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Candle Wax

Recipe name: Candle Wax
Submitted by: ladygorb



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Southwestern Breakfast Frittata - NEW!
Big breakfast for many people

Prep. Time: 0:45

Serves: 8
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 24 Oct 2005
Total views: 213
Total rating: 1
Pancakes - NEW!
Serve with breakfast sausage, bacon, eggs or alone.

Prep. Time: 0:20

Serves: 4-6
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 30 Oct 2005
Total views: 252
Total rating: 4
Waffles - NEW!
The Waffle: Greeks created the cooking method - Obloyeurs of the Middle age evolved its shape and appearance - Holland gave it a name - England, France and America contributed to its texture and wide variety of toppings - Belgium made it famous.

Makes 6 waffles.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 19 Nov 2005
Total views: 217
Total rating: 5
Denver Omelet - NEW!
U.S. State of Colorado traditional food - The Western sandwich was invented by America's pioneers. It was common for eggs to get "high" after a long haul over hot trails. In order to salvage the eggs, and kill the bad flavor of them, pioneers women mixed eggs with onions and any other seasonings on hand. The Western sandwich evolved over time and is now known as the Denver omelette.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 22 Nov 2005
Total views: 191
Total rating: 1
French Toast Fingers - NEW!
Makes: 4 servings

Preparation: 7 minutes Cooking: 4 minutes.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 27 Nov 2005
Total views: 180
Total rating: 2
Huevos rancheros - NEW!
Huevos rancheros, with their avocados, sour cream and salsa, can start the day perfectly, followed by quesadillas and guacamole for lunch and chili verde (green chili) for dinner. Huevos Rancheros are a perfect dish to serve on Cinco de Mayo, the popular Mexican holiday.

Cinco de Mayo, "May 2", is the Mexican holiday that's the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
On that day, the Mexican forces under General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated French invaders at Puebla. It took them five more years to drive out the French, but the victory gave the Mexicans hope that they could triumph. Both Mexicans in Mexico and Mexican-Americans in the southwestern United States (especially Arizona, Texas and southern California) commemorate the day with parades, speeches, feasts and dancing.

Foods that include the predominant colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and red, are especially suitable for the feasts. And if you plan it right, they need not be served only at dinner.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 15 Jan 2006
Total views: 232
Total rating: 2
Shakshouka - Eggs and Tomatoes - NEW!
Country Oman - Oman has been called "The Land of Legend" and it no doubt deserves this title as Oman has a rich history. In ancient times, frankincense from the trees in the Southern region of Dhofar was worth more than gold and was traded as far away as ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and India. The once lost city of Ubar, a center of the trade in frankincense, is being excavated in the Dhofar region today after its ruins were located from satellite imagery.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 22 Jan 2006
Total views: 210
Total rating: 5
Mock Nutrigrain Bars Recipe - NEW!
Wrapped individually, these easy to make cereal bars are a great breakfast-on-the-go. Their filling layer can be made using apricot, raspberry, strawberry, or any other flavor of jam that you enjoy.
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 24 Apr 2006
Total views: 227
Total rating: 3
Faith Hill's Skillet Cornbread With Bacon - NEW!
Celebrity recipe - Faith Hill - Singer
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2006
Total views: 230
Total rating: 4
Jennifer Lopez's Blueberry Waffles - NEW!
Celebrity recipe - Jennifer Lopez - Singer, Actress - Jennifer Lopez chows down on this tasty dish at L.A.'s "Newsroom Cafe".
Located At: 120 North Robertson Blvd.,
West Hollywood; (310) 652-4444
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 6 May 2006
Total views: 202
Total rating: 3
Julia Roberts'Croissant French Toast - NEW!
Celebrity recipe - Julia Roberts - Actress - Julia Roberts chows down on this tasty breakfast at "Cafeteria".
Cuisine: American & Caribbean
Located At: 119 Seventh Ave,
(at 17th Street), New York City,
NY 10011-1802
(212) 414-1717
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 6 May 2006
Total views: 244
Total rating: 2
Le Ann Rimes' Southern Style Grits Bake - NEW!
Celebrity recipe - Le Ann Rimes - Singer
Submitted by: ladygorb
Submitted on: 25 Oct 2006
Total views: 290
Total rating: 2

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