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Snow Removal Services In Milwaukee

Even these simpler means to melting winterĘs mix can be strenuous, so talk to your doctor or therapist before you try them.

Spray it. Liquid de-icers such as Bare Ground Solutions anti-snow/de-icer work fast to melt snow and ice and can be spread prior to an impending storm to keep ice from accumulating. Use a battery-powered sprayer to apply without priming or stooping.

Cover it. Roll out an ice and snow carpet. This carpet has been treated with latex rubber to grip slick surfaces, including steps. It creates a dry, 10-foot long path that is 18 inches wide. Stop scraping your carĘs windshield by covering it before a storm with a tarp or snow windshield cover. Just take a phone and call snow removal service in Milwaukee . Tuck the tarpĘs ends into your car doors to prevent it from blowing away.

Shovel it. A snow shovel with wheels can ease the chore of pushing snow off driveways, says Stacy Smallfield, occupational therapist and assistant professor at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion. The Snow Shovel with Wheels is a dual-wheeled, has padded handles and can pivot to adjust the angle as you push. It clears a 30-inch wide path.

Blow it. Compact snow blowers such as the Toro Power Shovel are more maneuverable than their larger cousins. Toro's throws snow 20 feet in any direction and clears a 12-inch path. If you already have a leaf blower or wet-dry shop-vac, try it for removing light snow, says Smallfield. Ridgid's 16 Gallon Wet Dry Vac has a detachable blower.

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