 3h 28m 26s
Big Ben Mahjong 1,205 10 out of 10 239 1240d 6h 18m 38s
Big Bird Hunting N/A N/A 311 N/A
Big Bird Hunting N/A N/A 348 3936d 9h 51m 56s
Big Block v32 N/A N/A 132 1916d 20h 35m 51s
Big Blocks Battle N/A N/A 160 1427d 16h 22m 26s
Big Brother Mahjong 66,020 3 out of 14 346 837d 18h 34m 34s
Big Diamond 2 106,470 1 out of 15 288 430d 14h 3m 38s
Big Flat Bouncy Man 216,145 4 out of 4 56 319d 7h 31m 15s
Big Head N/A N/A 67 263d 9h 53m 38s
Big Head Boy 1,768 5 out of 15 202 903d 3h 52m 12s
Big Head Boys v32 N/A N/A 362 834d 8h 8m 16s
Big Joes Homerun 466 4 out of 8 179 2861d 18h 38m 11s
Big Jump Challenge 170 6 out of 12 414 2930d 7h 58m 44s
Big Load Alley N/A N/A 28 417d 3h 54m 42s
Big Money 8,323 4 out of 283 25340 3602d 7h 52m 52s
Big Money 6,629 5 out of 35 1404 3640d 2h 18m 32s
Big Money New 108,823 1 out of 24 480 2102d 9h 36m 58s
Big Money New action Hard 111,336 2 out of 26 1355 3444d 9h 20m 56s
Big Money New Action Normal 42,117 2 out of 11 333 2578d 8h 34m 38s
Big Money New Strategy Normal 34,350 4 out of 12 423 2902d 11h 3m 49s
Big Money Strategy Hard 29,472 7 out of 33 2563 3283d 13m 54s
Big Shot Checkers N/A N/A 226 2105d 6h 46m 37s
Big Tails Revenge N/A N/A 300 3414d 23h 4m 15s
Big Time Butter Baron N/A N/A 27 9d 2h 21m 38s
Big Time Rush Recycle N/A N/A 148 1624d 13h 10m 9s
Big Truck Adventures 2 N/A N/A 3375 3870d 13h 57m 49s
Big Truck Adventures 3 92,876 1 out of 5 330 1203d 14h 34m 2s
Big Uglies N/A N/A 360 3149d 5h 10m 48s
Big Wave Dave N/A N/A 570 3228d 6h 58m 54s
Big Wolf 6,881 1 out of 24 548 2517d 13h 43m 59s
Biggification N/A N/A 375 2675d 9h 42m 13s
Bike Challenge 2 N/A N/A 475 2104d 15h 56m 58s
Bike Champ N/A N/A 132 223d 7h 46s
Bike Champ N/A N/A 106 1842d 11h 36m 13s
Bike Mania 4 Micro Office N/A N/A 275 1857d 14h 29m 7s
Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 371 10 out of 31 4176 3476d 22h 25m 15s
Bike Mania 5 N/A N/A 1860 2121d 16h 5m 23s
Bike Mania 5 N/A N/A 30 1202d 14h 23m 56s
Bike Stunt 15,600 8 out of 10 464 1937d 18h 55m 39s
Biking Beauty 2 N/A N/A 367 1130d 14h 56m 31s
Biking Beauty2 v2 N/A N/A 77 991d 4h 53m 31s
Bikini Bottom Bust Up N/A N/A 589 3159d 6h 53m 38s
Bikini Hopping N/A N/A 61 582d 1h 29m 13s
Bikinibounce 15,371 6 out of 20 337 4592d 15h 10m 15s
Bill Cosby Fun Game N/A N/A 1101 3367d 21h 5m 29s
Billiards N/A N/A 1357 404d 13h 49m 8s
Billiards Room-Hidden Objects N/A N/A 223 1341d 2h 49m 48s
Bimmin 19,330 6 out of 12 316 3159d 2h 35m 38s
Bin Laden Liquors N/A N/A 400 3983d 7h 35m 41s
Bin Laden Liquors N/A N/A 522 3207d 2h 12m 3s
Bin Laden Liquors 2 N/A N/A 438 3774d 7h 9m 23s
Bin Man N/A N/A 632 2682d 12h 19m 51s
Bingo N/A N/A 99 627d 30m 17s
Bingo Sea Animal 17,310 3 out of 7 106 1216d 7h 35m 10s
Bio Ball Boom N/A N/A 448 3633d 9h 52m 54s
Biohazard N/A N/A 446 3562d 8h 59m 43s
Biomass N/A N/A 337 2935d 15h 54m 28s
BioMex N/A N/A 181 641d 7h 8m 29s
Bionic Bugz N/A N/A 310 3120d 19h 46m 59s
Bionic Bugz N/A N/A 380 3562d 7h 45m 14s
Bionic Pocong N/A N/A 131 927d 5h 23m 41s
Bird Feeder N/A N/A 446 4701d 9h 50m 36s
Bird Frenzy N/A N/A 308 836d 2h 54m 24s
Bird Gold Miner 1,817 10 out of 23 313 621d 4h 44m 44s
Bird Invader N/A N/A 207 3178d 10h 38m 17s
Birdies Differences 2,776 16 out of 19 313 1919d 15h 24m 58s
Birds Blaster N/A N/A 75 265d 10h 28m 34s
Birds Cross Beng N/A N/A 50 40d 7h 15m 44s
Birds Defender N/A N/A 55 1325d 8h 55m 40s
Birds Defenders N/A N/A 141 1775d 14h 26m 12s
Birds Fly Fly Fly N/A N/A 82 871d 5h 37m 33s
Birds Hunting Challenge N/A N/A 113 1636d 13h 3m 30s
Birds Of A Feather Slots 106,520 2 out of 35 752 1328d 14h 41m 12s
Birds Of A Feather Slots 6,570 4 out of 9 239 172d 23h 35m 20s
Birds On A Wire N/A N/A 105 N/A
Birds Paradise Fantasy - Hidden Stars 9,597,600 4 out of 6 104 1343d 19h 5m 25s
Birdy N/A N/A 465 948d 22h 48m 52s
Birthday Blowout N/A N/A 523 3345d 18h 43m 21s
Birthday Blowout N/A N/A 528 3780d 19h 8m 4s
Birthday In Office N/A N/A 83 1113d 9h 35m 59s
Bistro Stars 25,825 2 out of 33 575 3105d 8h 6m 24s
BitCrusher N/A N/A 171 1642d 16h 12m 25s
Bitmap TD 2 261,409 3 out of 18 540 1471d 8h 33m 10s
Bitmap Turret Defense 2 N/A N/A 40 239d 7h 39m 51s
Bizarrerie Hunter N/A N/A 88 1669d 6h 32m 34s
Black & White Dressup 3 N/A N/A 66 N/A
Black - Training Simulator N/A N/A 124 640d 1h 7m 16s
Black and White Mahjong 2 N/A N/A 173 1421d 6h 33m 33s
Black Beaks Treasure Cove N/A N/A 194 891d 9h 51m 51s
Black Beards Island FullVersion 219,590 5 out of 21 1041 3329d 20h 35m 13s
Black Cats 5 Differences 5,855 4 out of 8 125 235d 1h 39m 13s
Black Dragon N/A N/A 568 4561d 7h 9m 23s
Black Dragon 2 1,684 4 out of 4 64 406d 15h 10m 28s
Black Hole Probe N/A N/A 384 3627d 10h 20m 34s
