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Australian Stamps Rarities

The ONE stamp missing from near all Australia collections is the “2 Pound Roo”. They have never been cheap, and get dearer each year. Indeed value of these beats out inflation rate every year. They were used on heavy parcels and MOST have issues as a result and now its rare australian stamps . Tears, scuffs, creases, thins, greasy stains or perf problems etc. This one is SUPERB in all those respects. Neat GPO Melbourne cancel, clean and fresh, and free of hinges and gook and gunk. Juzwin $725 for average used with no variety. Has ACSC listed Var, “Break in NW costs WA” showing very clearly away from cancel. SG 138, ACSC 58(D)E, $1,500. $A700 (Stock code 821XR)

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