Hello this is my first topic, my name is Roger and I am reading Kingdom of Light. I was going to post this in the Lucifer topic but I felt it deserves it's own place. I wanted to discuss the knighthood in this world. Basically what they are is knight of Satan but very different to what we would expect from Satan's kinighthood.

The only ones we have seen so far to judge their system is Kish and David and a little bit of Saul. Now with the exception of Saul none of them seem mindless evil. And even Saul was against Berakhiah's slow death in David's trials. If you ask me they all are honorable and stern.

David has appeared cruel only against Aeonians and maybe Maryam. But judging from his past and how he knows that his mother was killed by them it is no wonder he hates them.

All in all we have never seen a knight do something evil. So what do you guys think? Could we stress it and even say Lucifer's knights are good?


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