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Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 14 Aug 2011, 10:43 PM

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Zentomino (with Puzzle Solutions!)

Zentomino is a low-pressure puzzle game: thereĘs no stressful timers, but thereĘs still strategy. Rotate pieces by single tapping on it, and flip it by double tapping. You must fit all the pieces into the structure to complete the puzzle. It wouldnĘt be that hard if all the pieces were all just drag-and-rotate, The flipping feature adds to the challenge.

This application is free and comes with a lot of puzzles to start. Additional puzzles can be purchased in $0.99 increments, and that $0.99 gets you a lot of puzzles. You can also change the style and colours with purchasable puzzle packs. This is a great way to support the application developer.

The puzzles with less pieces are obviously less difficult than the ones that have more pieces. The more pieces, the more potential that you will start the puzzle off wrong. I was pretty reliant on the tips that are available to you if you double click on any of the white space around the puzzle. I used the tips to set up the initial blocks on the larger puzzles, and the tips donĘt reveal so much that the puzzles are too unchallenging.
Zentomino Puzzle Solutions

Need help completing the puzzles? The following images are screen captures of the puzzle results that I did. There may be other ways to solve the puzzles as well. Hope that this will help you out!

Source : http://magitek.nu/ipad/2011-01-29-zentomino-with-puzzle-solutions/


  www.yourforum.gr, 14 Aug 2011, 10:44 PM

the images above are from the iPad version of the game, so i will post below my own solutions from the full iPhone version

so far, there are 29 pages of puzzles, each page contains 9 of them so i solved 29 * 9 = 261 puzzles with quite some brainstorming ... !

Complete Zentomino solution guide

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