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Posted by: hlias_gr 28 Mar 2006, 08:24 AM

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Solar Hide and Seek

The Earth, Moon and Sun will perfectly align offering Greeks a unique and imposing sight, which only a person who was born before 1936 can describe. A sight that will not be repeated until 82 years pass by, on 21 April 2088! The total solar eclipse on 29 March will be the first one of the millennium and will only be visible from the border island Kastelorizo, in the Dodecanese, which happens to be in its passing, while it will only be partially visible through Greece by 70% to 95%.

The first country that will be able to view the sight will be Brazil, as the Moon’s shadow will fall on Earth for the first time at 08:30 GMT. As it passes the Atlantic Ocean it will cast its shadow on northern Africa, central Asia and end its course in northern Mongolia.

Whoever is on Kastelorizo, Greece, will have the opportunity to watch the celestial phenomenon, which will reach its peak on 13:53 Greek time and will last 2.5 minutes. At that moment in time everything will be darkened and the shine of a diamond disc will only be visible. Quietness will spread along nature and bright stars such as Venus will be visible, while the horizon will be brighter.

The privileged position of the border island, where one can observe the solar eclipse better than any other European region, has already made it into a popular visitors’ spot. "Solar eclipse hunters" and scientists who will record the phenomenon, amateur friends of astronomy and tourists have made a date on the island and history on the noon of Wednesday.

The solar eclipse will be partial from Athens and Thessaloniki by 84% and 75%, respectively, and will reach its peak at 13:47 Greek time, for a few minutes, at noon.

For Save Observance

Whoever wants to witness the phenomenon should not forget that viewing with a naked eye or using makeshift protection, even for a short time, can cause permanent damage to eyesight. Specialists proposed for the observance to be made by telescope or binoculars, which will be equipped with special filters, or with special paper-frame protective glasses, which can be purchased at an optics store.

For persons who cannot go outdoors there is always the solution of the Internet, where they can watch the celestial phenomenon at

Posted by: hlias_gr 28 Mar 2006, 08:25 AM



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