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Full Version: What Shops Do You Like?
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For many of us, shopping has become a hobby. For me, shopping never was my passion, but for some of you it must be your "job"! default.biggrin.gif My wife is a shopping fan, and I always wonder why my credit card keeps on loosing money... When I check the bills, 50 % comes for my wife's shopping. I was never able to ask to actually stop going out in every boutiques she knows.

I'm sure you all have your experiences when shopping. Some of us might be the kind of "I go to the same shops everyday", or some of us might be the kind of "I never go shopping". I'd like to know what shops you like, and why you do. Also, have you ever had any bad experiences when shopping? Did it make you stop shopping?

Here is one of my experiences:

My wife once asked me to go shopping for her -- as she was sick. I had to go get her a new coat, ordered in advance and ready for her. However, stupid as I can be, I came back with the wrong one. Unfortunately, after spending 200 dollars for it, I was not able to get my money back! Indeed, how stupid can I be! default.tongue.gif
NickTheGreek i am still laughing with that last sentence !

i am no real shopper but i can spend a months salary online very easily...

lately i find myself doing almost all shopping online and when i get credit cards bill i realise i have to work even more !
Do you shop on Amazon in Greece?

I usually buy all of my electronic devices online. It's cheaper, and it's easier.
I am usually shopping from which you might know better ( France wink.gif )

But i also shop from ( UK ), ( DE ) and a lot of greek e-shops because they deliver really fast
In DC, I usually order on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. I get it delivered very fast with FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Does Greece offer the same delivery advantages as in the USA?
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