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Full Version: What Do You Think Of Famous Brands?
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- Luxurious kind of person

You like hanging around in famous shops, spending a lot of money on the latest fashion. You always wear fashionable clothes, and you always have the latest parfum covered on your body. You never wear unattractive clothes, and you never hang around at Ikea.

- "I don't care of the fashion" kind of person

Whether you're wearing Gap, or buying your furniture in the cheapest stores, you simply don't care. You t-shirts come from unpopular shops, your money doesn't go into the latest fashion. You don't wear a 6 000 dollars watch. You just prefer taking care of your other priorities.

I'm more of the "I don't care of the fashion" kind of person. In my opinion, to always worry of what I'm wearing is just a waste of time. My suits are not from Hugo Boss. My TV doesn't come from Bang & Olufson. My parfum isn't Armani. Some people think I'm a little too simple, but I do have a Mac and I do ride a Honda!

What kind of person are you? Why?
Every year several new brands are introduced in the market. I never take branded things and never use branded fashion tips. I do only what I like.
They are expensive.
I don't think I would buy them, even if I have enough money. default.tongue.gif
I am agree with you john, I think brand doesn't matter. Person looks smart in his/her style whether the clothes are branded or not.
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