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post 22 Aug 2012, 01:30 PM
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Divine Decree is a RP campaign set in the world of KoL, played using a slightly modified version of White Wolf's d10 Vampire, the Dak Ages rules system.


The story will be set in Lucifer's post apocalyptic Theocracy, like shown in the Kingdom of Light comic series. It will be set 11 years after the Star's appearance. During this era the five cities of Pentapolis have been lost to the Brigand King and the Theocracy only comprises of two cities, Jerusalem and Jericho.

Players Allowed

The players will be a party of Knight Inquisitors, undertaking a quest by Master Kish. So for party cohesion only Knight Inquisitors may start in the game's first chapters.

Game's Rules

Being a Play by Post game to avoid pointless time loss, as the DM I will accelerate the downtime scenes and give player control only in the scenes when there is something worth doing. In this spirit to save time, Initiative won't be rolled. Whoever comes on line first can post freely and gain the initiative. I will be rolling secretly initiative for all just to see when the NPCs will play compared to the players. So the characters' Wits and Alertness do count!

Each player should post at least once per day.

For Dice Rolls we will be using this roller

In case of player posts controversion, the earliest posts is always the valid one.

Custom d10 Rules

Block: When a character has lost initiative and is receiving a melee attack, provided he has a means to block (not unarmed against a weapon) he can choose to do so. In order to succeed he must roll 60% (rounded up) successes of the attacker's total attack successes. Blocking is significantly easier to attacking.

Humanity and Disciplines are removed. Instead Inquisitors have Powers in the place of Disciplines.

Bloodpool is replaced by Faith.

Knigh Inquisitor Prerequisites:

1. Only male.
2. Primary attributes must be Physical.
3. 3 ranks minimum in Theology, Ride and Athletics.
4. 4 ranks minimum in Social Status (Background)

Inquisitor Bonuses

All Inquisitors automatically and for free have:

1. 5 ranks in Dodge, Brawl and Melee. They wouldn't have survived their trials otherwise.
2. 1 rank in Udjat (1st Inquisitor Power). It is the proof that Lucifer favors them.
3. a pureblood steed and their Inquisitor gear, consisting of their traditional leather armor and sword.

Inquisitor Powers

All powers use faith points to be activated. Faith costs are zero on Lucifer's holy ground.

1. Udjat: Lucifer's all seeing Eye grants combat clairvoyance to the knight for the following seconds. Can be activated as a free action and costs (6 - UdjatRank) Faith points per Round. While it lasts all Physical related rolls are considered automatic 10s. The bonus rolls however due to these 10s are rolled normally.

For instance Sir David wishes to make a sword attack using Udjat. He has Strength and Melee scores of 5 so he has 10 automatic 10s and rolls 10 more dice normally. I doubt any being has enough health levels or soaking ability to survive this hit...

However if Sir Saul would wish to block this attack he would have to accumulate 60% of Sir David's final total successes. He's glad he can activate Udjat too...

2. Deathmark: A knight may point at a person who has offended Lucifer or His law and permanently place a luminous mark upon his skin, calling all faithful to slay the offender. While this causes all mortals who receive it to panick, as it means that they have been marked for execution by all who see them, it is instantly lethal upon Aeonians. It costs (7 - UdjatRank) Faith points per mark and it lasts until the receiver dies.

3. Secret. Only those who have mastered the previous powers may unlock the Light Bringer's true blessing!

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