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Oct Jinshanling Great Wall Tour is one of the Wild Great Wall sections located near from Beijing. Favorite for its hiking trail and original features, this section attracts so many hikers from all over the world. Exercise on the Wall, enjoy the stunning beauties as well as admire the nature with our Jinshanling Great Wall Tour.
Built in the stylish of Ming and Qing antiquity structure, it is divided into three parts include villa type house, courtyard house and independent house. The village-type house is the most luxury one in Jinshan Hotel. The house has three rooms and just accommodating a small group.
The hotel is also restaurants offering both Chinese and Western cuisine. Staying in the hotel, you could get early and see the sunrise as well as the Great Wall itself.
Different from others China Great Wall section, Jinshanling is more likely offers its original features without reconstruction as well as restoration. Located close to Simatai, Jinshaling to Simatai route is also become the favorite hiking route of the Wall. Together with my wife, I explore the Wall carefully and slowly, safety is the best. We did not push too much must explored more the Wall before the time runs out. Because the guide gave us a little bit short time, we must go back to the foot Great Wall of China Jinshanling section before the lunch time. Our short time in Jinshanling we spent so efficient and used as our best. We did not waste our time.
So Welcome to Jinshanling ! And as Jinshanling Great Wall is the most natural part of the great wall !It's perfect to have great wall hiking on it !
Jinshanling Great Wall Tour is also very hot in China ! Cheap price and many fun things to do. ok join great wall of china tours !

by: Amandeep singh on 25 Sep 2017, 12:18 PM

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