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Good Things

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 22 Feb 2016, 09:33 PM

Good things come to those who believe,

better things happen to those who have patience,

and the best of things happen to those who never give up.

Eusa/espain Military Coordination Has A History

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 23 Mar 2013, 09:18 PM

The following dialogue between Americans and Spanish is REAL according to those who leaked the record by
the channel 106 (Finisterra / Galicia) Marine Communications..

Here is A-835 to avoid impact, please change your course 15 degrees north. You are currently located 25
nautical miles away and heading right to us.

You change your course 15 degrees south.

Negative! Again, change course 15 degrees, 15 degrees north.

You are speaking with the captain of the U.S Montana, immediately change your course 15 degrees south.

Your suggestion is neither logical and feasible.
If you do not want to crash on us, change your course 15 degrees north.

(With raised voice) This is captain Richard James Howard USS board Montana, the second largest aircraft carrier
fleet in the U.S...
We have with us two destroyers, four fighter aircraft and four submarines. In addition we are supported by cruisers.
I make the suggestions, and not taking orders or suggestions by you!!!!!
Change course 15 degrees south, otherwise we will take all necessary steps for the safety of our fleet.
Immediately change YOUR course!!!!!!

This is Juan Manuel Salas Alcantara, here are two people.
We have a dog with us, our evening meal, two bottles of beer and a canary.
The canary is sleeping at this moment.
In addition to our support we have the radio station Cadena Dial de La Coruna.
We speak from the lighthouse with number A-835 of the Spanish coast Finisterra Galicia and notify you that we
DO NOT intend to move!
We have no idea if we are the largest or the smallest lighthouse on the Spanish coast. You can take all the Fu**i*g
actions necessary for the safety of your crew and your Fu**i*g boat, where i repeat you that goes ahead to our
rocky shores....
But still we insist and tell you to change your course 15 degrees north.

OK, understood, thank you ......

Happy 2013 !

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 2 Jan 2013, 07:49 AM

wishing the very best to all of you

Coming 11/11/11

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 7 Nov 2011, 01:41 AM

I am working on a super cool project that will officially launch 11/11/11

I can not say many things but will get back with details in a couple of days ...

Monday Morning Stress

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 29 Aug 2011, 07:33 AM

imagine having a planned deployment of Reuters Print Server System and suddenly arriving at the computer room listening to alarm beeps from a SAS RAID controller... a familiar tone to get you awake without a coffee

not only was the 15K SAS 300GB Seagate HD corrupt but upon reboot it tried to reinitialize within the RAID-5 array causing corruption (?) loading Windows ...

but after removing it from the array at least OS boots up fine and we will have to wait for a replacement unit to rebuild

fingers crossed


Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 14 Aug 2011, 10:43 PM

tn_gallery_166_28113.jpg  tn_gallery_166_106551.jpg  tn_gallery_166_21602.jpg  tn_gallery_166_164852.jpg  tn_gallery_166_142446.jpg  tn_gallery_166_124000.jpg  tn_gallery_166_73171.jpg  tn_gallery_166_420454.png  tn_gallery_166_895658.png  tn_gallery_166_900910.png  tn_gallery_166_1360440.png  tn_gallery_166_1392760.png  tn_gallery_166_569328.png  tn_gallery_166_721020.png  tn_gallery_166_257713.png  tn_gallery_166_52108.png  tn_gallery_166_343726.png  tn_gallery_166_522976.png  tn_gallery_166_1333880.png  tn_gallery_166_853933.png  
Zentomino (with Puzzle Solutions!)

Zentomino is a low-pressure puzzle game: thereĘs no stressful timers, but thereĘs still strategy. Rotate pieces by single tapping on it, and flip it by double tapping. You must fit all the pieces into the structure to complete the puzzle. It wouldnĘt be that hard if all the pieces were all just drag-and-rotate, The flipping feature adds to the challenge.

This application is free and comes with a lot of puzzles to start. Additional puzzles can be purchased in $0.99 increments, and that $0.99 gets you a lot of puzzles. You can also change the style and colours with purchasable puzzle packs. This is a great way to support the application developer.

