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A Fine Pickle I Got Myself Into!

Posted by , 14 Sep 2006, 12:28 AM

Hello all!

I've been on vacation the last two weeks. Vacations are wonderful, I always feel totally free during these. Which lately has been getting me into trouble. I sometimes think I am too free for my own good. But hey we all have to have our fun. Besides waking up to an alarm, getting ready for work, driving to work for an hour, working 8 to 10 hours, then driving home for 1 to 2 hours because traffic is twice as bad in the evening, getting home cooking dinner, doing laundry, straightening up the house, going to bed and starting all over again is just not the most glamorous of lives. So vacations are when I let my wild side take hold. Very crazy indeed. And I am about to share some of these wild times with you lucky readers default.tongue.gif

Some of my vacation was spent going to clubs and parties with my crazy nieces and daughter. I have these rules that I live by - I do not get involved with people I work with and I do not get involved with family members (like nieces husbands brothers) its all just way to dangerous, to close to home you might say.

So here I am at the Seville club, about 6 beers down, and in walks this guy with about 5 other guys surrounding him. He looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place him at the time. My nieces were all drooling over him, telling me damn that guy is fine! I said yeah I guess, he just looks so familiar. Anyways so I am on the dance floor pretending to dance (wiggling) when I look over and he and his posse are standing there next to me. I had noticed that whenever a girl tried to get near him his posse would block him unless he gave the ok to let her in to talk to him. It was all very very weird if you ask me. Whatever dude!

Anyways I look up and he is right next to me and then it hit me. He is the son of one of the guys we contract with at work, and he comes in with his dad to work all the time. At work I tell them what to do, kinda like his boss, and I can be quite evil sometimes. He, his dad, his mom, a couple of the guys I work with and their families have gone to concerts together the daughter and I. We have had some awesome tailgate parties too. Anyways so I say hey Josh to him and he totally freaks out and grabs me and hugs me yells Pamela and lifts me up in the air. Then I notice his posse has us surrounded. So he babbles with me for a little bit and buys me a beer. Very cool indeed! Then I go back to my table and get bombarded by my nieces and their friends. "DAMN Aunt Pammy the best looking guy in the place and you know him!" Then I get into all kinds of trouble because I didn't introduce them to him. I just wanted to leave, it made me feel uncomfortable, I felt like my rules were being bent. I'm so very weird.

The rest of the clubbing nights went as normal as they could be, had me a lot of fun, wiggled a whole lot, and had my fill of alcoholic beverages. Fun for all.

The other part of my vacation was spent with my brother and his archery tournaments, we went to Las Vegas Nevada for 2 days, Sacramento California for 2 days and Denver Colorado for 4 days. Lots and lots of fun. However when we got back from the tournament is when I realized I was in a pickle. How I do this to myself is beyond me.

First off for you pickle challenged people out there I will explain what "getting yourself into/in a pickle" means. The most common term of being in a pickle comes from the game of baseball. Its the act of getting caught between two bases, to be safe you have to have your foot on one of the bases. If you are tagged with the ball by a player while off the base it is ruled as an out and you go back to the dugout. Now if you find yourself between two bases you have to decide which base is the safest to get two, the base players can throw the ball back and forth to each other trying to get you out while moving towards you. To get out of the pickle you have to dodge, duck and try your damndest to get around one of these baseman to get to a base so you are safe. This is what a pickle is. To summarize a pickle is when you have found yourself between two points that are safe, you have to choose one and hope you can get to it before you are ruled out.

So now my pickle has nothing to do with baseball but I was in one nonetheless. While out on the road with my brother for his archery tournaments we were traveling with a few people. One of these people was a guy that I was attracted to and he was attracted to me, we spent a lot of time together. He was fun and he made me laugh all the time. He was also a great kisser. I had known him from archery practice before we went on the road, but we kind of hooked up while on the road. A great guy, however as usual with me he was younger age 27. Which I am getting used to, so that doesn't bug me. However in this pickle I am revealing it became an issue.

Now lets go back a little, my brother and I practice archery at several different places, one of them is an indoor range that also has a shop and store in it all dealing with archery equipment and stuff. The owner of the place is a really nice guy, and I have known him for a few months, I've dated him now and then for the last 3 months, nothing serious, just a little fun with someone a little older than me. Nothing more than some laughs, dinner, movies and some kisses.