Black Jack 21 N/A N/A 1075 2772d 7h 18m 39s
Black Jack Gold N/A N/A 2266 3389d 3h 33m 26s
Black Jack Puzzle N/A N/A 250 403d 22h 1m 17s
Black Knight N/A N/A 68 1857d 14h 7m 20s
Black Knight N/A N/A 203 N/A
Black Knight V32 N/A N/A 408 2496d 10h 9m 33s
Black Sails N/A N/A 436 3572d 5h 43m 45s
Black White Car N/A N/A 192 836d 6h 28m 50s
BlackJack N/A N/A 315 51d 8h 51m 46s
BlackJack 2 N/A N/A 1443 4659d 1h 19m 1s
Blackjack 3-2 N/A N/A 448 617d 14m 22s
Blackjack 3-2 N/A N/A 237 1347d 3h 49m 35s
Blackjack Japanese 1,000 4 out of 5 143 281d 48m 25s
BlackJack Solitaire 7,150 10 out of 40 1190 1860d 9h 51m 7s
Blade Striker N/A N/A 208 211d 2h 11m 33s
Blam! Blam! 503,205 3 out of 9 97 1167d 1h 4m 42s
Blam! Blam! N/A N/A 965 3832d 2h 32m 42s
Blast Billards N/A N/A 28352 77d 8h 36m 28s
Blast Billiards N/A N/A 2618 547d 10h 11m 10s
Blast Billiards 4 N/A N/A 87902 85d 12h 8m 19s
Blast Billiards Combo 3,130 13 out of 23 1045 561d 8h 31m 52s
Blast Billiards Five N/A N/A 2867 559d 13h 59m 2s
Blast Billiards Gold 1,039 9 out of 20 24988 49d 12h 39m 48s
Blast Billiards Gold! 474 16 out of 19 1027 559d 9h 17m 29s
Blast Billiards Hustler N/A N/A 445 357d 8h 32m 9s
Blast From The Past 4,932 4 out of 4 179 2038d 4h 6s
Blast Master Game N/A N/A 218 3149d 7h 15m 0s
Blast Monsters N/A N/A 127 1491d 13h 40m 8s
Blast Passage N/A N/A 50 N/A
Blast RPG N/A N/A 202 2804d 18h 20m 55s
Blast The Balls N/A N/A 91 1207d 7h 41m 9s
Blasterman N/A N/A 1555 1962d 14h 7m 15s
Blastomatic N/A N/A 944 3332d 9h 29m 10s
Blaze Ball N/A N/A 205 972d 46m 35s
Blazing Squad 3 N/A N/A 156 2857d 11h 44m 15s
Bleed1 Metaphorum N/A N/A 70 2518d 23h 54m 37s
Blend the Boss N/A N/A 446 3314d 8h 36m 11s
Blicko N/A N/A 387 223d 9h 12m 59s
Bling Bloxxx 41,050 1 out of 4 48 477d 13h 54m 50s
Bling Bloxxx Blitz Mode 13,990 5 out of 9 222 619d 2h 54m 56s
Bling Bloxxx Blitz NoReplay 8,510 6 out of 8 183 1481d 4h 1m 49s
Bling Bloxxx Quick Mode 23,850 4 out of 12 81 1099d 13h 7m 2s
Bling Sheep N/A N/A 101 1695d 14h 36m 2s
Blitz Bombing N/A N/A 31 91d 3h 59m 6s
Blitz Bots N/A N/A 219 2306d 17h 41m 41s
Blitzed Boobs N/A N/A 16 46d 23h 49m 43s
Blix N/A N/A 1230 4701d 14h 45m 23s
Blizz in Magnetland N/A N/A 81 1476d 15h 38s
Blob N/A N/A 600 3691d 3h 47m 18s
Blob Bopper N/A N/A 484 76d 11h 41m 46s
Blob Thrower 2 N/A N/A 70 1167d 12h 5m 10s
Blob Wars N/A N/A 183 2326d 4h 42m 16s
Blobber N/A N/A 664 100d 5h 5m 30s
Blobber - Survival N/A N/A 445 1387d 22h 26m 15s
Blobber Food Chain N/A N/A 399 100d 4h 11m 9s
Blobber Survival N/A N/A 325 100d 4h 43m 4s
Blobo N/A N/A 550 3159d 3h 14m 44s
Bloc Rouge N/A N/A 723 1858d 23h 55m 39s
Block 638,972 2 out of 52 1621 75d 7h 19m 25s
Block Blaster 335,285 7 out of 19 466 1873d 15h 46m 52s
Block Breaker 132,502 1 out of 7 62 400d 10h 49m 30s
Block Buster N/A N/A 790 3725d 19h 57m 37s
Block Buster 392 6 out of 11 132 964d 2h 36m 17s
Block Collapse Math 785,240 1 out of 6 160 1275d 3h 14m 49s
Block Collapse Math 279,050 2 out of 8 138 398d 12h 23m 4s
Block Distraction N/A N/A 257 2616d 8h 42m 26s
Block Factory 8,160 4 out of 31 693 4029d 5h 58m 12s
Block Party - Chrome 03 N/A N/A 44 5d 16h 45m 35s
Block Party - Chrome 04 N/A N/A 59 54d 18h 55m 56s
Block Party - Chrome 07 10,441 2 out of 5 43 456d 2h 21m 40s
Block Party - Chrome 08 12,316 1 out of 7 75 493d 13h 44m 58s
Block Smasher N/A N/A 65 730d 6h 5m 54s
Block Smasher Plus N/A N/A 106 914d 10h 41m 49s
Block Smasher Plus N/A N/A 124 839d 18h 6m 37s
Block Squad (Adventure Mode) N/A N/A 36 547d 1h 25m 2s
Block Squad (Infinite Mode) 11,420 6 out of 7 179 760d 1h 47m 18s
Block Tower N/A N/A 19 3d 6h 4m 42s
Blockade Blitz N/A N/A 398 1382d 5h 49m 46s
Blockbuster N/A N/A 385 971d 2h 24m 59s
Blockbuster Boobs N/A N/A 53 535d 5h 48m 31s
Blockbuster_9 N/A N/A 68 718d 23h 36m 9s
Blocked! N/A N/A 103 39d 4h 8m 2s
Blockies 1,307,500 1 out of 16 351 399d 15h 30m 4s
Blockies Breakout N/A N/A 13 N/A
Blockies Hard 1,258,400 1 out of 8 130 400d 9h 5m 16s
Blockin Out N/A N/A 120 2307d 11h 56m 45s
Blockmover N/A N/A 159 925d 2h 45m 20s
Blockpolis N/A N/A 196 2906d 12h 46m 24s
Blocks 48 20 out of 21 473 3822d 5h 18m 18s
Blocks N/A N/A 953 2941d 4h 39m 57s
Blocks 2 55,316 6 out of 12 215 1424d 22h 13m 50s
BlocksMagic N/A N/A 205 2520d 21h 34m 29s
Blocks_2 636 7 out of 11 162 1092d 18h 16m 1s
Blocky N/A N/A 205 3041d 12h 33m 16s
Blocky 624,771 3 out of 33 585 219d 10h 4m 45s
Blocky 3 Arcade 427,748 2 out of 17 301 98d 8h 56m 56s
Bloddy Penguin 1,061.3 9 out of 44 2211 865d 5h 47m 30s
Blokkade N/A N/A 273 2884d 13h 20m 27s
Blokken 5,595 5 out of 9 90 76d 10h 44m 33s
Blokkokopter 485 29 out of 41 1322 3835d 23h 28m 46s
Blokks Hot - Adobe 02 N/A N/A 173 230d 19h 17m 21s
