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> Website Content., Covering the do's and don'ts of website content that will impr
post 29 Nov 2007, 02:10 AM
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Hey Gang,

Here is the fresh SEO. We are going to cover content, more specifically, " website content." SEO doesn't tell you about content in the form that I am about to reveal to you in many places. There are reasons for that. People simply don't want you to know what they do for the purpose of using the techniques for themselves. In this case however, it is actually a bad thing that people hide this information.

I don't want anyone to become banned or fined for spamming, which in some search engines is happening.

First off, let's look at what doesn't work. This falls into three primary sections in my experience. Here they are:

1. Illegal content - In using illegal content, you are looking for an instant " banned " notice in not only your inbox but from your isp, ( internet service provider- the company you pay to gain access to the internet ).

Along with the use of spamming emails, there are so many tactics that shouldn't be used. Here are just a few examples for you to steer clear of in your SEO work methods:

Illegal alt tagging - Using image text tags with duplicated content to enhance a website's rank wrongfully. The wrong way to use this is to load the text line with repeating statements, keywords or website addresses to get a higher search engine pull for that text during natural search.

Hidden content - This method is to use text in the same way as the alt tag above but in hidden text that is the same color as the background of the website template that it is typed on. The search engine spiders can read this text but the human eye can't. Due to modern technology changes, search engine spider configuration changes and human monitoring of top ranked sites for these features, they are worthless practices now for anything less than attracting the wrong kind of attention to your site.

Keyword satuation - The use of keywords in your website is fine, as long as they don't repeat the same keyword over and over, sounding unnatural in context.

Bad example: My mom's APPLE PIE is great for family dinners. I only use fresh apples in my mom's APPLE PIE when making her APPLE PIE.

2. Replicating content - Using replicating content to promote the appearance of more website links, feedback, posts or fake traffic is infact a huge downer on your website.

Don't use different versions of your email or username to promote your own sites, forums, blogs and such. If you properly promote your sites, you will never face the need for such tactics to ever even cross your mind. With IP address tracking at the level it is now, I would highly consider this a dangerous practice. Again, this will get not only your id cancelled but you internet access service terminated and banned as well.

Here's an example:

Fred@pollywantacraker.com, Fred1@pollywantacracker.com, Fred00-00-0000@pollywantacracker.com.

3. Duplicate websites - This is something people don't realize will kill your website rankings instantly.

If you have a supported and legit affiliate link...don't link back to the thing and don't link it to your sites if you have the ability. Most people have the misconception that " because it is a website and it gives a link back to me, that is going to help my ranking. "


This is very bad for your ranking and is why those guys out there that build the websites that have nothing but affiliate site banners on it aren't getting any ranking at all and make no money. To make money with these type of sites, you must manually promote them in ads, emails and the like. Doing so from a website isn't going to get you any ranking and actually gives all of your ranking energy from when the search engines spiders do crawl your site - STRAIGHT OVER TO THE SITE THAT IT FOLLOWS THROUGH THE AFFILIATE LINK!!!

That's right, people. You are giving your would-be traffic away to the main hosting site that is running that affiliate program that you are linked to due to your site being set to " follow " in your meta-tag setup of your website. Now, there are some of you that are thinking you are just top-guns because you are thinking " I'll just set it to NO-FOLLOW and that will be that. "


You have to have the meta-settings at " follow " to allow your website links and sub-pages to be read and indexed within the search engine archive. If you block this off, you will cut your site off to the world and will NEVER gain any rank due to the fact that if the spider can't follow, the spider stops coming to your site after a few updated crawls and labels you what is called a " dead-cell."

DEAD-CELL - A wevsite that is recognized as a dummy, fake, scam or duplicate content site which is immediately unregistered and no longer scheduled to be indexed. Multiple attempts to re-register said site without properly changing the required tags to " follow ", proving the content worthly position of the website will result in instant and PERMANENT banning from said search engines that see this site as a PROBLE CHILD.

Finally, there is another part to this little issue. Duplicate TEMPLATES. That's right, gang. There is a serious problem with duplicate templates. I've made mention of this one before. Do NOT use site creators, generators or builders that have a restriction or limitation on what you can customize, change, add, delete and overall edit on a potentional website theme template. I'm not saying not to use a template that has so politely been constructed for your use, enjoyment, ammusement and hopefully productive, profit-bearing success. No, no, no!

What I am warning you of, my fellow internet profiteers, is that you be sure and make your own personal mark on the template of choice so that when you have reached the point of offering your vision to the public it has fresh images, unique content that will be frequently updated often with more of the same simple pleasures that are uncommonly known to be a secret favorite of the search engines.

NOW...moving on to the lighter side of this whirling coin of that is SEO.

If you are going to use alternative text tags on your images, which I highly suggest if properly used, here are some examples of using them...

Bad: " www.momsapplepie.com "

Good: " Mom's apple pie is the best. "

Bad: " http://www.momsapplepie.com "

Good: " Made with fresh green apples right off the tree. "

Bad: " momsapplepie.com "

Good: " I love the sweet smell of pie in the winter. "

It's all about using relevant content and not the same duplicated statement over and over. This works in the text content of your website the same way to prevent keyword saturation. It is as easy as changing a new graphic one every couple of days and changing a headline color or the headline itself. Making a couple of new comments will change the content as well. It is that simple and you will make top ranking in no time and won't get punished for wrong content.

As an alternative to replicating multiple emails and usenames, why not give social networks and forums a try for getting posted feedback on your site. Make friends, contacts and network contacts within these places by posting knowledgable, real topic points and helpful replies rather than just " thanks."

Facebook.com is a huge resource for this. Get yourself started there.

Directmatches.com is a business related myspace style site. It is free and has a $10.00/month membership that is well worth it for the connections you get in the upgrade.

Finally, get into building your own website templates or get a regualr website designer. You can contact me about building one for you if you want one that is high quality but affordable in price - $35.00 and up is the norm. I recommend at least learning enough to properly customize the sites and content outlets you work from.

With that said, until next time,

Good hunting for that wild game we call content.


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