So we get back from the tournament. The indoor range is having a party for all of us that went on the road since we all in part are representing the Southern California Archery group. So my brother and I go to this party at the indoor range. I get there and am met by the guy I have dated several times. It was great I tell him how we all did, tell him it was great fun, talk about the award ceremonies. Fun for all. THEN!!!!!!!

In walks the guy that I kinda hooked up with while on the road. Now I'm not serious with either of the guys, I didn't do anything other than kiss and hug with either of them. So I'm not worried about any of that. And he comes up and starts talking with my brother and the guy I have dated a few times. Then this is where it got weird. The guy that I had dated a few times turns to me and says Pam I want you to meet my son. And then precedes to introduce me to the guy I had hooked up with on the road. Yeah tell me about! I was dead center in a pickle!! I said hi, ignored the wink from both of them and excused myself and went to the bathroom. WHY OH WHY do I find myself in these situations!!???

I finally came out of the bathroom and thank goodness my brother was near, I told him I wasn't feeling to great and that I would meet him at his house and snuck out of there. He looked puzzled but said sure. When he got to his house I explained to him what was going on and he is still laughing that was like 5 days ago. Dog brother that he is!

I have since the party been very very busy, only communications have been through text messaging with the road guy. I am currently trying to figure out how to dodge and duck around all of this. For all I know they both already know. I wonder if this sort of thing even bothers guys. I have found that men sometimes think in strange ways at times. I really wouldn't mind being tagged out. I really had no idea that they were father and son, I just hate this!!! Maybe if I ignore it all, it will all go away!!!

So there it is people, my pickle! If I survive I will write again. default.tongue.gif

Sunglasses At Work

Posted by , 3 Jul 2006, 07:31 PM

So here it is Monday morning, I'm at work wearing my sunglasses ... it is soooooo bright in here with all the florescent lighting! Hurts my eyes makes them water which in turn makes my head pound even more! Yes ... this is what an entire weekend of drinking beer & margaritas will do to you!!! I am feeling woozy and I need food, and all I can think of his how yummy those watermelon & mango margaritas tasted!!! I SO LOVE PETRON!!!! Greatest tequilla ever made!

Yep, I was crazy indeed this weekend. It started out innocently enough, but then the nephew from the marines showed up with his buddies, then the crazy nieces and their friends showed up, then more relatives and friends ... just kept coming, so we hung out in the pool, played billiards, made the neighborhood conform to our music!!! Woohoo for outside mega speakers!!! Had a bar-be-que that never ended ... started Friday night and didn't stop till last night around 9PM.

The animals threw me in the pool!!! What is up with that??? What makes people think that there is a need for someone to be picked up, man-handled and thrown into the pool!!! There is no need for this I say!!!

I also this weekend had to tell one of those gansta vato crypt member guys that he was stupid and his mom dresses him funny!! Now I may not be no fashion designer but I do know that if you wear your pants and belt just above your knees with all of your boxers/underwear showing .. and you have to hold onto the belt all the time or the pants will fall to the ground you are dressed funny! Not attractive at all, you almost feel sorry enough to go buy the poor guy a pair of pants that fit him. Apparantley though I just don't get the new way of vato dressing! But I cannot see how anyone could think that it is a good look, and I don't know about you all but I don't like wearing clothing I have to hold onto so it doesn't fall off, I like my hands free! And just so you know I didn't tell him he was stupid because of the way he was dressed, I told him he was stupid because he wanted to go get his homies and go kill some guy that busted his rear window out of his truck. Now this guy that broke the window, had just been beaten by him and 10 other guys because he threw and empty beer can at them. Stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!!! They are all stupid!

OK .. now I have to get back to work, but first I am thinking I need a cheeseburger ... I need food!!!


Happy Times

Posted by , 30 Jun 2006, 04:47 AM

I haven't been around much lately, some of you may have noticed, some may have not, no matter I'm here now! I've been living many adventures some good some bad that have been taking up all my free time. Time to share!!

First off for those that are interested, my daughter "Centric" is much better now. Her back injury is much better, however she still has some to go before she is fully healed. Thank you to all of you that have been sending your best wishes for her, we truly appreciate the thoughts and kind words.

Now for the fun stuff ...