Blokks Hot - Adobe 04 N/A N/A 66 236d 19h 7m 21s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 1 N/A N/A 26 115d 19h 46m 42s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 2 N/A N/A 11 123d 7h 5m 46s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 3 N/A N/A 314 232d 17h 44m 41s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 4 N/A N/A 57 107d 21h 5m 13s
Blokks Hot - Alshu 6 N/A N/A 39 317d 18h 57m 44s
Blokks Hot - Amphoren 02 N/A N/A 34 107d 20h 54m 3s
Blokks Hot - Amphoren 04 N/A N/A 402 67d 18h 23m 50s
Blokks Hot - Amphoren 05 N/A N/A 47 68d 3h 50m 26s
Blokks Hot - Amphoren 07 N/A N/A 37 94d 23h 48m 29s
Blokks Hot - Bengali 01 N/A N/A 52 39d 1h 54m 25s
Blokks Hot - Bengali 02 N/A N/A 125 182d 19h 43m 55s
Blokks Hot - Bengali 03 N/A N/A 137 230d 18h 55m 39s
Blokks Hot - Bengali 05 N/A N/A 222 231d 17h 16m 8s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 03 N/A N/A 101 238d 16h 38m 41s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 04 N/A N/A 38 43d 19h 47m 51s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 06 N/A N/A 21 123d 6h 40m 10s
Blokks Hot - Chrome 07 N/A N/A 115 239d 22h 22m 31s
Blokks Hot - English 2 N/A N/A 114 237d 16h 38m 52s
Blokks Hot - English 3 N/A N/A 83 239d 19h 40m 50s
Blokks Hot - English 4 N/A N/A 33 44d 20h 56m 41s
Blokks Hot - English 7 N/A N/A 72 237d 16h 31m 23s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 01 N/A N/A 33 206d 23h 54m 45s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 02 N/A N/A 80 157d 23h 28m 10s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 03 N/A N/A 107 236d 18h 28m 9s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 04 N/A N/A 154 221d 18h 56m 42s
Blokks Hot - Flash Tools 05 N/A N/A 58 125d 19h 5m 31s
Blokks Hot - Foods 2 N/A N/A 55 239d 22h 4m 10s
Blokks Hot - Foods 6 N/A N/A 114 236d 18h 4m 16s
Blokks Hot - Foods 7 N/A N/A 46 214d 5h 59m 7s
Blokks Hot - Formen 01 N/A N/A 82 237d 16h 24m 43s
Blokks Hot - Formen 02 N/A N/A 68 237d 18h 48m 17s
Blokks Hot - Formen 03 N/A N/A 198 239d 20h 1m 0s
Blokks Hot - Formen 04 N/A N/A 91 184d 7h 9m 5s
Blokks Hot - Formen 06 N/A N/A 73 239d 21h 30m 2s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 04 N/A N/A 89 230d 18h 30m 34s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 05 N/A N/A 28 157d 23h 22m 53s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 06 N/A N/A 185 239d 21h 44m 56s
Blokks Hot - Hindi 07 N/A N/A 136 157d 23h 15m 52s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 03 N/A N/A 108 236d 5h 18m 27s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 04 N/A N/A 115 236d 17h 24m 21s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 05 N/A N/A 55 229d 3h 44m 3s
Blokks Hot - Kannada 06 N/A N/A 76 235d 5h 19m 1s
Blokks Hot - Karten 01 N/A N/A 392 232d 3h 3m 25s
Blokks Hot - Karten 02 N/A N/A 84 157d 22h 27m 55s
Blokks Hot - Karten 03 N/A N/A 73 240d 3h 23m 50s
Blokks Hot - Karten 04 N/A N/A 92 75d 4h 17m 42s
Blokks Hot - Karten 06 N/A N/A 12 94d 23h 29m 10s
Blokks Hot - Karten 07 N/A N/A 60 157d 22h 14m 27s
Blokks Hot - Medical 01 N/A N/A 155 75d 5h 46m 13s
Blokks Hot - Medical 02 N/A N/A 115 223d 6h 44m 18s
Blokks Hot - Medical 05 N/A N/A 75 237d 15h 49m 19s
Blokks Hot - Medical 06 N/A N/A 25 240d 4h 51m 25s
Blokks Hot - Oriya 6 N/A N/A 82 236d 17h 6m 47s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 01 N/A N/A 143 238d 18h 2m 0s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 02 N/A N/A 38 239d 18h 10m 15s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 03 N/A N/A 70 239d 15h 59m 40s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 04 N/A N/A 71 165d 21h 37m 19s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 05 N/A N/A 51 236d 16h 50m 35s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 06 N/A N/A 46 240d 3h 11m 16s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 07 N/A N/A 87 165d 21h 33m 31s
Blokks Hot - Ostern 08 N/A N/A 56 165d 21h 21m 41s
Blokks Hot - Retro 01 N/A N/A 77 236d 16h 24m 34s
Blokks Hot - Retro 02 N/A N/A 168 186d 55m 43s
Blokks Hot - Retro 03 N/A N/A 217 229d 3h 47m 30s
Blokks Hot - Retro 04 N/A N/A 67 165d 22h 6m 22s
Blokks Hot - Retro 05 N/A N/A 76 109d 5h 7m 57s
Blokks Hot - Retro 06 N/A N/A 137 165d 19h 34m 49s
Blokks Hot - Retro 07 N/A N/A 112 224d 18h 2m 42s
Blokks Hot - Schach 03 N/A N/A 126 237d 15h 34m 18s
Blokks Hot - Schach 04 N/A N/A 91 89d 1h 3m 33s
Blokks Hot - Schach 05 N/A N/A 90 165d 19h 29m 6s
Blokks Hot - Schach 06 N/A N/A 112 239d 17h 29m 0s
Blokks Hot - Stone 02 N/A N/A 5 3d 7h 4m 40s
Blokks Hot - Stone 04 N/A N/A 28 200d 2h 32m 16s
Blokks Hot - Stone 05 N/A N/A 10 88d 5h 56m 28s
