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Full Version: World Bank
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The World Bank is headquartered in Washington, DC and very well known in the world. Its goal is to loan money to poor countries, and the World Bank keeps a close eye on the use of these loans. They mainly serve the poorest areas in Africa, and Asia.

Only, these loans have ruined even more certain countries. Indeed, when a gouverment accepts these loans, he/she is obliged to cut expenses on certain public matters (health, social helps, etc.). Also, analysts and employees often go to Africa to study some countries, and usually are in the most luxurious hotels (Sheratons, Westins, etc.), and all fly on Business Class. The current World Bank headquarters is very luxurious, and all of this doesn't go to the poors.

What do you think of the World Bank? Do you think they are needed?
after Argentina collapsing financially the "magicians" in that Bank were trying to find a place to hide...

The COPY & PASTE mechanism used on so many growing countries was fashionable in he '80s and for some in the '90s but it has showed all weakness and limitations in the 21st century.

Argentina obeyed all commands and followed most directions closely and yet it is all in the past now
I didn't know the World Bank loaned money to Argentina. As you said, I suppose it's one of the reasons of their failure, and among other things, too.
nbleven these topics are burning...

I'm a such an anti-americanist that I am afraid that if I express my self you and many other users from the states might be offended and get some topics ruined...

Mod Edit: Please don't post these kind of comments; if you do not wish posting on these topics, then don't but don't make it public. It may lead to off-topic. Thank you for understanding.
World bank... World fraud!
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