The puzzles with less pieces are obviously less difficult than the ones that have more pieces. The more pieces, the more potential that you will start the puzzle off wrong. I was pretty reliant on the tips that are available to you if you double click on any of the white space around the puzzle. I used the tips to set up the initial blocks on the larger puzzles, and the tips donĘt reveal so much that the puzzles are too unchallenging.
Zentomino Puzzle Solutions

Need help completing the puzzles? The following images are screen captures of the puzzle results that I did. There may be other ways to solve the puzzles as well. Hope that this will help you out!

Source : http://magitek.nu/ipad/2011-01-29-zentomino-with-puzzle-solutions/

Web Based Services

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 7 Aug 2011, 08:57 AM

having a free service and complaining about downtime is unjustified ...

what about being a Paid Subscriber to Hotmail Plus and having no explanation for the downtime whatsoever ?

  • This site may be experiencing a problem
  • The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network

    You can:

    You can sign in or sign up at other sites on the Windows Live Network, or try again later at this site.

Psn Maintenance 21 July 2011

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 21 Jul 2011, 10:23 PM

We know our first instinct upon finding the PlayStation Store down would be to freak out and shred our credit cards. That's why it's important that you know this ahead of time -- the Store will be down today from 9AM-11AM PST (12PM-2PM EST). It's Sony's own doing, not the work of any lulz-motivated cabal. Sony says that other PSN functions won't be affected by the Store outage.

It's just maintenance. It'll be all right.

Source : @Playstation

Playstation Network ( Psn ) Down Due To Exploit !

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 27 Apr 2011, 06:59 PM

"ItĘs obvious the global outage experienced by PSN today, affecting its 70 million plus gamers around the world, is certainly a catastrophe in its category. In fact, this is the first time all the branches of Playstation Network got disrupted for more than 72 hours, causing an alarm not only for Sony and its affiliated game developers, but with its close rivals like Microsoft as well."

Coming from a recent statement by Microsoft, they said that theyĘre regretful with this incident as its gamers are having difficulties; however, the company is also expected to benefit with this ordeal as those players who have both PS3 and Xbox 360 will certainly pick the latter at this point to play. Make it even sweeter since Xbox Nations online event has already begun yesterday which gives free Xbox live weekend, including several games and digital-media discounts.

So far, MS didnĘt comment if they are expecting to reap profits on recently launched games this week like Portal 2 / Operation Flashpoint: River, since gamers will be flocking on their server now that PSN is out.

Of course, you canĘt deny the reality some gamers are starting to cook-up some conspiracy about MicrosoftĘs involvement on this issue asking, “Could it be some 3rd party hackers are working for a Microsoft middle-man to hack PS network?”.

Likewise, Anonymous has already responded with the allegations about their involvement on this hack. And they deny it via their Facebook Page, though some are hinting it could be done by other hacktivist who has a deep grudge against Sony.

The latest update of the PSBlog was almost 24 hours ago, confirming this outage was caused by an “external intrusion” – short for something that didnĘt happened internally on SonyĘs system but was pushed by “someone” from the outside.

Let me remind everyone that these conspiracies are only predictions gathered from the web by fellow gamers waiting for this issue to be solved. Hopefully, Easter Sunday will give gamers a new hope.

Firefox !

Posted by www.yourforum.gr, 10 Mar 2011, 08:37 PM

tn_gallery_155_215764.jpg  tn_gallery_155_20063.jpg  tn_gallery_155_41147.jpg  tn_gallery_155_146666.jpg  tn_gallery_155_57157.jpg  tn_gallery_155_71879.jpg  tn_gallery_155_42083.jpg  tn_gallery_155_57158.jpg  tn_gallery_155_73134.jpg  tn_gallery_155_48874.jpg  tn_gallery_155_30964.jpg  tn_gallery_155_145152.jpg  tn_gallery_155_37215.jpg  tn_gallery_155_352755.jpg  tn_gallery_155_95176.jpg  tn_gallery_155_8264.jpg  tn_gallery_155_15390.jpg  tn_gallery_155_20854.jpg  tn_gallery_155_2568.jpg    
i am a firefox fanboy since 2006-2007 although i do not neglect to notice memory consumption issues and latency once using for much time and open many tabs... and by many tabs i mean a lot : two windows for each monitor with 30-40 tabs each smile.gif

try working for a couple of hours and you will notice what i mean, there are of course nice tutorials we will be posting today to reduce memory usage

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