Blokks Hot - Stone 07 N/A N/A 105 236d 3h 48m 16s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 01 N/A N/A 52 165d 19h 20m 1s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 03 N/A N/A 171 226d 17h 59m 13s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 04 N/A N/A 58 172d 4h 19m 22s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 05 N/A N/A 37 229d 16h 56m 35s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 06 N/A N/A 32 239d 17h 36m 8s
Blokks Hot - Tamil 07 N/A N/A 120 228d 16h 50m 7s
Blokks Hot - Telugu 01 N/A N/A 101 228d 16h 31m 10s
Blokks Hot - Telugu 02 N/A N/A 209 231d 18h 14m 39s
Blokks Hot - Telugu 04 N/A N/A 34 44d 20h 53m 42s
Blokks Hot - Telugu 06 N/A N/A 18 31d 22h 51m 32s
Blokks Hot - Telugu 07 N/A N/A 50 230d 18h 11m 21s
Blokks Hot - Tribal 03 N/A N/A 9 123d 6h 46m 40s
Blokks Hot - Tribal 04 N/A N/A 87 230d 18h 2m 4s
Blokks Hot - Tribal 05 N/A N/A 21 109d 19h 3m 47s
Blokks Hot - Tribal 06 N/A N/A 115 225d 18h 8m 22s
Blokks Hot - Win XP 03 991 2 out of 7 277 35d 19h 50m 6s
Blokks Hot - Win XP 04 N/A N/A 218 225d 16h 52m 3s
Blokks Hot - Win XP 05 N/A N/A 39 238d 17h 27m 28s
Blokks Hot - Win XP 06 N/A N/A 93 236d 2h 39m 43s
Blokks Hot - Win XP 07 N/A N/A 84 75d 4h 43m 18s
Bloktonik - Easy N/A N/A 283 2531d 21h 13m 9s
Bloktonik - Hard N/A N/A 299 2316d 18h 30m 55s
Blokz N/A N/A 239 2885d 15h 14m 45s
Blokz 2 1,515,820 3 out of 12 407 2941d 4h 56m 41s
Blood Red N/A N/A 133 3012d 10h 41m 9s
BloodBath Avenue N/A N/A 55 N/A
BloodBath Avenue 2 N/A N/A 135 304d 14h 4m 23s
Bloods vs Crips N/A N/A 116 1714d 11h 18m 45s
Bloodshade N/A N/A 339 2671d 23h 41m 19s
Bloody Burberry v32 N/A N/A 57 473d 10h 6m 6s
Bloody Days N/A N/A 566 635d 9h 40m 58s
Bloody Harry N/A N/A 33 1261d 12h 50m 32s
Bloody Land N/A N/A 506 1465d 7h 8m 51s
Bloody Machine N/A N/A 359 639d 8h 6m 25s
Bloody Pingu N/A N/A 1790 4882d 7h 9m 47s
Bloody Rage N/A N/A 886 4588d 8h 5m 8s
Bloody Seal Bounce N/A N/A 1558 4557d 7h 6m 44s
Bloons Junior N/A N/A 2016 931d 5h 16m 53s
Bloons Pop 3 242,750 2 out of 5 103 223d 8h 56m 7s
Bloons Super Monkey N/A N/A 92 1004d 7h 56m 54s
Bloons Tower Defense 337,343 8 out of 48 2312 3665d 5h 38m 41s
Bloons Tower Defense 2 Easy Updated 401,757 4 out of 14 491 1462d 11h 32m 39s
Bloons Tower Defense Updated 596,531 7 out of 10 598 725d 16h 28m 7s
Bloots N/A N/A 758 1131d 1h 49m 52s
Blorks N/A N/A 75 8d 3h 2m 5s
Blosics N/A N/A 336 258d 8h 8m 6s
BLOSICS 2 N/A N/A 308 258d 13h 32m 29s
Blosics 3 N/A N/A 93 259d 10h 54m 26s
Blot In Hell N/A N/A 292 1550d 4h 31m 13s
Blow Boat 357 1 out of 4 87 378d 11h 45m 52s
Blow Up N/A N/A 270 97d 6h 41m 55s
Blow Up Arcade Easy N/A N/A 175 97d 5h 35m 47s
Blow Up Arcade Hard N/A N/A 165 81d 4h 53m 17s
Blow Up Arcade Medium N/A N/A 239 3036d 9h 7m 0s
Blow Up Easy N/A N/A 176 2676d 4h 4m 41s
Blow Up Hard N/A N/A 167 3057d 22h 26m 40s
Blow Up Medium N/A N/A 187 87d 10h 50m 2s
Blow Up Puzzle Easy N/A N/A 234 99d 8h 36m 49s
Blow Up Puzzle Hard N/A N/A 201 2357d 23h 32m 0s
Blow Up Puzzle Medium N/A N/A 209 2680d 8h 7m 30s
Blow Up Time Trial Easy N/A N/A 170 3055d 23h 23m 22s
Blow Up Time Trial Hard N/A N/A 172 3204d 23m 16s
Blow Up Time Trial Medium N/A N/A 154 220d 4h 54m 4s
Blow Up: Puzzle N/A N/A 695 4714d 3h 57m 4s
Bloweee N/A N/A 63 87d 3h 56m 5s
Blox N/A N/A 151 1090d 25m 37s
Blox & Bones N/A N/A 152 2549d 11h 49m 31s
Blox clone N/A N/A 139 571d 4h 58m 14s
Blox Deluxe! N/A N/A 85 1168d 4h 24m 24s
Blox Flipp Flopp N/A N/A 44 284d 9h 33m 49s
Bloxxs 14,200 2 out of 8 84 526d 1h 16m 37s
Blubber Monster 10,510 3 out of 5 64 856d 9h 44m 58s
Blue N/A N/A 183 1097d 11h 23m 15s
Blue Archer N/A N/A 356 1374d 58m 55s
Blue Beetle Blast Attack N/A N/A 188 324d 16h 36m 21s
Blue Knight N/A N/A 83 1562d 7h 49m 25s
Blue Midget Walker N/A N/A 419 3356d 22h 44m 59s
Blue Ocean N/A N/A 102 82d 13h 47m 46s
Blue Tougue N/A N/A 423 2439d 15h 20m 17s
Bluebird Zero N/A N/A 106 773d 13m 5s
BM-Rex N/A N/A 446 2856d 11h 48m 18s
BMRex N/A N/A 320 643d 13h 20m 2s
BMW Driving N/A N/A 2053 419d 11h 28m 34s
BMX Extreme N/A N/A 79 1076d 13h 7m 6s
BMX Extreme N/A N/A 291 2447d 17h 12m 6s
BMX Master N/A N/A 295 2915d 3h 20m 8s
BMX Master Championship N/A N/A 2314 2915d 3h 43m 39s
BMX Master Time Attack N/A N/A 192 2915d 4h 19m 10s
Board? N/A N/A 320 4661d 3h 41m 47s
Boarding with Jeremias N/A N/A 231 903d 5h 26m 9s
Boat Hunt N/A N/A 722 2258d 8h 2m 27s
Boat Rider N/A N/A 689 3488d 22h 51m 51s
Boat Rider N/A N/A 90 718d 12h 43m 2s
Boat Rush 3D N/A N/A 541 3423d 4h 32m 55s
Bob Jones N/A N/A 354 1083d 1h 33m 18s
Bob lucky Fish N/A N/A 177 2836d 14h 38m 51s
Bob the Robber N/A N/A 107 1613d 14h 44m 7s
