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The Promise Usually Likes Sitting The Last Compartment

Posted by melaniemin's blog, 8 Feb 2012, 10:10 AM

Likely from urban midair Rises the balloon color, looks like Tibet's sky color, looks like under the sunlight the sea color. The promise will have the tear sickness later especially to like that kind of color, because, that was also in the swimming pool the water color. The promise likes the swimming is after falling ill. She discovered that only then in the water, nobody will discover her difference. She bursts into tears, the tears integrate the swimming pool in the water, flawless. She likes the latent water middle reaches, like this felt that own tear came out, then flows in the swimming pool . oakley flak jacket polarized sunglasses This will be some will not drop, will not be stave, will not smear tear. How strange, they and in the world all tear's destiny is dissimilar. The promise has managed the school stadium fitness card, after every afternoon is on vacation from school, goes to the stadium the indoor swimming pool swimming;

Then goes home. Her usual 4:30 finish class, she tidies up the thing, goes to the stadium to tour 20 minute swimming, then trades clothes, usually is approaches when five points goes home while the subway. Promise the distance which goes home from the school is very convenient; So long as in the school nearby underground station while the subway two lines, several has not stood arrives the home. The Jingshan oakley flak jacket cheap - - city garden - - west constructs the building - - cherry fragrant - -, started to the cherry fragrant promise to prepare to get out, because cherry fragrant under As soon as stood is the family: Heaven village. The promise likes the cherry fragrant this name, each time arrived at this station, she is out of control to make an effort to breathe, probably wants to smell the nice-smelling oriental cherry the fragrance.

But, usually certainly does not have. Occasionally smells the fragrance is in the compartment zhuang accommodates the essence Sends aunt on the body sends out, that kind of obvious powder fragrance and perfume flavor mother on the body will also have. The promise usually likes sitting the last compartment, identical direction, this is a custom. The promise cannot pay attention, when the cherry fragrant this station, oakley flak jacket xlj sunglasses this shrugs the deep breathing the posture, other person will also have. He usually sits with the promise with a row of position, usually and the promise in the identical compartment, usually and the promise is separated by several positions. That day promises is on vacation from school goes home, to see father and mother to sit respectfully before the dinner table,

on the glass table is only the very attractive fresh milk cake, on the careful candle the careful candlelight is swaying. “promise, 14th happy birthday!”Father and mother approach. Eats meal in conversation, Daddy was reported excitedly a good news, oakley flak jacket xlj this kind of excited expression promised for a long time had probably already not seen daddy had, his that and the promise very similar eyebrow raised, he said that he doctor the friend news some people which sent in authority's medicine network responded.


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