My brother has taken up archery and was in his first tournament this last weekend. My daughter and I went to watch doing our duty of supportive sister and niece, we thought we would be bored to death but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a 2 day event at a huge park with a lake and the biggest bar-be-que I have ever been to. Watching 250 archers shoot looked like something you would see in a movie .. the shining arrows flying through the air towards the targets all at the same time, very cool indeed. Anyways the people there came in all types ... all races, creeds, sizes, wealths, and healths (there was actually a blind woman shooting in the tournament, now that was interesting to watch ... from a very very long way away default.tongue.gif) The great things was that everyone was so nice, everybody was just there having fun, so friendly and very up, it was like a huge party. Centric & I were given lessons, and now we are hooked, and according to the guys giving lessons we are both very good at it, said we were naturals. So at first I had decided to be Robin Hood, but since he is a he and the fact that I hate to wear tights has discouraged this way of thinking ... also Rambo or Pambo will not do it just sounds silly ... so for now I am thinking I will emulate Goddess Diana the Huntress .. The really exciting part is that I get to go shopping for bow & arrows now!!! Woohoo!!! Shopping, partying & shooting potentially deadly weapons what more could a girl want!!! default.tongue.gif

I also went to Las Vegas for a week last month, got all kinds of crazy, drank so many martini's, tequilla sunrises & singapore slings that I lost count. Hey don't look at me like that, its Vegas the drinks are free! And the only thing I had to worry about was finding the elevator to get back to my room on the 28th floor. We stayed at the Luxor which is the hotel that looks like a huge pyramid with the Sphinx as the entrance ... the elevators go up sideways like, very very strange feeling especially when intoxicated. While we were there we went through King Tut's tomb museum, that was sooooo interesting. They had replicated the tomb with its many rooms and we saw many of the boy kings treasures, it was captivating. The daughter and her boyfriend kept winning money playing Texas hold'em poker ... which was a very good thing since I lost constantly default.tongue.gif But I sure had fun losing it all smile.gif We went and saw the blue man group again, I love this show!!! It is beyond cool, however I will never be able to eat Twinkies again. The rest of the stay I must not speak about on the grounds that it may incriminate me default.tongue.gif... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!! The city of sin that never sleeps ... What a blast!!! I love Vegas!!

On the way back from Vegas we stopped at Stateline ... which is the border between California & Nevada, the last stop for gambling since it is illegal to gamble in California, we just happened to stop the day they were having the National Go-Cart races ... that was too was a blast, it was hotter than hell, but once again a lot of fun! After losing more money there we headed into California ... desert ... more desert ... more desert ... death valley desert ... more desert ... then Baker .. have to stop in the town of Baker they sell Alien Jerky and olives there ... one has to buy goodies there on their way back from Vegas its a tradition ... its easy to find too its right next to the Mad Greek Cafe .. awesome pitas & shakes ... and home of the Largest thermometer in the States.

Oh and about 2 months ago we went to Sea World, I just love Sea World ... I have an obsession for penguins .. they are soooooo cute. I can watch them for hours. So I did!!! We also dined with Shamu the killer whale .... that was very cool ... you ate dinner on this huge patio thing that is surrounded by Shamu's swim tank, he was funny he would poke his head out and look at you ... I think he was wanting my dinner and I didn't share. I am thinking that is why he drenched us at his show ... just a tip .. if you ever go to Sea World and the seats are marked the wet zone ... they are not kidding at all, it was like getting hit by constant waves of water all done by Shamu's tail (fluke). We all had a great day, and then we headed home to nurse our sunburns! Sometimes being blonde with fair skin sucks!!!

OOOOOoooo and I got in trouble by the helicopter police!!! I was hanging with my friends one Friday night and around midnight we decided to climb this hill/mountain that is behind my friends house ... so we did ... here we are at the top of this mountain that has a whole bunch of big boulders at the top. We climbed up on one of the boulders and was indulging in some very fine herb ... when all of a sudden the helicopter police come flying up one side of the mountain with there big old search light shining at us from the sky and telling us with there speaker megaphone thing to evacuate the area that we were on private property ... it soooooo sucks that mountains are even owned by private people. Anyways we climbed back down, giggling and laughing the whole time ... and of course we had to keep indulging ... just in case we got to the bottom of the mountain only to meet up with street police ... but luckily there was no one there once we got down to the bottom, went back to my friends house and drank some beers and played pool till we were so tired we crashed on the couch. Which was not a good thing since my friends girlfriends showed up the next morning and they were not to pleased to find me there, they are so lame, they do not understand that we can just be friends. So yes now you know, I am a criminal and a huge cause to piss off girlfriends ... I am the mad hiker wanted by the helicopter police and apparantley I kick ass at pool when drinking beer!! Oh well, what can a person do!

