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Posted by: ThomasG 7 May 2019, 12:05 AM

There are many of us out there who crave a good night's sleep but can't seem to be able to actually sleep well at night. On this post I'm going to give you 3 unique tips on getting a good night sleep.

1.- Avoid eating too much at night

When you eat too much before bed your body is actively breaking up the food, sleeping on a full stomach is painful and makes your night very restless and your body tries to break down a meal and shutdown in the same instance.
To help your body prepare itself for sleep, avoid large, heavy meals before bed. In particular, try to avoid fats and protein before bed, as these are incredibly hard to break down.

2.- Have an actual bed-time

It might come as no surprise that having a consistent bed routine is essential to get a good night sleep, but most people don't actually respect this rule, maybe this is you who goes to bed one day at 8 pm and another day at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Not having a good sleep time routine can lead to some awful difficulties when trying to get rest because the body's sleeping patterns are irregulated when we don't follow a routine making us feel tired at the next day. The body needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night to stay fully energized. When we don't follow our bed time routine we don't get the full 7 hours of sleep we need to stay awake and energized during the day, so start setting an alarm clock for your bed time.

3.- Exercise well and don't do it in the evenings
Keeping yourself fit and healthy is incredibly important in life in general. It is important to eat healthily and to get the right amount of exercise throughout the week. This, as a result, can drastically reduce later life issues. In addition to later life issues, did you know that you can improve your sleep quality with daily exercise?
However, when it comes to exercise and sleep, there is something you need to know. When exercising to improve the quality of your sleep, try to avoid performing it in the evening. If you can, the best time to exercise is in the morning. Not only does the exercise get you started for the day but it will improve your sleep the following evening.
These were the 3 tips on getting good night sleep, I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief article and I hope it was of help to you. You can alternatively check out more tips on sleep and look up the best mattresses for sleep & more through this

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