Bobblehead Baseball N/A N/A 34 63d 1h 51m 46s
Bobby Da Arrow N/A 1 out of 6 84 268d 11h 11m 9s
Bobcat N/A N/A 118 802d 23h 24m 9s
Bobos Family 67,975 2 out of 14 323 1296d 6h 42m 1s
BobSledin Blowout N/A N/A 177 1076d 7h 22m 8s
Bobulous N/A N/A 394 1451d 13h 22m 27s
Body Ladder N/A N/A 240 3177d 15h 19m 40s
Bogan Surf N/A N/A 133 1596d 15h 21m 43s
Boggs N/A N/A 308 1560d 23h 32m 45s
Boiler Breakdown N/A N/A 175 934d 1h 48m 55s
Boiler Room N/A N/A 854 3423d 2h 22m 58s
Bola 27,225 3 out of 19 418 3355d 22h 39m 50s
Bola 341,357 1 out of 17 688 2756d 21h 12m 48s
Boll Warrior N/A N/A 42 513d 15h 58m 13s
Bollywood Buckwaas N/A N/A 143 2706d 23h 51m 5s
Bolt Through N/A N/A 94 678d 6h 43m 14s
bom It N/A N/A 255 1052d 8h 46m 37s
Bomb Bandits 1,964 2 out of 38 921 1861d 18h 39m 15s
Bomb Darts 1 N/A N/A 447 282d 12h 47m 47s
Bomb Disposal N/A N/A 305 948d 23h 3m 39s
Bomb Disposal! N/A N/A 776 749d 21h 54m 14s
Bomb It 2 AS3 Game N/A N/A 146 1295d 13h 51m 28s
Bomb It 2 Updated N/A N/A 74 1193d 59m 11s
Bomb It 2 Updated N/A N/A 121 973d 9h 52m 16s
Bomb It 3 N/A N/A 44 498d 2h 9m 55s
Bomb It 4 N/A N/A 35 N/A
Bomb Jack N/A N/A 146 718d 23h 32m 20s
Bomb Jack N/A N/A 604 1984d 9h 34m 34s
Bomb Jack New Version N/A N/A 1231 3282d 6h 1m 8s
Bomb Panic Pro N/A N/A 211 3217d 15h 29m 25s
Bomb Runner N/A N/A 101 1583d 11h 19s
Bomb Runner N/A N/A 47 N/A
Bomb Runner - Total Score N/A N/A 43 N/A
Bombay Taxi N/A N/A 539 1089d 23h 19m 7s
BombDarts v1 2,671 5 out of 11 217 282d 12h 36m 10s
Bomber At War 2 N/A N/A 94 1056d 10h 18m 10s
Bomber Bob N/A N/A 588 3226d 5h 4m 33s
Bomber Chomp N/A N/A 39 613d 4h 5m 40s
Bomber Man N/A N/A 2051 3108d 5h 11m 9s
Bomber Mine N/A N/A 124 1834d 19h 25m 15s
Bomberman Dance N/A N/A 417 2959d 23h 46m 23s
Bombing By Night N/A N/A 136 1118d 7h 48m 52s
Bombjack 2 [ New Levels ] N/A N/A 1757 1082d 1h 13m 38s
Bomboozle N/A N/A 64 1200d 3h 52m 13s
Bomboozle 2 N/A N/A 45 N/A
Bomboozle 2 100 Moves Mode N/A N/A 85 N/A
Bomboozle 2 Casual Mode N/A N/A 58 N/A
Bombs Away 23,200 6 out of 25 303 3478d 3h 12m 25s
Bomby 3,560 4 out of 7 172 1075d 1h 53m 34s
Bomby Bomy N/A N/A 89 1075d 1h 50m 7s
Bomp Bomp N/A N/A 51 N/A
Boni N/A N/A 50 N/A
BonnyBalls 77,530 2 out of 13 402 3115d 11h 33m 26s
Bono The Eco Pirate N/A N/A 147 2452d 6h 5m 20s
Bonus Bingo 6,400 3 out of 15 405 1310d 18h 37m 7s
Bonus Pong 8,840 10 out of 24 687 3212d 11h 23m 51s
Boo N/A N/A 476 4083d 15h 58m 17s
Boob Jobs 1 N/A N/A 27 74d 9h 56m 33s
Boob Jobs 2 500 4 out of 4 262 368d 3h 23m 47s
Boob Match 1 N/A N/A 63 501d 10h 38m 33s
Boob Match 3 N/A N/A 381 3969d 9h 32m 8s
Boob Match 7 N/A N/A 84 599d 11h 50m 45s
Book Fish 110,850 7 out of 27 1139 1815d 12h 52m 29s
Book of a 1000 Stories HO 16,259 6 out of 7 123 1340d 16m 11s
BookBall N/A N/A 373 4586d 7h 56m 14s
Bookstories N/A N/A 390 3260d 11h 56m 52s
Bookworm™ Updated 158,860 12 out of 23 1507 3039d 13h 6m 4s
Boom Bang N/A N/A 410 1862d 19h 2m 8s
Boom Boom Boomer N/A N/A 93 1578d 11h 35m 27s
Boom Boom Monster N/A N/A 54 1198d 6h 30m 39s
Boom Box N/A N/A 414 3183d 9h 50m 54s
BoomBox 2 N/A N/A 22 417d 13h 20m 12s
Boombox 2 N/A N/A 250 1663d 12h 22m 27s
Booty 4,275 2 out of 6 103 155d 20h 1m 7s
Booty 5,495 1 out of 35 750 2755d 22h 32m 22s
Booty Juggler N/A N/A 419 3275d 17h 50m 23s
Booya 16,500 4 out of 29 911 4639d 8h 59m 6s
Border 2 N/A N/A 545 4598d 8h 37m 38s
Border Patrol N/A N/A 1028 7d 9h 17m 10s
Boris The Bandit N/A N/A 383 1090d 5h 43m 51s
Bot Swap 10,265 9 out of 13 370 87d 4h 6m 21s
BOT Wars N/A N/A 384 3817d 6h 46m 57s
Boulder Basher N/A N/A 143 2045d 1h 51m 40s
Boulder Cannon N/A N/A 156 1698d 1h 37m 10s
BoumBoum Challenge N/A N/A 38 637d 6h 2m 54s
Bounce N/A N/A 344 3266d 10h 58m 3s
Bounce N/A N/A 146 834d 7h 58m 32s
Bounce Back 12,710 4 out of 24 639 2008d 19h 42m 52s
Bounce Back 14,392 5 out of 16 396 2006d 15h 47m 43s
Bounce Easy N/A N/A 379 3670d 5h 46m 47s
Bounce Hard N/A N/A 264 3593d 1h 31m 19s
Bounce Medium N/A N/A 314 404d 14h 23m 6s
Bounchy N/A N/A 407 903d 3h 46m 29s
Bouncing Ball 95,370 1 out of 22 1946 2657d 21h 55m 2s
Bouncing Balls 42,300 7 out of 24 267 86d 4h 11m 31s
Bouncing Balls 52,630 6 out of 14 263 85d 13h 2m 39s
Bouncing Frog N/A N/A 149 1796d 9h 53m 21s
Bouncing Smiley N/A N/A 104 1143d 5h 57m 49s
Bouncy Bird N/A N/A 35 413d 15h 22m 39s
Bouncy Draw 27 10 out of 14 287 2713d 19h 54m 4s
Bouncy Fire Fighters N/A N/A 43 281d 12h 47m 42s
Bouncy n Bob 416 6 out of 23 823 3192d 1h 50m 9s
Bouncy The Ball N/A N/A 779 4221d 6h 47m 52s
Bovine Madness 19,200 10 out of 11 289 1385d 8h 51m 32s
Bowja 3 Ninja Kami N/A N/A 341 2672d 1h 33m 19s
Bowja The Ninja N/A N/A 281 2673d 20h 41m 41s
Bowja The Ninja 2 N/A N/A 522 2672d 3h 22m 38s