Oh oh oh oh ... and the best thing to happen lately is that I no longer have to work the night shift ... I am once again a day walker. No more vampire activities for me kolobok.vampire.gif . Sunlight however is very difficult to get used to but I am managing, another excuse for shopping ... must have sunglasses!!! So yes I have left my dark world behind, however I think the dark side is still with me in ways ... I still love being evil Muahahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh and I no longer eat my steaks rare and I am loving garlic again!!! Also my teeth don't seem as pointy anymore, I do still find myself staring longingly at mens necks, I have to fight the urge to run up to them and bite their necks default.tongue.gif. But then again, I think that was in me even before I went to the dark side.

OK .. thats enough for now ... I shared most of the good times, the bad times still rears its ugly head ... but nothing too serious to report as of yet. If it does I will share with you my friends.

Be good!!!

I Just Don't Get Me!

Posted by , 22 Jan 2006, 05:15 PM

Last Wednesday I was driving home from work. I pass this little school everyday around the time the children are arriving for class.

I noticed a boy he was probably 6 or 7 years old pedaling his bike as fast as he could towards school. I also notice a car with a man in it parked on the same side of the road as the boy. As I passed them the car moved a little bit forward following the boy. The boy swerved to the other side of the street and so did the car, he swerved back and so did the car. The car was hanging back but it was obvious he was watching the boy. The boy had looked upset and tense when I had passed him.

I pulled over and was watching the boy and the car, it looked suspicious so I kept watching. I had no choice, the scene did not look right to me, alarms were going off in my head, every part of being would not let me just drive away.

The boy finally reached the school parking lot where he headed straight for the bike rack. The car then followed him into the parking lot and I lost site of him. So because I couldn't just drive away, I had to make sure this boy was safe. I did a U-turn and pulled into the school parking lot. As I got closer to the bike rack I could see the boy kneeling down locking his bike up. I then saw the man walk up to the boy and lean over him.

That was enough for me. I parked my car behind this man's and walked up to him. I was soooo full of rage, I just kept thinking this man had better not be what I suspect he is. I was so ready to take him down. I was hoping with all my heart that this man was there for good and not evil. I had to make sure.

After I approached the man I asked him "Do you belong to this car?". I asked him this because if he was what I thought he was, I wanted him to be away from the child. I was shaking, my adreniline was racing. The man looked up at me and took a couple steps towards me, which was a relief. And then he said "What's it to you if that's my car". I glared at him and then turned to the boy and asked him if he knew this man. The boy still looking upset said "YES". I asked the boy "Who is he?" The boy,with a disgusted reply said "He is my uncle".

I was so relieved. I then looked at the man, his face turned from an indignant pissed off look to a surprised apologetic look. He said to me "You are an angel, bless you, it is so good to know people like you are still in this world." He then explained himself stating that, no he was not a kidnapper or child molester or anything like that, that it was the boys first day of school and he was following him to make sure he got there safe, and that the boy was not at all pleased that he had done this. The boy then came over and said thank you to me and hugged his uncle.

I said sorry for the misunderstanding, and the man would not here it. He said I had nothing at all to be sorry for and the boy said thank you again to me. The man then apologized to me, stating that if he had seen what I had seen, he too would have been concerned. I then said well you both have a great day and I went back to my truck.

When I got into my truck, I broke down and started crying. I couldn't stop. I hated what I had done. Even though people I have told this story too insist I did the right thing. I agree I did do the right thing, what made me cry uncontrollably was the fact that I lack faith in humankind. That even though I try to do the right thing, I suspect others do not. I hate that feeling. I also had all this furious rage pent up that was slowly residing. This rage scared me, I had no idea I was capable of such a feeling. I was so infuriated at the thought of what might be happening that I lost all concern for myself, no matter what happened to me, I was not going to let anything happen to this boy. I had never lost control of myself in that way before. I just don't get me!

Woohoo! I Survived.

