My Beijing day trips
My Beijing day trips

Take a Beijing private tour to enjoy the splendid Beijing much better. Beijing will never disappointing you!Private vehicle & tour guide for the visit to Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, etc.. Tailor Made.
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My Unforgettable Visa Free Travel In Beijing

Posted by bjland4, 21 May 2013, 09:46 AM

Thus I take this precious chance to enjoy a visa free Beijing tour. Because I have been tired of traveling with many strangers, I joined one day visa free Beijing private tour which is just fit for me and my small group. With private tour guide, driver and car, I have the great chance to enjoy the most famous scenic spots in Beijing with cheap price and flexible time such as the Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Olympic Stadium.
Mutianyu Great Wall
Located in Huairou District of Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall was built in the mid sixth century, and it is the most beautiful section of Great Wall.
Along the rising and falling ridges, Mutianyu Great Wall is mostly in good condition at present and it is one of the most dangerous parts of the Great Wall.
With such a long history,?Mutianyu Great Wall?is really worth visiting?during your visa free Beijing tour. When I stand on the Mutianyu Great Wall, I was amazed by its magnificent and grand scenery. Mutianyu Great Wall itself as if to say his rich history, much like a historical witness who has been through much difficulty to tell the future generations of the rise and fall of empires.
Ming Tombs
Sitting in Changping District and buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, Ming Tombs is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China. Further more, twenty-three empresses and one highest-ranking imperial concubine were entombed here. First started in 1409, the construction of Ming Tombs took more than 200 years to complete until the doom of the dynasty.
From site selection to designing of the mausoleums, it paid attention to harmony between the tomb architecture and the surrounding environment—mountains, rivers and vegetation-to embody the philosophical view that man is an integral part of nature.
Olympic Stadium
Here we could see BirdĒs Nest and Water Cube. They are built for Beijing Olympic Games. Though the Olympic Games have faded into memory, they still attract lots of tourists. And it has become new landmarks now.
BirdĒs Nest and Water Cube are more beautiful when the night comes.
We must understand that nothing can compare with happiness. Hence, do not be a slave to have a visa free Beijing tour, you should spend time to have a trip and expand your knowledge.
So just come here have a free visa tours in Beijing or visa-free travel to Beijing! And I'm sure you will have a lot of fun during this visa-free Beijing tour!

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Xingang Port Beijing Transfer And Yulan Magnolia Flower Tour

Posted by bjland4, 18 Apr 2013, 10:01 AM

Have you been to the city of Beijing? If your cruise ship docked at Tianjin Xingang Port and you have no plan, then you can come with us, we will transfer you to Beijing from Tianjin Xingang Port and show you around. we have arrange all the things that you needed with Xingang Port Beijing Transfer tours.
Time for Yulan Magnolia blossoms is arriving. In this special time, we want to take you to see those beautiful Yulan Magnolia flowers. Magnolias include white Magnolias and purple Magnolias. Yulan Magnolia flowers are regarded as a symbol of purity. In Beijing, it is the best-known flower species where you can see them in parks, gardens, along the streets, as well as Buddhist temples in many cities. Among the temples, Dajue Temple and Tanzhe Temple have long been famous for Magnolia. While Dajue Temple is famous for white Magnolias, Tanzhe Temple has a great fame for purple Magnolias. Surrounded by mountain peaks that block the cold wind, the temples a favorable warm and humid environment which is helpful for magnolia trees to thrive.
We have prepared a route for your Yulan magnolia flowers viewing. Dajue Temple is our first destination which is a one-thousand-year-old temple in the western suburbs of Beijing.This temple was established on the mountain slope and was first built in 1068. The Yulan Magnolias flowers in this temple are large, bright, elegant and fragrant, and its flowering period last much longer than those inside the city, until the end of April.
Tanzhe Temple is a great place to enjoy the purple Magnolias.
Let me tell you something about Tanzhe Temple which was first established in Jin Dynasty (365-420), especially, it has a long history even longer than the Beijing city. May be it is hard to believe, but it is true. It was built on a hillside with great environment and scenery, consists of various pavilions, prayer halls, courtyards and a group of pagodas dating from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The purple Yunan magnolia flowers are the most well known flowers there, in addition, there are also yellow magnolia and Trees for luck in this temple. Every Yunan magnolia attracts many tourists. Another new place to see Magnolias flowers is Beijing International Sculpture. It has over 5,000?Magnolias trees planted. There are white, yellow and purple yulan flowers to view.Finally drive along the street of the south side of Zhongnanhai, just west of the Tiananmen Square on the Changan Avenue. The beautiful flowers give a gentle touch to the solemn and official surroundings.
Hope you have an impressive tour in Beijing.

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