Bowl for Kids Sake N/A N/A 67 849d 17h 38m 31s
Bowling 3 435 8 out of 22 1118 1323d 10h 9m 57s
Bowling Mania N/A N/A 594 1326d 12h 8m 53s
Bowling Mania N/A N/A 86 1326d 11h 57m 28s
Bowling Pat N/A N/A 991 274d 8h 28m 39s
Bowlingdefense N/A N/A 661 4242d 18h 22m 35s
BowserBall N/A N/A 246 949d 9h 23m 22s
BowserBall 2 N/A N/A 122 964d 1h 45m 6s
Box 10 ATV 2 N/A N/A 338 701d 18h 56m 43s
Box Dodge Fury N/A N/A 2088 1094d 11h 52m 8s
Box Dodge Fury N/A N/A 781 3328d 4h 9m 14s
Boxhead Rooms N/A N/A 113 1042d 18h 55m 32s
Boxhead The Zombie Wars N/A N/A 51 N/A
Boxing Champ N/A N/A 200 2996d 16h 57m 34s
Bozzle N/A N/A 186 874d 2h 39m 59s
BPO Disk N/A N/A 437 3133d 11h 50m 43s
BRA Blaster 694 3 out of 8 188 1142d 19h 48m 38s
Braidy N/A N/A 78 815d 4h 37s
Brain Age Test N/A N/A 721 2545d 19h 29m 47s
Brain Blox N/A N/A 38 N/A
Brain Blox 2 N/A N/A 32 N/A
Brain Force N/A N/A 624 2941d 4h 11m 27s
Brain Game Air Traffic Control N/A N/A 477 3071d 23h 18m 21s
Brain Machine N/A N/A 614 873d 6h 37m 20s
Brain Spa 1 367 10 out of 23 406 3485d 7h 11s
Brain Spa 2 N/A N/A 688 947d 7h 49m 32s
Brain Spa 3 N/A N/A 335 1659d 7h 25m 2s
Brain Spa 4 1,135 22 out of 25 642 3415d 20h 33m 52s
Brain Spa 5 N/A N/A 348 3384d 12h 58m 2s
Brain Spa 6 N/A N/A 155 1659d 7h 45m 24s
Brain Spa 7 N/A N/A 170 1486d 19h 51m 21s
Brain Twister N/A N/A 146 2984d 11h 59m 27s
Brain Vita N/A N/A 198 1079d 6h 6m 25s
Brainy Smurfs Bad Day V32 N/A N/A 408 789d 20h 40m 46s
Brandy & Mr Whiskers Jungle Eggventu N/A N/A 208 644d 6h 52m 54s
Brandy and Mr.Whiskers-J.EGG N/A N/A 79 638d 13h 32m 38s
Brandy's Butterfly Catch 3,430 2 out of 5 55 1206d 8h 24m 7s
Brasil Slingo 2.0 18,040 3 out of 35 2797 3482d 14h 29m 21s
Brat Invasion N/A N/A 53 326d 7h 1m 58s
Brauns 24,598 2 out of 9 227 2941d 3h 54m 8s
Brave Chicken N/A N/A 77 1681d 8h 53m 4s
Brave Cupid N/A N/A 356 4224d 11h 26m 11s
Brave Hidden Numbers N/A N/A 154 717d 22h 59m 4s
Brave Kitten (Casual) N/A N/A 218 2383d 5h 5m 33s
Brave Kitten (Challenge) N/A N/A 184 2838d 12h 38m 52s
Brave Kitten (Easy) N/A N/A 190 2659d 6h 19m 13s
Brave Plane N/A N/A 43 1611d 10h 33m 28s
Brave Soldier N/A N/A 66 681d 7h 20m 5s
Brave The Bar N/A N/A 502 1025d 10h 21m 10s
Brazilian Soccer Groups N/A N/A 145 1637d 10h 56m 29s
Bread & Honey N/A N/A 258 2160d 13h 3m 21s
Break It 58,050 1 out of 5 144 1277d 12h 52m 51s
Break It N/A N/A 65 1172d 8h 5m 37s
Break It 3 21,930 2 out of 3 31 1202d 15h 45m 9s
Break Out N/A N/A 811 2908d 11h 28m 34s
Breakdown v2 N/A N/A 45 206d 23h 26m 13s
Breaker 360 N/A N/A 201 2205d 15h 30m 20s
Breakit 45,600 4 out of 11 440 4071d 9h 39m 16s
Breakit 4 Demo N/A N/A 160 1030d 9h 20m 29s
Breakout 4,600 21 out of 46 570 1097d 12h 20m 48s
Breakout 360 3,156 4 out of 21 414 2011d 12h 44m 42s
BreakoutcC 15,080 1 out of 6 153 625d 10h 54m 2s
Breeder N/A N/A 334 N/A
Brekky Racers N/A N/A 389 3477d 13h 41m 52s
Brendans Soccer 2,077 6 out of 28 478 1341d 19h 42m 39s
Brick Balancing N/A N/A 387 988d 15h 30m 43s
Brick Break N/A N/A 529 3428d 20h 19m 19s
Brick Breaking N/A N/A 147 368d 13h 51m 49s
Brick Revolution N/A N/A 124 1428d 11h 43m 18s
Brick Slayer N/A N/A 222 2962d 5h 2m 11s
Brick Slayer Time Trial Mode 57,766,100 1 out of 8 265 1286d 17m 42s
Brick Throwing N/A N/A 479 3084d 3h 55m 45s
Brick Throwing v32 N/A N/A 366 3043d 16h 49m 11s
Bricks Breaking 138,578 11 out of 39 1330 3632d 18h 48m 41s
Bricks Breaking 3 23,130 10 out of 20 455 3513d 13h 1m 25s
Bricks Breaking Hex N/A N/A 102 1540d 12h 4m 4s
Bricks Of Egypt 13,816 22 out of 26 539 4142d 7h 27m 58s
Bricks Of Egypt 2 N/A N/A 550 4095d 1h 38m 2s
Brickscape - Endurance 250,183 2 out of 7 198 1332d 4h 31m 10s
Brickscape - Story N/A N/A 139 1444d 19h 34m 42s
BrickSlayer Survival Mode N/A N/A 145 2533d 8h 49m 0s
Bricktris 3,750 5 out of 10 259 2898d 7h 17m 13s
Brighton Bounty Hunter N/A N/A 370 876d 5h 48m 26s
Brighton Bounty Hunter N/A N/A 838 710d 11h 16m 33s
Briker N/A N/A 176 3141d 4h 40m 15s
Brilliant Blocks N/A N/A 292 1654d 11h 29m 28s
Brilliant Blocks 2 104,400 1 out of 5 123 734d 13h 20m 55s
Brilliant Crystals N/A N/A 68 1211d 2h 7m 16s
Bring It 14,754 5 out of 6 102 1202d 16h 59m 14s
Britains Got Crabs N/A N/A 145 2512d 1h 50m 32s
Bro Sis N/A N/A 102 1099d 6h 23m 29s
Broken Hearted Mahjong 52,440 4 out of 18 1515 2449d 6h 58m 13s
Broken Horn N/A N/A 58 534d 18h 47m 41s
Broken Horn 2 N/A N/A 37 293d 6h 34m 8s
Broken Words N/A N/A 1068 2941d 3h 39m 11s
Bronze Silber Gold 386,553 1 out of 6 96 492d 7h 51m 9s
Brother Bear in Trouble N/A N/A 93 445d 20h 11m 5s
Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood N/A N/A 330 3668d 2h 46m 5s
Brown Cow Curling N/A N/A 375 2354d 48m 18s
Brown Cow Curling N/A N/A 234 2824d 9h 13m 58s