Posted by , 9 Jan 2006, 02:03 PM

I am soooo pleased to announce that I survived yet another year! 2005 was a good year for me, even though my work tried its best to keep me from having any type of social life. The dogs! However I prevailed, like work stands a chance of standing between me and my fun. Just makes me laugh it does. default.biggrin.gif

OK so I told you oh mighty blog god what had been happening to me up to Dec 4th. So I will continue from there. Lets see one of the highlights is that after the 4th I only worked one week and the rest of the month was vacation! Woohoo!!! Vacations are always wonderful even if you don't go anywhere. Especially in December so much to do and work just gets in the way. default.glare.gif

I shopped so much that ... oh and this pains me to say ... that I hated shopping! That is so wrong, I am woman, I was born to shop and look at me stating that I hated it. All goes back to what I always say, excess of anything is bad, even if the excess is something you love love love!!! Anyways I am happy to say that I am recovering from my hatred of shopping and should be back at the stores in time for the next big sales!! ize.thumbsup.gif Hey its my hard earned money and no one elses, and if I feel I need another pair of shoes then I need them dammit!!!

I also spent a great deal of time cooking and baking ... OOooo I made some yummy things and just for you doubters out there I made almost everything using the recipes posted here in the forum! They were quite easy and I made Mano's brownies and Viv's cookies the 2 Xmas kinds - people these are scrumptious!! And I want to thank the 2 of you for the extra 5 pounds I have to work off now! default.tongue.gif Oh and I tried to make the baklava, OK this was just not a good thing for me, even though I had great fun destroying my kitchen attempting to make the gooey mess, they were just not fit for man nor beast, soooooo I shopped!!! And bought me some, which were quite tasty. And because I love adventure I will try to make them again some day, not soon, but someday, I am such a risk taker kolobok.blush.gif

OK now for the XMAS parties!! Woohoo!! I had 2 parties that I had to go to, one was the family party and the other was a work party ... the work party was a lot more fun after I had a few white chocolate martini's ... MMMmmmm!!!! Nothing to exciting to report except that I got a hug and kiss from each of the guys I work with, which didn't go over very well with some of their wives and girlfriends. Oh well ... not my problem!! The family party was crazy as usual, and lots of fun. We karoke'd most of the night, it seems we all sing much better when beer and champagne are involved. extra.drunk.gif Anyways I left that party after exchanging gifts with many cool things but the most notable was the 9 boxes of chocolate covered cherries ... all of my little nieces and nephews felt it was necessary to buy there Aunt Pammy her favorite candy for her Christmas present. So I have brought them all to work and am working on fattening up my co-workers. default.rolleyes.gif

New Years! The party was awesome! It was a casino type family/friend thing, and just for the record I did not lose all of my money! Just a little, OK so I lost a lot! Sheesh! It was New Years! and I was doing tequilla shots and jello shooters! Give me a break here!!! I did when a candy dish as a door prize!! Woohoo!! OK so here I am at the party - my niece who is 14 we allowed this year for her very first time to have a tequilla shot, which she liked too much and snuck a couple more shots when we weren't looking and got way out of control and almost got into a fight with a friend of a friend ... I had to stop this fight and almost had to fight the stupid woman to get her to calm down. But it cleared up peacefully because she was scared of me! Muahahahahahahaha! I'm pretty evil looking when I have all my nieces and sister in laws standing behind me telling the stupid woman its not a good idea to mess with me or the niece. But other than that we all had a great night and brought the New Year in right!!! Woohoo for 2006!!!!

Now for New Years day, my niece calls me to tell me that her and her husband just got a call. So what she tells me is at our New Years party, her husband (this is the husband Brandon I kneed in the nuts a couple months ago, I blogged it if you need to refresh) has two hottie brothers that apparentley were quite interested in me, I as usual was not aware, because I am the original clueless one. And once again I was drinking tequilla, and when I do that I just LOVE everybody!!! And did not take the brothers seriously all night and they seemed to be everywhere I went, at midnight when everyone kisses the New Year in I was grabbed by the one and kissed and as soon as I was released the other kissed me ... Very very nice I must say!!! And here I was worrying I wouldn't get a kiss. However since both of them are 20+ years younger than me I just attributed the kisses to being polite to the old auntie and they were also way way drunk. However, Celia (my niece) tells me that the older of the two Ryan just called Brandon and told him he wants to take me out. I was shocked!! So was Brandon!! Celia on the other hand said she already knew, because she could tell by the way the brothers were acting and things they had said to her the night of the party and she knew one of them wanted me real bad. Brandon got over his shock and is saying cool bro go get her, I so need to smack on Brandon next time I see him!! I'm sooo embarrassed and not sure what to do with this. And thankfully I got the flu and have been able so far to hold off any offers, even though he has called me twice now. kolobok.blush.gif

OK so that brings us up to date oh blog god, so as you can see I finished up the New Year quite well. Now what to do with 2006, lots of mischief to be had!!! Woohoo!!! However now I am over the flu, so I'm afraid of my phone! default.tongue.gif

Left Alone Too Long.

