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Posted by: NickTheGreek 13 Apr 2020, 08:45 PM

Quick Macros

Quick Macros is a software application which was developed specifically in order to automate repetitive tasks, insert text, and launch programs and so on. This tool integrates a large number of templates, including callbacks, hooks, toolbars and filter functions, a feature which might be especially helpful to novice users. Aside from that, it also comes packed with a few examples, so as to further help you.

Some features:
User interface automation, launching programs, file management, text processing, custom dialogs, internet functions, web page automation, Excel automation, database/XML/CSV functions, regular expressions, VBScript, C#.
Many triggers, including hotkeys, mouse, window, autotext, scheduler, toolbars and menus.
Records keyboard and mouse actions.
Captures, finds and clicks web page objects, other UI objects, on-screen images and text.
Programming language with functions, classes, full dll/API/COM support.
You can create programs for various purposes. Run in Quick Macros or as exe files.

How it works?
To automate something, you create a macro. It is a list of commands, such as "press keys", "run file", "click link". Whenever you launch it, Quick Macros executes the commands.
To add commands, you can use dialogs or type directly in the editor. Also there is a mouse and keyboard recorder.
To launch macros, you can use triggers. Hot key, mouse movement, created window, schedule and other. Or add them to custom menus and toolbars.

Some other features:
Convert macros to programs (exe files) that can run on computers without QM.
Add custom toolbars to windows. Auto-hide toolbars. Custom popup menus.
Text autocompletion or replacement as you type an abbreviation in any application.

Macro code editor with syntax highlighting. Information features. Debugging.
Run QM from a USB drive as a portable app.
Run macros on other network computers.
Extend QM. Add new functions, classes, triggers, use various libraries.
and More...


What's New in QM 2.4.8 (2018-12-25)
Fixed bug: memory leak in GetFilesInFolder, FE_Dir (used with foreach to enumerate files), Dir.dir, IEnumFiles.
Function RunConsole2: added flags for UTF-8 and some other text encodings. Also now does not fail when the program is in the 64-bit system folder and not in the 32-bit folder.
Functions IntGetFile, Http.Get, Http.GetUrl: added parameter sendHeaders.

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Posted by: gpanagou 13 Apr 2020, 09:19 PM


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