Bru Ice Cappuccino N/A N/A 215 81d 1h 26m 36s
Bryx 130,460 3 out of 14 370 803d 1h 47m 35s
Bubafish N/A N/A 398 3162d 10h 32m 10s
Bubba Hop N/A N/A 66 N/A
Bubbels N/A N/A 852 4635d 3h 17m 12s
Bubble 21 N/A N/A 390 911d 7h 15m 0s
Bubble Arcade N/A N/A 1404 2657d 10h 5m 33s
Bubble Blast 3 - Speed Mode 986 13 out of 14 325 2408d 7h 52m 8s
Bubble Blaster N/A N/A 238 2416d 7h 37m 52s
Bubble Blaster N/A N/A 931 3028d 1h 44m 1s
Bubble blob 29,476 4 out of 12 326 85d 8h 31m 20s
Bubble blob Classic 19,101 6 out of 10 241 93d 7h 39m 12s
Bubble blob Speed 12,400 8 out of 16 427 3186d 11h 14m 47s
Bubble Blubbs N/A N/A 187 2147d 8h 52m 0s
Bubble Blubbs N/A N/A 497 2940d 4h 3m 11s
Bubble Bobble N/A N/A 686 4845d 8h 46m 17s
Bubble Bobble The Rival 1,880 20 out of 28 501 4920d 9h 54m 35s
Bubble Bot 17,531 1 out of 14 476 2681d 1h 47m 30s
Bubble Breaker 50,351 2 out of 15 453 447d 12h 31m 55s
Bubble Bubble N/A N/A 97 629d 10h 18m 29s
Bubble Bug Catcher N/A N/A 394 3539d 11h 53m 49s
Bubble Bugs N/A N/A 339 1078d 9h 59m 40s
Bubble Burst N/A N/A 538 1076d 7h 16m 56s
Bubble Bust 9,398 10 out of 32 484 2657d 10h 46s
Bubble Buster 2008 Time Mode N/A N/A 1073 753d 11h 18m 8s
Bubble Buster 2008 Turn Mode 13,998 18 out of 25 452 643d 4h 44m 43s
Bubble Buster Turn based N/A N/A 258 753d 11h 49m 50s
Bubble Bustin N/A N/A 148 1100d 11h 41m 43s
Bubble Candy 3XB N/A N/A 78 577d 10h 57m 39s
Bubble Collapse N/A N/A 253 95d 11h 34m 57s
Bubble Collapse N/A N/A 256 95d 10h 37m 32s
Bubble Fairy N/A N/A 348 971d 9h 17m 43s
Bubble Fun N/A N/A 450 3233d 14h 1m 5s
Bubble Gum Crisis 6,744 4 out of 17 480 3298d 3h 7m 9s
Bubble Gum Eater N/A N/A 677 3424d 6h 6m 8s
Bubble Gum Run N/A N/A 190 3128d 13h 30m 33s
Bubble Gum Run N/A N/A 278 939d 3h 22m 1s
Bubble Hit N/A N/A 126 1502d 3h 38m 28s
Bubble Hit Christmas N/A N/A 66 1198d 11h 10m 8s
Bubble Hit Christmas N/A N/A 80 1014d 1h 29m 34s
Bubble Hit Halloween N/A N/A 78 1202d 5h 40m 54s
Bubble Hit Halloween N/A N/A 292 1018d 5h 30m 12s
Bubble Invasion v32 N/A N/A 148 1802d 14h 17m 33s
Bubble it 2 N/A N/A 113 74d 4h 29m 36s
Bubble Jump 23,900 3 out of 13 326 3213d 22h 28m 19s
Bubble King N/A N/A 350 1088d 21h 51m 18s
Bubble Mania N/A N/A 205 82d 4h 24m 37s
Bubble Mania N/A N/A 99 672d 8h 40m 36s
Bubble Master N/A N/A 232 2962d 6h 2m 32s
Bubble O Mania N/A N/A 337 3050d 10h 54m 32s
Bubble O Mania Easy N/A N/A 485 3387d 21h 22m 43s
Bubble O Mania Hard N/A N/A 217 82d 3h 46m 37s
Bubble O Mania Medium N/A N/A 761 3392d 23h 55m 57s
Bubble Odyssey v 1.7 N/A N/A 178 3047d 9h 24m 48s
Bubble Panic N/A N/A 105 698d 4h 24m 15s
Bubble Popper N/A N/A 743 4138d 13h 59m 54s
Bubble Run 2 N/A N/A 1232 1254d 18h 29m 4s
Bubble Saga N/A N/A 109 N/A
Bubble Shells N/A N/A 46 N/A
Bubble Shooter N/A N/A 165216 1926d 23h 39m 32s
Bubble Shooter N/A N/A 1551 3327d 20h 2m 14s
Bubble Shooter N/A N/A 2833 3280d 10h 51m 38s
Bubble Shooter Christmas Level Pack N/A N/A 197 242d 14h 55m 21s
Bubble Shooter Christmas Pack Regular N/A N/A 148 1612d 12h 35m 33s
Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel N/A N/A 205 906d 18h 18m 34s
Bubble Shooter Easter N/A N/A 86 417d 6h 16m 2s
Bubble Shooter Easter 2 N/A N/A 102 495d 8h 10m 9s
Bubble Shooter Fruit N/A N/A 49 56d 8h 7m 37s
Bubble Shooter Gun N/A N/A 78 758d 21h 29m 59s
Bubble Shooter Halloween 2 N/A N/A 234 1665d 11h 39m 42s
Bubble Shooter IV N/A N/A 265 3075d 2h 4m 42s
Bubble Shooting CS 156,130 5 out of 8 177 28d 16h 34m 36s
Bubble Slasher N/A N/A 118 997d 13h 8m 29s
Bubble Sokoban N/A N/A 210 3025d 8h 26m 31s
Bubble Spinner 359 7 out of 15 310 1634d 9h 46m 40s
Bubble Spinner 2 439 7 out of 15 447 1615d 7h 47m 2s
Bubble Stars - Easy N/A N/A 144 2703d 22h 12m 31s
Bubble Stars - Hard N/A N/A 247 834d 5h 31m 59s
Bubble Stars - Normal N/A N/A 193 834d 5h 23m 54s
Bubble Struggle 149,912 6 out of 24 3399 1695d 7h 56m 15s
Bubble Town (extended Ball Version) N/A N/A 648 2733d 11h 9m 40s
Bubble Town (extended Straight-UP Versio 142,320 7 out of 11 5576 2705d 22h 32m 33s
Bubble Trouble 61,870 6 out of 29 561 3734d 14h 26m 20s
Bubble Up N/A N/A 37 38d 8h 37m 48s
Bubble Up N/A N/A 86 81d 11h 41m 10s
Bubble Witch N/A N/A 223 425d 21h 22m 5s
Bubblenoid N/A N/A 67 1591d 8h 26m 41s
Bubbleomania N/A N/A 274 3054d 10h 33m 59s
Bubbles N/A N/A 717 1885d 19h 13m 6s
Bubbles In Space - Time Mode N/A N/A 82 1842d 15h 14m 15s
Bubbles Invasion 14,588 9 out of 12 214 2187d 12h 44m 5s
Bubbles Invasion N/A N/A 86 1615d 13h 37m 55s
Bubbles Smile N/A N/A 124 1125d 8h 17m 1s
Bubblesea N/A N/A 573 673d 1h 27m 6s
Bubblesx N/A N/A 413 948d 23h 15m 29s
Bubblins N/A N/A 71 1283d 42m 29s
Bubblins N/A N/A 52 N/A
Bubblins - Relax N/A N/A 228 3176d 2h 41m 22s