Posted by , 4 Dec 2005, 07:25 PM

I have been neglecting my blog's, I do appologize. I will attempt now to give some feeble excuses as to why. Why will I do this you ask! Simply because I can default.tongue.gif

The biggest reason is due to the recipe section. Yes I was obsessed with it there for a little while, I was on a mission to list a traditional recipe from each of our 50 states here in the U.S.. And I am proud to say, that I finished this yesterday morning. It was actually a lot of fun. To my surprise, I accidentally learned things about each of the states. I shared a little history with each recipe because I found many of them to be interesting. I also only listed recipes that I myself have ate, or would eat. I am now contemplating on whether or not I should attempt a recipe from every country in the world. Sooo much fun! Oh and because I am such a freak to detail, in everyone of the descriptions I started it out with "U.S. State of whatever". That way the recipes can be sorted by description and all the states will be displayed. default.tongue.gif I know I think too much!

However, I have already been questioned about North Carolina so I may change that one. Apparantly my friend from there does not agree with the states opinion on favorite foods.

The next biggest reason is I was feeling all competitive there for a couple days and was determined to get me in the Arcade championship placings. And YAY!!! I did accomplish this, I was able to stay in 3rd place for a couples days! But then, my winnings were slowly chipped away by jealous admirers of my 3rd place standing, by the likes of NICK and HLIAS, and few others that I don't know well enough to pick at! Shame on you all, taking away an old ladies glory like that! Just you all beware, I will come back, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, someday when you least suspect it! "I'll be back" I am the Paminator you silly rabbits! default.tongue.gif

Then there is the excuse of work, that is my go to excuse. My work is trying to kill me, this is the first weekend that I actually had 2 whole days off in 2 months. I've been working 12 to 14 hour days. sad.gif All work and no play has made the Pink panther a dull lady! Woe is me! default.tongue.gif Its a good thing I like my job or there would be hell to pay for somebody, yes yes heads would role! Look at me I think I am the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS".

Last almost valid excuse are the holidays - here in America our busiest time of the year is from the 3rd Thursday in November (Thanksgiving) to after the 1st of the New Year. Parties and family gatherings, shopping for food/gifts/decorations, cooking for family gatherings/parties/gifts, buying/wrapping/giving and recieving of presents. Busy busy busy!!! I have 35 family members to buy or make gifts for and then I have my daughter which I spoil each and every Christmas. So I am constantly on the go during this time of the year.

However, I will not whine or even pretend that no one else can understand these excuses, we all have our busy times. I just need to learn to manage my time better, please forgive me blog god for I am not worthy plus.notworthy.gif, I will attempt to give you regular updates.

*KISSES & HUGS* to you all!

This Could Be Interesting.

Posted by , 17 Nov 2005, 05:43 PM

"If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you."

Wine Tasting Incident

Posted by , 10 Nov 2005, 01:04 PM

plus.drunk.gif My little sis-in-law, Lawana (she is the one coming with me to Europe in May) loves the wine. About 3 weeks ago she went up to Northern California to wine country for a wine tasting weekend at all the wineries up there and brought back 3 cases of different types of wine. She brought me back a couple bottles of my favorites.

So here she is with 3 cases of wine, and since I am the only other relative that she has that loves wine almost as much as she does, we partied it up this last weekend. We did our own wine tasting and we cooked delicious appetizers and we sat around and giggled quite a bit. I couldn't feel my face after a few hours of this tasting, and then we started making a real mess of her kitchen cooking. Hard to be creative when you can't feel your face or stand up straight, not to mention your vision starts playing tricks on you. default.tongue.gif

Anyways .. while we were doing this tasting, one of our nieces came over (Celia), Shannon (Centric) was already there. It turned into quite the party. People kept showing up. I'm not quite sure, but I think we called all these people in our drunken stupors.

So around 10PM I decide I need something from my car. So I go wandering outside to my car, as I am walking out I notice a man across the street. I pay no attention and start to unlock my car. From right behind me I hear "Give me a hug, doll" ... I turn around and this man is standing there with a trench coat on, a baseball cap, glasses and he was clean shaven. I backed up against my car and said "GO AWAY" ... he said "Don't be like that" and reached for me ... as he reached for me ... I kneed him in his nuts (balls, huevos, whatever you call them) ... he fell to the ground ... he muttered Aunt Pam .... I was so scared but when I heard him say Aunt Pam I looked closer and found that it was my nieces (Celia) husband Brandon. Last time I had seen him, he had a beard and did not wear glasses and I never saw him wear a hat. So when he approached me I did not recognize him and I did him in! I feel so bad ... I am sooooo sorry Brandon.

Anyways I ran inside got him some ice, came back out and hugged him until he felt good enough to walk again. We laughed about it later, but my god I had no idea I was soooo mean. So we went inside and he went up to Celia and told her, "Hon, I will never ever worry about your safety when you go anywhere with your Aunt Pam ... She definitley knows how to take care of herself"

So there you go ... now you all know how mean I am too!!!



Posted by , 10 Nov 2005, 12:36 PM

OK .. now I know its not the lizards fault they look all lizardy like. But why oh why do they have to flaunt their lizard selfs around me. I am terrified of them, and I think they have gatherings to plan sneak attacks on me.

Here I am sitting at work, doing my job at my work station and I turn around to say something to one of my co-workers and what do I see but a huge giant godzilla like lizard standing not more than 3 feet from me, looking at me, smiling, and I swear he snickered at me! I hate hate hate snickering lizards! OK so he was only maybe 3 inches long but when he snickered it made him look like godzilla. So what do I do, I scream so loud that I didn't even realize I was the one that screamed. I jumped up an onto my desk so fast that I didn't even know I was there until I looked down and saw I wasn't sitting in my chair. I am such a girly girl. All the guys I work with looked just as scared as I was because they had no idea why I was screaming, then one of the brave ones, my hero of the day David saved me, he saw the lizard, let the guys know so they all calmed down, and he snatched the wretched beast up and took it outside to the garden.

You know if I wanted to work with nature I would have been a forest ranger, or a zookeeper, I did not choose these professions because I do not like wretched beasts.

OK there you go, now you know my dirty little secret, I am a confessed Lizard hater ... they are just snakes with legs (We will not even mention the feelings I have for snakes) However ... I think I should change my confession ... I am not just a lizard hater ... I am a reptile hater! Eeeewwwwwww!!!!

Its Been A While :)

Posted by , 29 Oct 2005, 09:30 PM

I've been very busy this week, I had to catch up on my work that my slave was unable to do and I've been posting recipes like mad (so sorry for those of you not interested, they will slow down once I get all my favorites posted up). I have also been working on my house and working on my trip to Europe.

The trip to Europe ... We will be there for 3 weeks and the girls want to see seven countries ... I want to see two - Greece and Holland, England would be interesting too. So trying to fit them all in is making me crazy. I haven't a clue as to what they want to see in Ireland, France they want to see the Eiffel tower and Moulin Rouge, Germany the Black Forest, Italy the leaning tower of Pisa and Venice. So trying to arrange the touristy things with hotels and train schedules is making my pea brain hurt! But I will succeed!

The house is going through total redecoration ... this moves soooo slow! I am living with have of the house not carpeted or tile ... I am walking around on concrete and its cold on my feet ... my toes are like little ice cubes! But I get to where my fuzzy slippers so thats a good thing! The worse part is that we are waiting on the plumber to do the kitchen sink. One does not realize how much they use that sink until they can't use it anymore. I so miss it. Never thought I would miss doing the dishes, but I do. How sad is that!

I do so love posting in the recipe section. I've always wanted to do something like that. I am having so much fun. So many things to share. So far I just have been sharing only what I have either made or ate. That way I know for sure they are worthy for this site. Well except for the booze drinks, I haven't drank enough in my life to have tasted them all. I would be a real mess if I had. default.tongue.gif

Work .. well its getting busier, I was supposed to go back to my normal daytime hours in November but I have now been begged to stay on nights till the beginning of next year. So since I am such a team player and I am getting compensated for it plus.smilie3.gif I'll remain a child of the dark a little bit longer ... even if I am starting to appreciate my steaks a little rarer. kolobok.vampire.gif

So you can see why I just haven't been writing ... oh and I also don't worry about my pink letters being taken away anymore default.tongue.gif Just kidding Nick ... I'll keep blog'ng when I have the time.


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