Bubblins - Time N/A N/A 141 2890d 3h 30m 51s
Bubblins Relax Mode 25,092 3 out of 4 78 963d 50m 33s
Bubblins Time Attack. N/A N/A 83 N/A
Bubblins Time Attack. 38,774 2 out of 6 141 1215d 7h 29m 17s
Bubblinsrelax Mode N/A N/A 42 N/A
Bubblio Action! N/A N/A 242 2218d 3h 12m 5s
Bubbools N/A N/A 133 1792d 8h 12m 0s
Buck n Run Hunting Lodge N/A N/A 306 3162d 6h 40m 10s
Buck Ride N/A N/A 305 1196d 22h 35m 47s
Bucket Ball N/A N/A 2230 3475d 2h 56m 11s
Bucket Launcher N/A N/A 167 1999d 14h 16m 32s
Bucketball 2 N/A N/A 182 205d 13h 15m 2s
Budapest Defender 169,516 13 out of 21 4788 490d 3h 51m 45s
Bueno Rufus N/A N/A 701 4242d 12h 17m 10s
Buff Hunter N/A N/A 291 2936d 5h 9m 25s
Buffos Epic Race N/A N/A 104 1346d 14h 27m 54s
Buffos Epic Race - Time Trail N/A N/A 76 1506d 15h 14m 40s
Bug Chaser Pinball N/A N/A 109 1686d 13h 32m 10s
Bug Juice N/A N/A 437 2014d 6h 22m 40s
Bug Juice N/A N/A 399 3915d 10h 54m 37s
Bug Killer N/A N/A 116 1073d 8h 40m 35s
Bug Killer 177,097 6 out of 14 454 2427d 16h 34m 42s
Bug Monster 17,100 3 out of 10 325 86d 4h 45m 40s
Bug Monster N/A N/A 205 84d 4h 5m 17s
Bug Patrol N/A N/A 57 389d 1h 46m 48s
Bug Shooter N/A N/A 115 1762d 11h 29m 51s
BugBurster 2,096 12 out of 28 969 3029d 1h 9m 53s
Buggle N/A N/A 406 3375d 22h 44m 6s
Buggy Race N/A N/A 170 1089d 23h 23m 45s
Buggy Race N/A N/A 210 1099d 4h 9m 41s
Buggy Run N/A N/A 57 N/A
Buggy run N/A N/A 222 2346d 16h 54m 33s
Buggy run 2 N/A N/A 291 2346d 16h 25m 0s
Bugs N/A N/A 110 836d 2h 42m 3s
Bugs Bunny Hopping Carrot Hunt N/A N/A 291 1401d 2h 24m 41s
Bugs Bunnys Home Run Derby N/A N/A 388 2434d 17h 13m 2s
Bugz N/A N/A 522 1886d 18h 23m 18s
BugZilla N/A N/A 65 542d 5h 36m 9s
Build Balance 2 N/A N/A 47 130d 7h 32m 46s
Build Castle N/A N/A 272 2738d 8h 57m 57s
Building Blaster N/A N/A 187 1663d 22h 13m 58s
Building Blaster 2 N/A N/A 85 771d 20h 17m 37s
Building Blaster 2 Players Pack N/A N/A 98 1184d 4h 49m 1s
Building Mastery 2(Anon) N/A N/A 23 2d 6h 14m 38s
Bukkeritt N/A N/A 346 1196d 22h 34m 43s
Bule N/A N/A 28 149d 3h 46m 50s
Bulg N/A N/A 450 973d 8h 22m 49s
Bulishor The Shooter N/A N/A 43 402d 27m 30s
Bulldozer N/A N/A 128 388d 23h 29m 23s
Bulles Magiques N/A N/A 166 2203d 19h 4m 12s
Bullet Dodger N/A N/A 398 1194d 23h 50m 39s
Bullet Proof Punk N/A N/A 437 4269d 12h 35m 52s
Bullet Throw N/A N/A 138 641d 6h 10m 11s
Bullet Time N/A N/A 972 3290d 4h 17m 1s
Bullet Time Witch N/A N/A 50 478d 17h 32m 0s
Bulls Eye Golf N/A N/A 767 2283d 22m 50s
Bulls Survive N/A N/A 105 1232d 16h 21m 36s
Bully Basher N/A N/A 435 3697d 8h 13m 43s
Bullyrush N/A N/A 53 221d 11h 49m 34s
Bullzeye 14,734 2 out of 14 223 1980d 18h 28m 26s
Bumble Bee N/A N/A 152 1879d 8h 36m 12s
Bumble Tumble 34,566 7 out of 18 338 3195d 4h 2m 44s
Bumblestorm N/A N/A 27 16d 22h 56m 3s
Bummin a Ride N/A N/A 185 1038d 9h 42m 59s
Bump Ball N/A N/A 64 525d 8h 16m 18s
Bumper Cars Championship N/A N/A 698 3506d 23h 34m 17s
Bumper Golf N/A N/A 399 1886d 16h 53m 58s
Bumper Jack N/A N/A 350 2972d 1h 54m 45s
Bums Rush N/A N/A 227 1090d 5h 31m 45s
Bunch N/A N/A 1728 3240d 16h 58m 49s
Bunnies and Eggs N/A N/A 170 1078d 9h 50m 40s
Bunny Catch 30 Secs N/A N/A 252 1075d 8h 57m 9s
Bunny Catch 5 Mins 6,510 1 out of 6 153 2130d 12h 15m 51s
Bunny Grab N/A N/A 87 1855d 13h 3m 53s
Bunny Grab N/A N/A 55 696d 6h 44m 26s
Burger Blast N/A N/A 213 86d 4h 41m 2s
Burger Island N/A N/A 253 2978d 20h 17m 41s
Burger Jam N/A N/A 274 3108d 9h 22m 59s
Burger Jam N/A N/A 248 2290d 13h 26m 22s
Burger Mania N/A N/A 259 1670d 2h 50m 21s
Burger Point N/A N/A 332 3176d 8h 57m 42s
Burger Restaurant N/A N/A 1259 3282d 7h 50m 19s
Burger Restaurant 2 N/A N/A 965 3505d 21h 16m 17s
Burger Restaurant 2 N/A N/A 287 3233d 12h 45m 38s
Burger Restaurant 2 Challenge N/A N/A 315 3163d 2h 36m 10s
Burger Restaurant 2 Story N/A N/A 241 3163d 3h 10m 20s
Burger Restaurant 3 Story N/A N/A 60 81d 8h 4m 44s
Burger Shop N/A N/A 186 3156d 23h 44m 18s
Burger Store N/A N/A 83 170d 6h 11m 55s
Burger Time N/A N/A 779 2037d 12h 47m 8s
Burgers N/A N/A 32 485d 1h 40m 29s
Burn Santa Burn 24 10 out of 15 279 3789d 22h 5m 25s
Burn Santa Burn N/A N/A 666 1045d 7h 35m 3s
Burn Stuff and Die N/A N/A 192 3178d 19h 48m 43s
Burning Horizon - Paris N/A N/A 99 579d 13h 27m 31s
Burrow Memory N/A N/A 76 727d 15h 4m 4s
Burst The Bubbles N/A N/A 369 2754d 7h 22m 28s
Burst The Bubbles v2 N/A N/A 102 1694d 8h 14m 23s
Bursting Balls 41,310 2 out of 5 155 1260d 4h 25m 18s
Bush Boot Camp N/A N/A 183 2289d 17h 45m 5s
Bush Shoot-Out N/A N/A 378 4041d 3h 5m 42s
Bush Tucker Barf a Rama N/A N/A 246 587d 3h 3m 21s
Bushido Solitaire N/A N/A 379 1428d 17h 40m 29s
Bushwacker As3 Game N/A N/A 62 711d 1h 36m 0s